When the nanny state goes too far to “protect” us

I know we need to protect our children — there is no greater loss than losing a child. But the state of New Jersey is taking it too far. They have just fined a novelty company $70,000 for selling a toy that is less dangerous than a Yo-Yo. It’s a Yo- yo waterball.

New Jersey has just won a settlement against the Yo- yo waterball distributor Kipp Brothers for selling the banned toy, although it’s nothing more than a rubber ball filled with liquid attached to a rubber cord.

Could you imagine watching the police come and arrest your child for playing with this?

Think back to when you were a child and some of the toys you used to play with. When I was growing up I remember playing with a chemistry set that was filled with harmful chemicals and I was never injured. I might have singed my eyebrows off once or twice, but that’s part of growing up.

What seems worse, my kid playing with a rubber toy or him being bored and getting into my cleaning closet to see what bleach tastes like? Then again, bleach is legal. I would rather teach my son what is right and wrong than have him live in a bubble his whole life. Although the government would probably say living in a bubble could be a suffocation hazard and ban that too.

I could go on and on about the horrific ways to lose a child and I’ll do anything in my power to prevent it from happening to mine. I feel that it’s my decision as a parent to decide what I feel my child should play with – not the governments.The government is overstepping its bounds when they start banning toys to protect me from me (or my child from my gifts to him).

Remember the national ban on lawn darts. Seriously, common sense will tell you that if you throw a dart that has a pointy end on it make sure no one is in its flight path. I used to love playing that game at the weekend BBQ’s, and as long as the game is played correctly it’s no more dangerous than bocce or horseshoes.

Should I not allow my kid to play with a kite because he might try to jump of the roof and fly. I would think a yo-yo or metal slinky would be more of a strangulation hazard if they are not played with right than this rubber ball. Every toy is going to have some type of dangers if they are not used properly or abused. Let me decide — not Big Brother — on what I feel is safe enough.


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