After Husband is Assaulted by Yakima Cops, Wife Records Meeting with City Manager and is Charged with Wiretapping

Robert Albee, concerned about the threat-backed censorship levied by Tony O’Rourke, who himself subsists on stolen coin (ie via the political means), shared the information below.

Date of Incident: May 9, 2014
Individual Responsible: Tony O’Rourke
Outfit: Yakima, Washington
Phone: 509-575-6000

This is about the RIGHT to SECRETLY RECORD public officials discharging their public duties.

For more information about legalese (which is not law) said to pertain within each arbitrary political boundary of the USSA, see



From Yakima woman faces charges over recording conversation posted at

A Yakima woman now faces criminal charges, accused of illegally recording a conversation. It was a meeting with Yakima’s city manager over allegations of police brutality.

Joey Anderson told KIMA her husband was beaten up by Yakima police. City Manager Tony O’Rourke says her claims of excessive force are unfounded and agreed to meet with her on the issue. O’Rourke says that conversation ended up on Youtube.

Editors Note: If a person who claims to act with integrity and work for the “public” feels justified saying something to one, or ten people present, why would they be any less confident if the message were recorded and shared with 10,000 or 10,000,000? Clearly, the real criminals use this antiquated “wiretapping” legalese to target those who seek transparency and justice.

Does this situation not sit well with you? Feel free to give Tony O’Rourke a call to share your thoughts: 509-575-6000

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