My Independence Day Arrest

While my girlfriend and I were watching our partially slow blind friend on the beach of the fourth of July we were approached by two officers that gave us a ticket for having our dog on the beach, a yellow lab that actually helps our blind friend. After that we were about to move out and got approached in one minute by another set of officers. These two were my worst nightmare! We were all kicked off the beach and my friend who was watching our area was still getting harassed by the officers. I went to see if my friend was in need of any help and the officer Garlow wasn’t happy with that. I almost got thrown in the sand and he tried to confiscate my medicine (marijuana), but good old California loves us pot smokers so I showed him my Marijuana license. It was awesome having the cop hand me back my weed. But unfortunately that wasn’t the end of my independence day! I was asked several questions that were subjected for me to answer in some form of argument, but I kept my cool and then I was taken in for absolutely nothing. I had smoked earlier that day in the morning time and I had 2 beers up until this point of 3 in the afternoon. Anyways I never got a breath, blood or urine test for them to prove that I was intoxicated. I spent 16 hours in jail on my Independence day for I guess watching a blind kid, having 2 beers, and taking my medicine.

Great law enforcement we live under these days!!!

-Michael C


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