Dan Wilson to CopBlock.org, “What a bunch of losers”

Dan seems to have all sorts of logical points to make so I figured I’d post them (his are in block quotes), of course, I’ll add my thoughts as well.

Sooooo…let me get this straight. Just like in the 1960’s you unemployed losers want to whine and cry about your rights and the unfair policies of the lawfully elected government…and take it out on the men and women who come to my house to protect me when you have run out of money for your drugs and want to steal my property and assault my family so you can get your fix. You are pathetic losers and cowards. I have six cops in my family and I marvel at the fact that they would all read this and still want to protect your sorry asses. You should be ashamed.
You’re an embarrassment, but I bet this never shows up on your coward site.
Dan Wilson


I hate to bust your bubble but I’m not unemployed (in fact, I think every CopBlocker I know is employed). I am under paid but I don’t mind because I’m able to provide for my needs, while doing something I love.

It sounds like you have a issue with the war on drugs? Maybe you can talk to your six family members, who are cops, and relate to them that their involvement with such war is why people are breaking into your house. If prohibition was repealed (again) – remember when they banned alcohol (a drug) – then maybe these “druggies” would be able to have their own businesses. In a world without prohibition the people you fear would be able to provide a good and/or service in order to make money – without having to worry about those six relatives of yours approaching them with guns and locking them in cages.

I’d also suggest talking to those six relatives about providing their protection service voluntarily. Though you question our employment I promise that those who pay us do so without the threat of force – they do so voluntarily. Your cop relatives are paid for by taxation, something a growing number of people think is too high, and what if I don’t want to give MY money to the police/government because I don’t like what they’ll do with it? Guess what happens then? Your relatives (the police) come to our house and make us pay – or take us to jail until we do pay. Doesn’t sound so voluntary or honorable to me? Isn’t it stealing if someone forces me into giving them my money?

So, when you say that your relatives will still protect me even after visiting this site, is it as honorable as you thought? I mean they stole money from me to pay for their salaries, guns, cars, radios and whatever else they outfit themselves with. How nice of them to stop by – often times too little to late – and let me reap the benefits of the goods I paid for. What if they hadn’t taken stolen those tax dollars from me? Maybe I could have bought my own gun, car, taser or surveillance system and protected myself? Nah, I need the police to protect me, it’s silly to think a person is able to provide for and protect themselves via voluntary means isn’t it?

But to you, we’re the embarrassment, ok?

Thanks for the submission.

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