Sandusky Ohio Police Employees Lie to Motorists, Involve K9, Threaten to Take Child [Video]

Robert Medley, the founder of Sandusky Area Cop Block shared the content below via, which demonstrates the less-than-favorable “service” provided by some employed at the Sandusky (OH) Police Outfit as they resort to more intimidation and threats when their dictates are questioned.

Date of Interaction: 10/02/2014
Individuals Responsible: Evan Estep, Christopher Denny, and Adam West
Outfit: Sandusky Police Department
Phone: 419-627-9758

Police profile a black man and fabricate a reason to pull his wife over. Proceed to threaten and harass them until he gives them his information. He was arrested for obstruction.

From Matt Agorist at TheFreeThoughtProject:

Andre Stockett, the father and the passenger in the vehicle, and the man who took the video, has a good understanding of his rights when dealing with police.

Eventually under duress and the threat of violence, the family is forced to exit the vehicle. Stockett was arrest for, wait for it….wait for it, obstruction of justice. These harassing tyrants have the audacity to claim that it was this family who was obstructing justice and not their jackbooted thuggery. Unbelievable.

The only thing absent from this video is the Sandusky police tasering and beating the family, however the threat of stealing someone’s child stings way more than a baton ever could.

Stockett, for good reason, says he plans to fight the charges of obstruction. Please share this article to let other police officers know that when they violate people’s rights they will be exposed.

Editors Note: If you’re within driving distance of Sandusky consider supporting Stockett in legaland (Sandusky Municipal Court) on Nov. 18. That is, unless those levying threats at him realize, with the help of the court of public opinion, that it was them who acted in the wrong, and thus choose to drop the charges.

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