Tomorrow is National Chalk the Police Day!

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone in advance for making National Chalk the Police Day a success already. I realize this wasn’t the easiest line of activism or police accountability to sell but we’ve done well despite. There are sixteen cities par taking in this event, from San Diego, CA to Manchester, NH. I also wanted to pass along some tips for tomorrow events.

  • Chalking threats or violence will only take away from the message
  • Remember to remain calm, cool and collected with those around you
  • A common complaint of officers is blocking sidewalks, act accordingly
  • Have a video camera recording or easily accessible at all times
  • Signs, fliers and other materials will help
  • Send a National Chalk the Police Press Release to the media (and police)
  • Remember, be the change you want to see in the world, stay safe and Chalk the Police
One last thing, if local organizers, or attendees, want to update CopBlock’s Facebook page or Twitter (tweet @CopBlock) while their event takes place that would be great. We’ll also be looking for your videos on Youtube, or you can help by contacting us with links to your videos.
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