Wisconsin Police Family Plants Daughter to Entice Crime

An individual wanting to inform others in Walworth County of the shenanigans being orchestrated by a husband-and-wife team who purport to serve and protect, who are clearly more interested in serving their own self interests. Hopefully, as this is made more trasnparent, it will have a disinfecting impact on their business as usual.

Date of Incident: Ongoing
Individual Responsible: Sgt Tim Otterbacher, Walworth County Sheriff’s Department, 262-741-4446
Individual Responsible: Chief Lisa Otterbacher,Whitewater Police Department, 262-473-1370

Sergeant Tim Otterbacher of Walworth County Sheriff’s Dept and wife Chief Lisa Otterbacher of Whitewater PD (in Walworth County) repeatedly sent their underage daughter Kaylee Otterbacher to drinking parties. Kaylee then took alcohol at the parties and called her parents who would then bust the parties for distribution to minors. The daughter has never been charged.

Editors Note: Whitewater is home to University of Wisconson-Whitewater, which likely provides ample settings for this ruse to be acted out.

Meanwhile, their 17-year-old son Calvin Otterbacher drove his car onto the local high school’s baseball field and tore up the grass. He has also had complaints against him throwing beer pong parties with other underage drinkers. The son was never charged either.

Known Police Accountability Groups Based in Wisconsin




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Click for related Know Your Rights videos and content.

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