Marlon Brown – Killed When He Was Intentionally Run Over by JP Harris of the DeLand Florida Police

Krystal Brown shared the information below with the CopBlock Network via about a police employee who’s actions, outside of policies and procedures, caused the death of Marlon Brown. Though that police employee – JP Harris – was fired from his job, he never faced any repercussions in legaland, as would almost assuredly happened if you or I acted similarly.

Date of Incident: 5/8/13
Individual Involved: JP Harris (Deland police employee); William Ridgeway (chief), Bob Apgar (mayor), Mike Pleus (city manager ), RJ Larizza (state attorney)
Outfit: Deland Police Department
Phone: (386) 626-7414

Around 12:30am on May 08, 2013, Marlon was stopped for allegedly not wearing a seat belt. Soon after the sheriff called off traffic stop. Yet two Deland police employees saw Marlon’s car and attempted to reinitiate the traffic stop.

They followed Brown into a field. Car 1 stopped according to policies and procedures. Car2, driven by over zealous JP Harris, went around the lead car, accelerated in speed, never deviating in path, and struck and ran over Marlon – pinning him under the police car with little regards to human life.

They refused to allow citizens to assist with moving the car off his body. He was unable to breathe and died.

They allowed his body to lie there over four hours before removing the car off his body while his children stood and watched.

The officer responsible – JP Harris – was fired. The State Attorney RJ Larizza sent the case to grand jury who came back with no bill. The medical examiner report states that he was never struck by the police car.


The medical examiner ruled that Brown died from accidental suffocation, and there was no evidence he was run over...

Marlon Brown’s family circulated a community-backed petition. They are asking DeLand Police Chief William Ridgway to recommend a coroner’s inquest. That’s a special investigation into Marlon Brown’s cause of death…

Ridgway, however, said it would be inappropriate for him to agree to what Brown is asking for.

Marlon Brown’s family is asking for a coroners inquest which they have been denied and the city of Deland. Elected officials refuse to assist even after being presented with thousands of signatures in a petition.


Pete Eyre

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