Illinois State Trooper at “Safety” Checkpoint Violently Confronts Driver for asking Questions (Video)

Note: This was submitted by Ricardo Treto , via the Cop Block submission page.

Ryan Scott - Dekalb resident stopped at an unconstitutional police checkpoint. 9/20/14Date of Incident: 9/20/14
Individual(s) Involved: At least 5 Unidentified  ISP Troopers (per visual count)
Outfit Involved: Illinois State Police
Phone No./Email: (217) 786-6677/
Click here to File a Citizen Complain with the Illinois State Police
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Ricardo states:

“This is one of my friends, who was stopped by a Illinois State Trooper that I actually know personally. This was in a suburban town called DeKalb in Illinois. These troopers were conducting a “safety” check. The man in the car had his window down an inch, so he could communicate. They asked for his ID and the man asked if he was being detained.

That is when a second trooper rips the door open violently and gets in the mans face, threatening him and trying to intimidate him. The trooper then slams his door very hard and throws the man’s info in his car. I hope to get this exposed and let people know that this kind of policing is going on in even nice neighborhoods like the one depicted here.”

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