Aggressive Los Angeles County Sheriff Department Employees [Video]

This content was shared by an individual threatened for no cause by strangers wearing badges.

Date of Incident: 4-3-2014
Outfit: Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department
Phone: (626) 332-1184

The day I recorded the video me and a few friends were hanging in front of a family members house when, as they do too often where I live, sheriff employees pulled up and immediately start giving unlawful demands – to walk to their car to be illegally searched for no other reason than us being together.

Editors Note: The behavior of the Los Angeles Sheriff employees – firearm unholstered, not answering questions, making demands, etc. –  sure doesn’t seem to be aligned with their stated mission, to “Partner with the people we serve to secure and promote safety in our communities”

I have been following cop block for a while before this incident and purchased a camera to help protect my rights. As you can see in this video, this is how we live and how we are treated.

Editors Note: If you live in LA and want to help support the videographer, reach out to him via his Youtube channel

As a result of me recording the police five days later gained a search warrant for my house under false pretenses in direct reprisal and arrested me on bogus charges. I have been fighting my case for 7 months and I believe that I am being railroaded because there are aspects of my case that are sealed and kept secret from me.

Known Police Accountability Groups in California:




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