Update on “Washington, Indiana: Illegal Arrest” [Video]

The information below, shared via CopBlock.org/Submit, gives an updated about a police interaction that happened in Washington, Indiana.

Date of Incident: 12/7/12
Individual Responsible: Greg Dietsch
Outfit: Washington (IN) Police Department
Phone: (812) 254-4410

I posted about this incident when it first happened [see: Washington, Indiana: Illegal Arrest posted Dec. 11, 2012]. I just realized I had failed to follow up with an update. Long story short, I WON!

I had an excellent Constitutional Attorney, Guy Relford of Carmel, IN. represent me. The prosecutors office refused to press charges and ordered my property returned.

I believe my footage was only intact because my attorney threatened them with “spoliation of evidence” if it wasn’t. And after the Tort Claim was filed the City of Washington was more than happy to open the coffers and write me a check.

Since then Washington Police Department has implemented body cameras for all officers! That’s a win for myself and the citizens of Washington.

On a side note: Recently a small group of like minded fellows and myself have organized a local CopBlock group (SW Indiana CopBlock). We hope to have some footage to upload soon. Keep up the fight for police accountability! It is vital that citizens know their rights… and flex them!

Click to connect with Southwest Indiana Cop Block on Facebook
Click to connect with Southwest Indiana Cop Block on Facebook


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