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Justice for Austin!
Justice for Austin!

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Background Info:

Date of Incident: 09-28-13
Police Employee(s) Involved: Scott Sudaisar & Alex Monarch
Employer: Oregon State Police Department
4th Floor
255 Capitol St NE
Salem, OR 97310
Email: ask.osp@state.or.us
Phone: 503-378-3720
Fax: 503-378-8282

Public Opinion Poll:

An officer with the OSP had been allegedly been assigned to a case that involved an individual who he knows in his personal life. The individual he allegedly knows has expressed to several people related to the victim in this case that said officer is “my very good friend”. The officer has shown him “reports” “a video from a Walt-Mart surveillance camera in Hood River” “along with a mountain of evidence”.

When the family of the victim, Austin Herd specifically asked this OSP officer face to face if this was true he very awkwardly denied knowing this individual. Stumbling on his words and making lame excuses for past encounters with this individual then exiting the room.

Before you follow these links…

Police: Man Fighting with Girlfriend in Moving Van Killed in Crash

and read this media…

http://www.kgw.com/story/news/ 2014/07/25/12567872/

report know this:

The 3rd passenger in the van told a completely different story immediately after, implicating the “girlfriend” as the instigator of the argument and the aggressor in the fight. Witch is consistent with the history Austin’s family, friends, and neighbors of the off and on couple witnessed many times in the past. This history was given to OSP officers along with several names and phone numbers to verify.

Austin’s family also gave the contact information for the friends house that was stopped at by the couple on their trip from Galveston Texas to Portland Oregon, at witch Austin was never seen. As far as Austin’s family knows none of these people have been contacted. Jesse Walters has also since vanished, and has never made attempt to contact the family of the man he allegedly saw murdered right in front of him. The “girlfriend” has stopped communicating with the family and hasn’t been seen since March of this year. Austin’s family would like to speak with Mr. Walters, if anyone knows his whereabouts please email us at rickmalonelives@gmail.com. To Jesse, if you see this please come forward and set the record straight.

OSP is calling this case an “accident” but 13 months later it remains open. Just 3 days after Austin’s death the Multnomah county medical examiners office submitted the information for the death certificate calling his death an accident. The investigation was still ongoing. Just 5 days after his death, he was cremated without even one family member seeing his body, in what the medical examiner herself called an unusual case.

Multiple other mistakes have been made by OSP and the medical examiner’s office that Austin’s family is very aware of and will not be silent about.

Our questions to the public right now are:

  1. Should this OSP officer who denies these allegations be allowed on this case?
  2. Has the integrity of the OSP investigation of Mr. Herds death been compromised?
  3. Have Austin’s rights been violated?
  4. Should an outside investigation by the Department of Justice or another organization for police misconduct be in order?

This is the opinion and recollection of events of Mr. Herd’s family, friends and supporters. For more information or questions please contact JUSTICE FOR AUSTIN!! At rickmalonelives@gmail.com




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  • Joseph Murray

    After reading the story, I glanced down at the Comments section wondering what, of any value, could strangers on the Internet have to contribute to this? I see nothing so far, and after others weigh in I’m sure it’ll STILL be nothing. I can only hope the truth comes out and relevant people involved come forward…

  • JC

    Let’s see. Some loser gets into a physical altercation with his girlfriend while driving. He falls out of the vehicle on the highway and is killed. The van crashes. Somehow this makes it on copblock and the author is concerned about a dead man’s civil rights? The guy was an apparent loser. The family needs to let it go.


  • t

    Author Dude:
    What the heck are you even trying to say? Geez……learn how to tell a story guy.
    Are you saying the girlfriend pushed him out?
    Are you saying that he didn’t fall out of the van?
    Are you saying that’s he’s not even dead?

    Write a coherent thought.

    Holy smokes.

  • rickMtx

    Haters gonna Hate… so gullible too. Peace Love and Justice for Austin!

  • Ashley Kay Tanner

    I guess you didn’t read the part where the third passenger’s statement confirmed that it was the girlfriend who had instigated and initiated the fight.

    Your insensitivity makes YOU the loser here, JC. I guess you are too ignorant and simple minded to pick up on a huge detail….. the family isn’t the reason this case hasn’t been closed. There has got to be more to the story…OSP hasn’t closed the case for a reason.

