NY State Trooper Brian Beardsley drives drunk, kills man, does no time

The content below was shared by someone appalled at the impunity granted to a person who killed another.

Date of Incident: 2011
Individual Responsible: Brian Beardsley Outfit: Canajoharie Police Department Phone: (518) 673-3111
Individual Responsible: James Curry Outfit: Hamilton County Prosecutor Phone: (518) 648-5113

New york state trooper Brian Beardsley admits to drinking and running a man over on his way home. He then fled the scene of the accident and left the man to die.

In May of 2011 Beardsley was charged with leaving the scene of a fatal accident – a Class D felony. If found guilty, he could have been caged for up to seven years.

Yet, four months later, in September of 2011, James Curry threw out the charge and Beardsley faced no repercussions for taking the life of another.

Beardsley is now an officer again at Canajoharie Police Department in New York. Why can this man still have the nerve to write us tickets? Fuck him.

Killer cop Brian Beardsley is now employed at the Canajoharie Police Outfit (518) 673-3111



Editors Note: Impunity afforded to police employees is not surprising, after all, their entire apparatus is based on double standards. If situations such as those involving Beardsley do not sit well with you, quit granting legitimacy to those who claim to provide safety at the barrel of a gun.

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