Pierce County Transit Police Profile and Abuse Disabled Man

Pierce County Transit Police AbuseThis post, concerning a case of visual profiling and police brutality against a disabled person by an employee of the Pierce County Transit Police in Tacoma, Washington, was submitted by Scott “PonyDog” Sealey, via the Cop Block submission page.

Date of Incident: July 12, 2014
Individuals Responsible: M. Csapo, Badge #490
Outfit Involved:  Pierce County Transit Police (Tacoma, Wa.)
Phone No.: (253) 983-3371
Email: pubsafety@piercetransit.org
Area Cop Block Affiliate:  There are multiple Cop Block Affiliates in Washington. , including one in Tacoma. To find the appropriate local group in your area, consult the Cop Block Groups page.

On July the 12, 2014, I took the bus up Pac Ave. to get some coffee and hang out and, when I got off the bus at the Parkland Transit Center (in Tacoma, Wa.), I got accused of spitting on bus property (The Ride share Parking Lot) and arrested. The cop slapped my cane from my hand, choke slammed me to the ground, and then charged me with resisting arrest.

I just got out of jail Monday afternoon before I even saw a Judge for an arraignment hearing. At that time I had scraped knees, major pain from a double knee drop to the back, and they hadn’t yet filed any charges, pending an investigation of the incident? Later, I received a legal summons to go to court for my arraignment. I am now being charged with the following: Unlawful Bus Conduct, Resisting Arrest, and Obstructing a Law Enforcement Officer. Also, as far as I know, they are going to try to ban me from transit for a year without even having a hearing, based just on the officer’s say so, without any evidence that I know of.

I have seen this type of intimidation tactic before, continue to pile charges then offer a light plea deal to settle the case. It is used when there is little or no real evidence or proof other than the word of the arresting officer!! It seems they think I’m uneducated and weak. Maybe the prosecutor has seen the booking photos and decided I am an outlaw because of my tattoos and I should be in Jail. Perhaps they know they have stepped into a police brutality lawsuit if they lose the criminal case!!!

It matters not what they think, only what they can prove and that alone will be their downfall. People who stand up for themselves and others, those who buck the normal system and speak for change, who cry for it, are the only hope to change a broken system that makes criminals of good people in the name of public control and safety. I refuse to be silent; I will speak; I will cry for change.

Why do we as a people tolerate these Individuals to have such Power? Is it because so few speak up?! Well, I refuse to be cowed or silent. This is so wrong! I am completely disabled with major back problems. Not to mention 2 strokes, which left me legally blind. I only stand 5′ 8″ and weigh just 130lb. This man could have crippled or killed me with his violence!! He needs to be stopped before others are hurt or unjustly incarcerated. I have heard others say that these Transit Police have been doing this to them, as well. I need legal help in my area to try and fight this and to hold these police officers accountable for their actions. Help me please, someone!!!

They are pitiful thugs and another example of completely out of control cops assaulting a disabled person just because I look different He was sure I had gotten my ink in the prison system and assumed I was a convict and a easy mark, perhaps. Yet, I have never been in prison and my ink is deeply spiritual as a reflection of my Soul.

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