Excessive Force Claimed by Monmouth County Jail Captive

Not too long ago a manilla envelope arrived from William D. Casrell, a man caged at Monmouth County (NJ) Correctional Institution, who alleges that his captors assaulted him and broke his tooth. He’s hoping to connect with a lawyer from the area, hence this post.

Date of Incident: 2014.02.18
Individuals Responsible: Young, Beckenstein, Usted
Outfit: Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office, Monmouth County Correctional Institution
Phone: (732) 431-7860

Casrell’s letter began:

I am a victim of excessive force… I have DVD footage of the excessive force, all I need is a pro bono lawyer to help me gain relief.

On a photographed page titled “Copy of my statements of what happened to me”, Casrell told of an incident that unfolded on February 18th, when he was being relocated from I-2 to H-2 inside Monmouth County jail:

Officer Usted hit the panic button on his radio for help out of nowhere. I was then asked to put my hand behind my back, I complied… I was thrown up against the police panel on the pod all the officers bum rushed me, so I ducked down and grabed the leg of the table in front of me. Then I grabbed the table top, while the C.O.’s jumped all over me, then I was placed in handcuffs, as I got escorted off the tier Officer Young and Beckenstein tried to walk me into a plexiglass window, so I step up on the window ledge to keep from getting hit. That is when Officer Young slammed my face into the plexiglass window and broke my tooth for no reason.


The “Use of Force Report #” was 14-05 and the “Injury #” was 14-082, according to a report filed by a Monmouth County employee assigned.

Due to the closed-off structure of jails, correctional employees tend to operate with even less transparency than police employees on the street, creating environments rife for abuse. If you’re in the greater Freehold area and have the time and ability to reach out and possibly assist Casrell, he can be reached at:

Willaim D. Casrell
Monmouth County Correctional Institution
1 Water Works Rd.
Freehold, NJ 07728



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Pete Eyre

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