Speed Trap Cop Blocked. Operation Booty Saver!

This post was submitted by Jeff from HONORYOUROATH.

8/30/2011 Lawtey Florida – Operation Booty Saver!

My intent is both slowing people down for public safety and to save peoples booty from the Lawtey looters/pirates.At 1:52 you can see the Lawtey Police pulling over some one headed north bound 301.I guess I was successful at slowing down southbound traffic so he had catch a north bounder! At 2:40 you can see the South Carolina Deputies I spoke with heading south bound. At 3:05 you can see the Deputies had done a U-Turn and were headed back north. When I was speaking with the Deputies I must have accidentally zoomed my camera to max zoom…sorry bout that. At 3:16 you can see the Lawtey Pirate headed back south driving right by me as I show him my sign!
Waldo and Hampton your next!



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  • Mike Suttles

    Good job, soldier.

    Carry on.

  • Mike

    Excellent! We need more guys like you blocking speed traps. Anything that hits them in the pocketbook is a good thing.

  • Freedom_Rocks

    Is there a speed limit sign posted, if there is, then it’s not a trap, it’s just a matter of people not slowing down.


    Thank you Mike and Mike for the encouraging words.

  • Mr. Bawkbagawk

    love the use of a ghost car in this speed trap, proper patrol cars are supposed to be as much a deterrent as anything else. the use of an unmarked unit shows they arnt out for safety but for a quick buck.


    HONORYOUROATH you are such a looser! Grow up, get a life, get a woman, get laid, and get a job. Oh and if you don’t like America why don’t you move to another country!


    All of the speed limits changes are clearly marked,well in advance,with yellow topped signs. AAA even has billboards warning of the speed trap north and south of Lawtey. Even with all of this knuckle heads still speed!
    My problem is I just don’t think the Lawtey PD’s goal is public safety.My intent is to slow people down (public safety) and save their money.Watch my video LAWTEY A SPEED TRAP PRIMER http://www.youtube.com/user/HONORYOUROATH?feature=mhum#p/u/3/hE4jhDp_bck

  • ro e r

    this dude is so fkn cool . fck all u htrz . keep it up joe cool !

  • Didyouknow?

    If this is truly ONLY for public safety and not for some attention and an attempt to anger your local police, I would like to point some things out. While I see nothing illegal, I would like you to think about what you are doing by slowing everyone down. Traffic control is a way for proactive officers to make contacts with all walks of life. As the inherent idea of Law Enforcement is that it is largely reactive and very few things can be done to stop crimes before and or during their commission.

    I don’t mind telling you I am a cop and I do run traffic. What people seem to fail to understand is that you very well could be warning the people that need to be contacted by police to slow down. Example, You could stop people who are riding in the vehicle with people they have protection orders against. After the situation, you learn that they were not there on there own free will and you may have saved a life. Drug carriers, child abductors, murderers and burglars have all been caught in the act of committing a crime by a simple traffic violation.

    Also, you may save the driver some money, but the police department’s budget is supplemented with that money which means your taxes are lower because of the citations issued… Keep it up for public safety but just be aware at some point one must understand, not all cops are bad. The majority are there for good intentions. L.E has a smaller percentile of corruption that clergymen.

  • Officer,Didyouknow?
    Hello sir, I must admit that what I do is for public safety,but not ONLY for public safety.I also do it for the attention,because it’s fun ,to save peoples hard earned money from being looted,and it does seem to anger the police.
    While it is true traffic control is the way proactive officers make contact with the public,it is also true most citizens don’t enjoy police interaction under such circumstances.Most citizens are also not aware that they are being investigated and interrogated because the PROACTIVE COP is snooping for evidence of other crimes.Also most citizens are at huge disadvantage during these investigations because they are ignorant of their rights.So helping citizens avoid these proactive police interactions can be added to my reasons for doing this.I feel I should let you know that I’m an anti prohibitionists.The tragic,tyrannical
    WAR ON (the bill of rights) DRUGS needs to be stopped.
    I am aware that not all cops are bad cops.However my opinion has changed from thinking that most cops are good cops and there are a few bad apples to believing its about 50/50 at best.I’m sure you know as a cop even the good cops rarely cross the thin blue line!
    Thank you for your comment and opinions,stay safe out there.

  • Officer Didyouknow?
    All cops are not bad cops? Watch this video!

  • Ms. M

    Do you know what time the school zone lights come on in the afternoon in front of Lawtey Elem.? My boyfriend just got a 391.00 ticket for driving under the 45limit in the apparent school zone. He said he never saw any flashing lights. He said his ticket time reads 1:55. So roughly he was pulled around 1:45 at the earliest.Just trying to get info so he can drive back down there from charleston sc to contest it. Any advice? Nice work on the videos by the way

  • Anon

    Why is the only person angry with what you are doing… a cop?

  • Ms M

    UPDATE!!! I posted a few months back about my boyfriend receiving a ticket in the school zone. WELL, he did some research and was able to disprove the officer with a 73 page report basing it off one piece of information that the officer stated during the stop. He stated that the distance from which he clocked him was 300ish feet(cant remember exact amount) and my bf proved that his calculation was incorrect and that the officer would’ve been directly behind a building with no visibility of the road. My bf also proved that if he was driving at the speed the officer claimed that he wouldve slammed into the tractor trailer in front of him as well as other vehicles(based on length of intersection and length of vehicles in front of him) The judge agreed. The judge also said he wished that more people would put the time into disputing their tickets. Guess having an engineering degree and being ticked off with unfair police practices can be a good motivator.:-) TICKET DISMISSED!!!