Greater Cleveland Cop Block Rewards Others Active [Video]

The content below was shared by Deo, who’s involved with Greater Cleveland Cop Block.


Outfit: Cleveland Police

I put out a call to the Greater Cleveland Cop Block area to get me some local content!!

The following video was submitted by Jim Conley, and he in turn, received a Cop Block coffee mug and a Cop Block care kit!

Thanks for playing Jim! Next time lets be a little more current! lol Can’t complain. It’s local content, taken by someone other than ME!!! lol Its Cleveland! I have to actually take the opportunity to commend Cleveland PD a little. They have actually embraced the fact that we are allowed to record, so don’t be afraid to record them Cleveland!!!

The last checkpoint I blocked in Cleveland, the officers were civil, and gave me a paper explaining Cleveland PDs stance on recording. It said they were informed we had the right to record and it gave a guide line for recording that I can agree with. It is a 30 feet safe zone. For the photographers and the cops safety. They also remind you in the letter, that interfering is a crime. I take that as a warning to observe the thirty foot distance, and avoid being accused of interfering. So get your cameras out Cleveland!!!!

Other cities in the greater Cleveland area such as Parma, are not so easy to embrace the rights of its citizens. They fight me at every turn, rather than just accept, this is the way its gonna be so long as I’m around!!!

Keep vigilant Cleveland! And Jim, Make sure you have your cop block care kit with you when you go out to film! Parma, Maple Hts, and all the Greater Cleveland Cop Block cities!!! Keep filming the police!!! Keep em honest OHIO!!!!!!!!

Remember Badge Don’t grant Extra Rights!!!



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