Speed Trap Cop Blocked. Operation Booty Saver!

This post was submitted by Jeff from HONORYOUROATH.

8/30/2011 Lawtey Florida – Operation Booty Saver!

My intent is both slowing people down for public safety and to save peoples booty from the Lawtey looters/pirates.At 1:52 you can see the Lawtey Police pulling over some one headed north bound 301.I guess I was successful at slowing down southbound traffic so he had catch a north bounder! At 2:40 you can see the South Carolina Deputies I spoke with heading south bound. At 3:05 you can see the Deputies had done a U-Turn and were headed back north. When I was speaking with the Deputies I must have accidentally zoomed my camera to max zoom…sorry bout that. At 3:16 you can see the Lawtey Pirate headed back south driving right by me as I show him my sign!
Waldo and Hampton your next!


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