Video: PA Police Chief says it’s “illegal wiretap” to film a traffic stop

Notice how Chief Vince Leppert  say’s “I am filming you” then mentions that if he is filmed, wiretapping laws are being broken. You would think that the Chief would know that photography is not a crime.

I was able to briefly speak with Markver1 who is the person behind the camera. He said

The Officer is Chief Vince Leppert:
(814) 674-3650

Unfortunately I was using a crappy cell phone video recorder that has around a 30 second recording limit. I tried getting the whole encounter but just got random standard procedure sound bites after that. Just the first clip which is posted had anything significant worth reporting.

I made some attempts to challenge his decision making process on why he didn’t give me a warning but he just rebuffed me by saying I can request a hearing.

I got one citation of $109.50 (fine & costs, add another $7 to plead not guilty) for PA VC sec 3111 sub a ‘obedience to traffic control devices’ speeding 50 in 35 mph. (which doesn’t give you any points on your license.)

And a second citation at the same amount for PA VC 1301 sub a ‘registration & certification of title required’ for forgetting to renew my vehicle registration by one month. I renewed it instantly online later that night.



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