    Instead of passing judgment on Austin, a man you don’t even know, and his family….I suggest you get down on your knees and pray that you will never have to be one of the family members left grieving a loved one who some moron (JC) says “needs to let it go”

  • JC

    Where is your proof the girlfriend instigated the fight? You need to post a real link to a real media source that backs up your statements. The guy obviously was in a fight in the van, fell out the door and was killed. It takes two to tango. Since he participated in the fight, he is just as guilty. I suggest you do a little more studying before just believing any article that is posted on copblock.

  • Sikko

    It’s all about some conspiracy in which this guy was murdered… Something about being conned into driving someone from Texas to Oregon… I’m still trying to figure out how not wearing a seatbelt and driving a vehicle where the driver’s door had to be bungee corded closed falls into that

  • rickMtx

    Who said he was conned into driving someone from Texas to Oregon?

  • Sikko

    Read the 3 comments on the first article linked above

  • rickMtx

    Where is your proof he was a participant in the fight? You think he was over powered by a woman? A woman and a man sounds more realistic. As far as believing anything you read on cop block… didn’t you just read something on cop block and enlighten us all with your option?

  • Elim

    1. Is this a stupid story with no point?
    2. Was this story submitted by a worry-wart attention whore?
    3. Why are we demanding answers on behalf of a dead guy covered in gang tatoos?
    4. Should we bother commenting on it?

  • Yankeefan

    JC is a troll. He used to post under the names, Slappy, Adam Miller, Jason Free and Jason Free123 and he would do nothing but cuss people. His favourite line was to mention something involving “fucking your 2 dollar whore of a mother”. Now, watch him deny it but he uses the same lines, in fact, the exact same lines as Slappy did. “Show me scientific proof” or “show me the law that says”. Just watch him make claims then demand you prove yourself.

  • Common Sense

    This article is a mess.

  • t

    Yeah. I get that it’s some serious crazy.
    But WOW……talk about some B A D writing and broken thought. Great example of the old “just say no to drugs” adage being true. it’s like reading stoner talk.

  • t

    I know not who JC is…..nor do I care.
    But you gotta be fair. He’s comments are spot on about this. The author isn’t even saying that there wasn’t a fight. He’s “point” (I guess, if there was a point to this article) is that the driver just didn’t start the fight.

    Now you are a smart guy…..so let me ask.
    Why do you reply to him or comment on/about him?

    And as far as fake posters/imposters go……
    Where is the outcry from the CB crowd over all the imposters on this site? My guess is that there are maybe 7-8 real commenters on this site with the occasional visitor commenter about some very specific article. Ernest are all just those few making up other monikers and posting fake comments. If you watch….it’s just like what you said about JC. Multiple commenters that all use the same language/lines.
    Happy Halloween.
    And to the rest of the CBers……don’t worry. The boys in blue will be out there keeping you safe.

  • JC

    Here is my proof http://www.kgw.com/story/news/2014/07/25/12567872/ Now where is yours?

  • JC

    Why don’t you post these so called “same lines” You are beyond delusional. I posted the link to the story. You just rant like a streetsheep copblocker. Again, prove your statements.

  • Yankeefan

    Right now, he is the most entertaining thing on this abysmal site so, sometimes, I figure I would feed the troll.

    However, as to this story, I have no idea and to be honest, I shy away from anecdotes as all you can do is parse out the information and make a judgment. Information is left out or the stories as narrated, make no sense. That’s why I do not offer serious commentary about these stories. Especially on this site!

  • steve

    You need a ghost writer.

  • t

    As always….fair enough

    This story is painful. The stoner writing is bad

  • Yankeefan

    I agree, this is a painful story. Copblock does not do a good job of this whole…police accountability. It is a complain and whine about everything. On here, cops can’t win for losing, as they say! Even when they are right!

  • JC

    You fit right in with your description of copblock.

  • Yankeefan

    If you weren’t slappy the troll, you would have credibility, loser! Pretty please ask for scientific proof….again, like Slappy (aka…you) always did!

