Powell County, MT Sheriff Guilty of Molesting Teenage Boys

Date of Incident: 2005
Individual Responsible: William Henry

William Henry was the sheriff of Powell County, Montana. He was also a father and what was thought to be an outstanding citizen. Yet he used his position as a trusted individual, who could make the young men turn their lives around for the better, in a horrific way – non-consensual sex with teenage boys.

Though William Henry was only found guilty of four counts of molestation there were more than just those four who were involved.

William used his badge to make the town believe he was nothing more than just the average citizen, yet he severely abused area young men for over a year, taking away their childhood. He tortured those young guys in ways we cant even imagine and should be held accountable.

How many others were aware of his conduct? Surely a colleague or two must have known something was amiss – why didn’t they speak out?

On October 12, 2005, the Silver State Post ran a front page story about the situation:



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