Florida Cop Jared Nash Accused of Breaking 14-Year-Old Girl’s Arm During Arrest

Ryan Pfeffer shared the information about an aggressive individual who lacks respect for person or property.

Date of Interaction: October 21, 2014
Individual Responsible: Jared Nash
Outfit: Greenacres Police Department
Phone: 561.642.2153

Greenacres Police Officer Jared Nash is accused of breaking a 14-year-old girl’s arm during an arrest attempt that was initiated because the officer attempted to view a video on her cell phone without a search warrant. The officer then arrested the teen for resisting arrest.

Ray Downs at New Times Broward-Palm Beach cited the version of events, as put forth by Jared Nash in his report:

[She] then began to twist and pull her arm around in an increased physical level trying to pull away,” Nash claims. “I then tried placing [her] left hand behind her back to secure her in handcuffs due to her pushing me, her increasing attempts to break away from my grasp, and continuing to try hand the phone to [her friend] despite my orders not to.

Nash said he was attempting to get access to the teenager’s cellphone as he believed it captured scenes from a fight that had occurred at John I. Leonard High School. Yet even if the cell phone had such documentation, he has no right to prevent her freedom of movement. If you acted in such a way – physically restraining someone who had not caused a victim, what would that be called?

Badges don’t grant extra rights. The aggressor Nash should face the same repercussions as would anyone who broke the arm of another. He personally – not area taxpayers, should make her whole. And as he did the exact opposite of providing “excellent citizenry service” – included in the mission of his outfit – he should no longer be employed. Would you keep your job if you broke the arm of a so-called customer?



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