Cop Strikes Man In Head While He’s On The Ground [Video]

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Date of Incident: 11/1/2014
Individuals Responsible: Ryan Rabideau and Ethan Czyzewski
Outfit: Burlington VT Police Deptartment
Address: 1 North Ave. Burlington VT
Phone: (802) 658-2704

Police attempt to take a man into custody he is “resisting ” the video starts with the suspect on the ground but prior to being taken down he was tazed by the police officers once in the ground one of the officers repeatedly hits the “suspect” in the head in a press release the department says they were striking his back. Let the people decide.!!

From the video description:

A Burlington, VT Police Officer ruthlessly punches pinned downed civilian and an angry mob of bystanders stands witness and reacts.

Vermont Based Police Accountability Group



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