Peaceful Zane Kane Targeted by Maricopa County Injustice System Actors

Zane Kane, an advocate of peace who holds the world record for giving the longest continuous massage, was snatched up by some strangers wearing Phoenix police badges last month. He’s since been caged at Durango Jail.

Donuts and Steroids in Paradise Valley
Zane Kane, peace advocate caged in Maricopa Co.

Durango Jail
3225 W. Gibson Lane
Phoenix, AZ 85009

Booking #T118832

Those who care about Zane have had very little ability to communicate with him. I called the Durango facility and only heard a pre-recorded message that listed visiting hours. My call to the Maricopa sheriff’s outfit was no better – instead of talking to a person, I was only cycled through a phone tree. My limited knowledge about his situation comes from a friend of his father’s, and one of Zane’s friends. It’d be great if someone more local could get involved and look out for Zane, as it’s tough to do much when caged besides think.

Zane is slated to appear in legaland in less than two weeks. He is accused of having a plant (which, even if true, caused no victim, also, Zane sought and had a “medical” card) and “unlawful flight from law enforcement” (I know no specifics of this claim but I do know that if aggressors are trying to kidnap you, it’s smart, in the interest of self-preservation, to flee).

To see the threats levied at Zane Kane click here to visit the court site and search by name (Zane Kane) or by criminal case (“CR2014-147511”).

If you’re in the greater Phoenix area and can stomach walking into an environment where logic and commonsense is suspended in favor of legalese and dictates from a person others unquestionably refer to as “your honor”, consider showing up to support Zane – Maricopa County’s “Superior Court” on November 24th, for 8:15am.

If you’re a visitor to you may recall Zane’s name, and that – his proclivity to question the statist quo and to live free – is thought to be the reason he was targeted by those who purport to “serve and protect.”

March 15, 2014 Donuts and Steroids in Paradise Valley, a video interview I captured when in the Phoenix area in early 2014, in which Zane recounts a less-than-ideal interaction he had with Paradise Valley police employees David C Hutchinson, Joe Diventi, Carney, and Clement.

September 06, 2014 Phoenix Police Employee Not Too Happy When Questioned, was a video captured by Zane that shows a visit by a questioning Phoenix police employee who isn’t too receptive when Zane poses the questions.

September 16, 2014 Phoenix Cops Question and Chase Me – I Don’t Stop, was submitted by Zane, and depicts another unrequested visit from Phoenix police employees who, in stark opposition to serving, issue commands.

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Pete Eyre

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