Jacob Crawford Imparts Knowledge on CNN Audience About Need to Film the Police

Founder of WeCopwatch and producer of the first know-your-rights video to use content entirely from the street, Jacob Crawford has long advocated that cameras be used during police interactions. But, unlike many who mindlessly clamor for more taxpayer money to be used to try to make the police less brutal by outfitting them with body cameras, Crawford recognizes the importance of you and me – as non-police employees – possessing the camera.

Crawford recently had the chance to share some of his insight with the audience of CNN:

After Mike Brown was killed in Ferguson, Crawford traveled there, connected with folks from the Canfield neighborhood, and helped get a police accountability group – The Canfield Watchmen – started. As he states in the video above, even more than cameras, knowledge is important.



Earlier this year Crawford co-authored a piece that discredited the statistic used by many advocates of police worn body cams.


Across the country, body cameras are being purchased by police departments in the name of transparency. According to a widely publicized study, Rialto, California, boasted an 88% drop in complaints in the first year after the cameras were introduced there, along with a 60% drop in police use of force. Rialto is a small city with only 66 cops, and its Police Chief, Tony Farrar, collaborated with Taser International, Inc., in the study. The Taser corporation has gained record profits by marketing body cameras to hundreds of cities, along with a cloud-based backup and search service called Evidence.com, which was used to collect the data for the Rialto study that led to many of these sales.

Clearly, it is important to not take everything at face value and to do your own research. Though of course, it is quite easy to know that police, no matter what technology or monitoring equipment they’re outfitted with, will always be rights-violating as their institution itself is based on coercion.

More recently, Crawford announced that in 2015 he and others will be offering Know Your Rights training online.

Keep up the great work Jacob Crawford!



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  • JC

    On one hand, he is saying they have received over seven grand and on the other he says the cameras are donated to him to donate to others. When you “train” people make sure you show them how you people edit the videos. What else surprises me is copblockers are always saying they dislike the media especially CNN. I guess that has changed now?

  • steve

    One thing for sure Taser International is ripping of the public for these ignorant studies that are useless and overexpensive. The camera’s are overpriced and made to operate only when the cop feels it necessary with easy on easy of and the rules are made by the department. These cameras can be bought and or manufactured elsewhere saving taxpayers millions.

  • t

    W OW …. just wow guy… apes can type…that’s amazing!?

  • Thenumber4

    The news reporter has nice boobs. Let the police come stop the crime for you..

  • Yankeefan

    Maybe we should train cops on the 1srt amendment. 1 judge has issued an injunction preventing police from enforcing a rule that would violate rights and another enjoined the city of Ferguson as well as 2 law enforcement agencies to prevent them from violating the rights of journalists1 That’s sad that cops are that stupid!

  • JC

    I watched the verdict being read and I watched these so called “peaceful protesters” set fires to 12 buildings and police cars. I watched people destroying businesses and loot. I watched these people attack news reporters because they got them on camera. At this point there were 60 arrests. It sounds like the PD did what they were supposed to do. Where’s the victim(s)? The owners of those businesses and innocent bystanders from the protesting crowds. What is sad is the protesters were stupid.

  • Yankeefan

    I agree with you. That doesn’t change the fact that there was 1 injunction issued to stop them from violating peoples rights. you know, telling peacefully assembled protestors they had to keep moving. Not true! And another in which the city as well as 2 Law Enforcement agencies were enjoined from interfering with journalists doing their jobs.

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