Cameraman Arrested by Suffolk County Police

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A videographer capturing news footage became the news, when he filmed part of his own arrest while trying to capture video of a police crime scene.

Suffolk County Police sergeant Michael Milton did not want the videographer there telling him to just “GO AWAY”. Confused he respectfully tried to reason with the officer, but that didn’t work so he moved a block away, and resumed shooting.

He sergeant then got in his car and drove towards the videographer almost running him over. Despite being a credentialed member of the press and standing in a public area around other people, he was arrested and charged with obstruction of governmental administration. His video was taken “for evidence,”

The cameraman was then taken into custody and his video was taken “for evidence,” The video of the arrest, which was later returned to him, was later posted on YouTube.

The charges were later dropped against the cameraman.



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