Dear America (Don’t Shoot) – Joyner Lucas [Music Video]

The content below was shared by someone who supports the message of the video “Dear America” by Joyner Lucas and Dead Silence Records. This content is also now included on the page

Recorded: September 2014
Outfits Shown: Ferguson Police and others across America

This is a self directed and created video with accompanying song created by Massachusetts artist — Joyner Lucas. He created this to depict the ongoing police brutality which is sometimes synonymous with a racist mentality in America. The track and the video are both very powerful.

Warning: contains graphic content.

Joyner spent 15 hours putting this visual together and there was no shortage of footage to weave into this powerful visual for his song. Unfortunately available footage could go on for years. Regardless, it is no easier to watch for its regularity. Welcome friends, to the land of the free and the home of the brave. Aren’t you proud?

Be on the lookout for the upcoming project “Along Came Joyner” coming soon.

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