Rather than uphold contract with tenants, Landord calls Baltimore Co. Police

This police interaction was captured and shared by Justin Kovach.

Date of Incident: 10/18/2014
Outfit: Baltimore County Police Department
Phone: 410-887-2214

I knew getting Whispering Woods, a community of Westminster Realty in Middle River, MD to properly repair the mold and water damage in our home would be problematic. I knew that because LAST year, when thousands upon thousands of gallons of raw sewage was overflowing from the pipes on the property, they denied there was any problem and it took several visits from Baltimore County Public Works & Plumbing Inspections & Permits and several months to get them to properly fix the problem so that we did not have to regularly experience human feces flowing down the street in front of our home.

When the maintenance supervisor came in to inspect the damage, stuck his finger through the deteriorated sheetrock and then exclaimed “There’s no mold” was another indicator.

But I THOUGHT that after having the professional mold remediation company come out, identify and attempt to remove all the water and mold damaged material we were on the right page.

I did not expect them to send Baltimore County Police Department to my home to attempt to force me to allow a contractor to do repairs unannounced & do repairs which weren’t up to par with the agreements we had made OR with the recommendations of the mold remediation company & DEFINITELY were not up to Baltimore County Building code and THEN threaten me with eviction if I did not allow them to do the repairs improperly. CERTAINLY did not expect them to add insult to injury by banning me from the location I have to go to pay my rent and threatening to arrest me if I go to pay my rent.


But that’s what I got !!

After I busted the contractor showing up without notice and attempting to fill in base plate against concrete with non-pressure treated wood and fill in the inside wall without replacing the insulation I was treated with great disrespect by the contractor’s employees. Apparently they don’t understand that just about everybody knows Spanish profanity. After requesting the MHIC license number of the contractor I was told I would not be given that information. At that time I advised the contractor that I was contacting the Baltimore County Health Inspector, who had already been to the property last week in response to my current complaint, and the Baltimore County Building Inspector in order to have them both inspect the condition of the wall, and that no more work was to be done until that time. This was the result.


Film the police, create an objective record. Don’t end up in legaland in a situation where it’s your word against the word of a police employee.
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