  • rickMtx

    The point is in the questions everyone has lost sight of. This story was posted by cop block, that’s the website your on. I’ve never heard of a gang called Bad Fish with nautical stars as their signature? Trademark? Logo? LOL He was no gang member, but yes he’s dead. If he was a gang member would his life be less valuable? A human being is a human being regardless of their past wrongs or rights. No one has the right to take it but the one who gave it. If your not sure if you should comment on something…. don’t comment.

  • rickMtx

    t- Why has this discussion turned to trashing the author? Along with a “dead man” who is a ”gang member” due to tattoos you can’t even clearly see? Pure ignorance… When will someone answer the questions? Anyway, the author is obviously a family member of the man. A family that has been devastated by the loss of their loved one. Most likely not a best selling author and upset when reliving some of the events spoke of. The author clearly said there was a fight and that the 3rd passenger said the girlfriend instigated it and was the aggressor, what you may have missed is the obvious disadvantage of the driver. “Two to tango” is just stupid when referring to this fight for several reasons.
    1. He’s driving… a pretty big vehicle on a semi rural Hwy with many curves and hills creating limited sight. Check the weather reports from that evening (it was well after dark) and you will see why he likely had both hands on the wheel. Most likely wearing a seat belt as well, he did just drive from Texas to Oregon. It goes with out saying he knew the door was broken, the terrain of the state and the weather conditions right in front of his face. (it states he lived in the Portland area in the past)
    2. There were 2 other people in the van. 2 people who have avoided this mans family(as stated) and their request for answers for so long they felt the need to ask again on a public forum. What are they afraid of? Just have some respect for the life you just witnessed end and speak to the mans family. Only cowards and the guilty run and hide.
    Seems the author and the appearance of one photo of the man were so picked apart all common sense and compassion for the victim were lost.
    Obviously I’m close to this story and this man. To clear up what kind of person he was and why his life and death is relevant… or should be discussed… besides the fact that all human beings were created by God.. Austin Herd was a father to a little girl, a son, a brother, a grandson, a nephew,a cousin, a friend to many and an uncle to 10 nieces and nephews who all miss him beyond words. This is a true tragedy that didn’t have to happen. The fact that the people involved and the officers who are trying to sweep it under the rug (due to the personal relationship stated above) are among us is a little scary. The officers are the ones who took the vow to “protect and serve” the citizens of their communities. Austin Herd was a citizen of this country therefore has the same rights we all do…regardless of his tattoos… race, gender or religion. If your interested in who he was and care about fair justice not bad mouthing or judging people.. I personally invite you to visit my Facebook page that is now or will be as soon as I’m done here a public page.
    *NO “trolls” allowed pls.. like I said there are kids who really don’t need to know cruel this world really is just yet. There is still hope for them. Thank You.
    Facebook- Thistripcalledlife Withaustinherd

  • steve


  • steve


  • rickMtx

    Your proof is a article someone else wrote? So unless you were in that van or a family member of Austin’s you can’t prove anything to anyone. Let me breakdown this article for you with things I can prove.
    1. Austin Herd was not from Portland. He lived there for a few years. He was actually from Austin Texas but was living in Galveston TX when he left.
    2. He was not a seasonal construction worker.
    3. Nicole Quintana was not his girlfriend at the time of his death. I’ll quote Austin on this subject “Me and Nicole are just friends” via text message.
    4. Walters was not with them when they left Galveston, they picked him up in Oklahoma. Where they also stopped to visit a friend of theirs. At this stop Austin was not seen by those friends. Nicole told them he was sleeping in her van and acted “very strange” and jumpy the whole visit. When this friend walked her to the van that she parked 2 houses away for some reason.. she tried to look in the window to see if Austin really was with her, Nicole blocked her view and quickly left.
    5. The window of the van was not broken and patched as shown in the article you call proof when it left this friend in Oklahoma’s house.
    6. Austin does not have one single relative in Portland or the state of Oregon for that matter. So he sure as hell wasn’t moving in with one.
    7. The van could not have “headed into oncoming lanes” on that part of I-84. It stopped at a concrete center divide. Unless in jumped over the center divide then back over to its final resting point.
    The rest of this story is what was told to police by Nicole and Jesse. Two people who can’t show their faces or speak up. I know if I had nothing to hide I would make myself seen and heard loud and clear. Bottom line.

