How come NZ police know what to do?

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Date of Incident: 12/10/2014 (DD/MM/YYYY)

My question to the U.S. police is this: how come the NZ police force can arrest an armed and dangerous offender that has fired his weapon all while the police doesn’t fire a single shot in return?

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The police officers that apprehended an armed gunman at Waitakere Hospital have been applauded for their “extreme bravery”.

The officers were at the hospital dealing with an unrelated matter when the alleged offender turned up at about 3pm this afternoon and fired a shotgun blast at a parked police car.

As one of the officers spoke to the gunman, the other managed to get a firearm from the police patrol car nearby.

The gunman was then arrested as he attempted to leave the hospital.

Greg O’Connor, the spokesperson of the New Zealand Police Association pointed to the incident as rationale for police employees having firearms at the ready to prevent an “inevitable tragedy”. Perhaps, if O’Connor truly believes that firearms should be accessible by non-criminals he should also employ the same vigor to calling for open and conceal carry for all who reside in New Zealand, not just his colleagues. After all, badges don’t grant extra rights.

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