Baby injured and STILL suffering after police raid gone wrong

The content below was shared by a woman who stated that “this is absolutely disgusting And completely unacceptable. They gave permanently disfigured this innocent baby. My heart breaks for this family, they deserve justice!”

Date of Incident: May 28, 2014
Individuals Responsible: Unnamed Habersham County SWAT members
Outfit: Habersham County Sheriff’s Office
Phone: (706) 839-0500

While sleeping, parents heard an explosion and a flash of light. They heard their baby crying too. Then a swat member pulled his fathers shoulder back so far, he caused two severe shoulder injuries as they pinned him down. The wife was asking for her son, when the cop told her to ‘shut up and sit down’. They heard him screaming, and the father saw blood on the floor. He demanded to know who’s blood it was, they were silent.

When they got yo the hospital after the officers put the baby in the ambulance without showing him to his parents, they saw his chest had a hole in it, AND his face was seriously disfigured.

My husband and I have a baby right now, we watched this episode of The Doctors and grew livid. They have over $1,000,000 in medical debt, and of course no charges have been filed.

The kicker? The person they were raiding the house for didn’t even live there. It was the father’s nephew they were looking for. The family doesn’t even live there, they had fallen on hard times after their home in Wisconsin caught on fire.

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EDITORS NOTE: In July when Rob Hustle released his song “Call the Cops” he noted: “Proceeds from this song will be donated to Baby Bou Bou, whose face was blown up by a police stun grenade.”



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