  • t

    I don’t know anything about the deceased at all. I didn’t say anything about him being a gang member.
    MY point was that the authors stoner style of writing makes it nearly impossible to know what happened.
    The author (I think) is alleging that the police are somehow covering up for something.
    It seems like the facts are pretty clear.
    He was driving.
    He wasn’t wearing his seatbelt.
    The vans drivers door wouldn’t close properly.
    They wrecked.
    He died as a result of that.

    The rest of it is superfluous crap.

    The author alleges that there was a fight. Ok
    He started It / she started it. Ok
    Who was driving?
    Who controlled the van?
    Who could have stop the van?

    In the end…..it looks like the authors doper friend got killed in a wreck….that he likely could have prevented.

    Keeping that in mind…..what do you think is being “swept under the rug”?

  • t

    Like I wrote farther up…..none of that matters in relation to this incident.
    It matters to you and your memories. But not to what happened.

  • JC

    Again, you haven’t backed up one statement. I believe you are Slappy. You continue to lie and not back anything up. You must know that you are on the bottom rung of society’s ladder.

  • JC

    Another childish rant by a streetsheep copblocker. Dumb ass

  • JC

    This is my proof. http://www.kgw.com/story/news/… Where is yours? If there were no family members in the vehicle, how can they prove anything? A lot of your statements have nothing to back them up.

  • JC

    Why don’t you make me you pussy.

  • Yankeefan

    Remember your signature line is…”show me scientific proof”… like you always used under Slappy.

  • JC

    My “signature line”? I didn’t know I have one. I ask for proof to back up your statements. You haven’t done that. You haven’t posted anything to link me to “Slappy”. Your obsession with this “Slappy” just show you are just too immature to have a real conversation with. Again, prove your statements coward.

  • Yankeefan

    Brilliant comment, Slappy.

  • rickMtx

    I’m not sure how you can call the things the media reported facts? How do you know he started it? Do you have control if your being attacked ? Doper friend? Where did it say drugs were involved?

  • rickMtx

    I was clearing up things said in other post not say you said all those things.

  • rickMtx

    Your a total moron but entertaining. Thanks :)

  • t

    Why do I think drugs are involved?

    Read this authors story. It’s a great feature for the 80’s ad of “this is your brain on drugs”.
    Then look at the deceased photo. Now occasionally you might see someon that tatted up that doesn’t use drugs. But when you add in the rest of the story….the decision making with the bungee strapped door…the no seatbelt….the picture of his lifestyle in general….I’d guess it’s meth.

    Now the question for you would be….
    If…as has been sledged….she was an ‘ex-girlfriend’ and current friend…..what is the motive for a fight?

    And as for “Do you have control if you are being attacked?” Well…..what kinda bitch was this guy? You can’t push someone back enough that you can’t push a brake pedal or even just take you foot off of the gas?

    Dude look….in the bigger picture you need to slow your roll.
    IF there is more to the story as has been alleged…..the stories maybe be from her: he assaulted me. From the witness: she assaulted him: Just because that witness says something….that doesn’t make it fact. There still has to be evidence to go any further. The fact that a case where….as has been alleged….someone was killed…hasn’t been closed and the info hasn’t been released…..isn’t improper. It’s the right thing to keep the investigation confidential. It’s not like TV guy….things aren’t always clean and done in 49minutes.

  • JC

    Again, prove I am “Slappy”.

  • JC

    Really? I post a link to the real story and you just come back with name calling. I believe the total moron is you.

  • Mike TheVet

    Your local news article that you posted above needs to prove your claims, too, keyboard warrior…

  • Mike TheVet

    I’m sorry, where is your proof within that article? I read everything and……nope.

  • greg

    Rickmtx how do u know all that.I knew austin for 18 years. He was a brother to me. Only certain people know all that. Hit me up at greggy3624@gmail

  • mystery man

    i know the girlfriend personally and i have always had a funny feeling about this “accident”

  • autumn

    greggy poo you know who cuts for little brother… :) Ive taken over his alias.. rick malone lives.

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