Never Question My Secretaries

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On August 4th I went to Robert Fords office in Leetsdale Pennsylvania, a suburb of Pittsburgh, to start payment on a fine. They told me that I could not pay $10 a month and said it was state law to pay $25 a month. I called her bluff and asked to see the statute that specifically says what I can or can not pay at the magistrates office. She could not provide that and it clearly irritated her.

That very moment, another secretary saw the camera in my hand and started screaming about me not being able to record in a public place and got on the phone. What do they have to hide? I was not recording anyway, I simply wanted to show them proof that I was not guilty in the first place.

She went and spoke with the Judge , then came back with a payment evaluation form. I filled it out and handed it back to her. She took it to the judge and then returned to schedule a date for the payment evaluation hearing. I signed the extortion contract and waited for the paperwork to be printed. Without my knowledge,they called the police and told them to arrest me for recording them.

The cop showed up and realized that I had not broken any laws. He let me go. The judge told me, weeks later at my payment evaluation hearing, that the secretaries told me to leave the office. Now, would you continue to process the paperwork and complete the business at hand with someone who was being so “combative” that you had to tell them to leave? Why was I not arrested for defiant trespassing on the spot? Why did the “Honorable” Judge Robert Ford not process the defiant trespassing charges til after the F.B.I. refused to file felony wiretapping charges against me? OVER A MONTH LATER!

I will tell you why. The local court system is so frightened by the fact that I record everything I do for transparency reasons , that they conjured up defiant trespassing charges against me, which means I will be sitting in a cage until my next hearing. By the way, I tried to use the freedom of information act and obtain the video recording from the office where this happened and the judge lied and told me that there was a power outage days before the alleged trespassing and that the cameras were not functioning. Duquesne Light told me that there was no such outage in the weeks prior to August 4th anywhere in the borough of Leetsdale.  Judge Robert Ford is denying me my right to view the video tape that proves the secretaries in his office are either lying out of their own anger or cooperating with Chief Santucci in order to have me put in jail. Since I am already on bond, I guess I will be sitting in a cage for a little while until I can prove that these cowards are abusing the power given to them by US just to ensure that they can continue to abuse their power.

I went to the Leetsdale Police Department  to get a few questions answered and file a statement about what happened. Officer William Dreyer asked to see all my paper work. He filed a report on my behalf, took my statement, and returned what I believed to be my paperwork. I got down the street and realized he did not give back the official affidavit or the formal charges issued by Robert Fords office. The other cop on duty told me that I have to go to Fords office and get new paperwork, which means I have to talk to the very people who filed the charges against me? How does that work? Best part is, my bail hearing is at ROBERT FORDS OFFICE!!! Conflict of interest? hhhhmmmm.

Where do you turn when the system has set itself up over time to protect its self from any accountability and to be able to push innocent people around for asking difficult questions? There is no where to turn, there is no valid answer to these questions. We, the people, are at a point where we either have to stand up and fight for our freedoms,especially 1st and 4th amendments, or just give up and be the dormant, servile, obedient worker bees that they have counted on time and time again to perpetuate the fear instilled obedience that keeps the wheels of “justice” turning. I will not stand for this train wreck called justice. It is unacceptable behavior and it WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!

A.J. Bruno


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