Chalk the Police Day – A HUGE SUCCESS!

First things first. Everyone deserves a big pat on the back for making Chalk the Police Day a huge success. Approximately 16 cities, and who knows how many individuals, took to local parks and police stations this past Saturday with one thing on their minds, Chalking the Police. There were reports of police supervision at events but I’m unaware of any arrests for participating in Chalk the Police Day. In fact, the Arizona CopBlock group, in conjunction with Freedom’s Phoenix, even got some news coverage (or see video below). Sadly though, ‘sheriff’ Joe failed to make an appearance contrary to last weeks press release.

4th Avenue Jail Protest Addresses Police Abuse:

Again, we’d like to thank everyone who par took in the chalking activities. Feel free to add your pics to’s Facebookpage or send them to us via the contact tab. We’d be happy to post them for you.

Columbus, OH overview from Valerie:

Due to scheduling conflicts with other chalkers I was the lone chalking ranger on October first. I hung around the statehouse for about an hour to be sure others weren’t going to show up late (and schmoozed with the local homeless discussing their struggles). Eleven a.m. rolled around and I didn’t see anyone with that “I’m about to protest” look so I moved on to safer locations, chalking alone at the statehouse didn’t really seem like the best, safest idea. I headed east from downtown and from the Linwood area all the way out to Reynoldsburg I stopped at about 20 locations to chalk various police accountability and freedom messages. All on public property (mostly busstops and sidewalks with heavy foot traffic) except one, the employees at a local “paraphanelia” store let me utilize their parking lot :). I took no videa as it seemed silly to try and video myself. There were no police confrontations, twice police passed me while I chalked at busstops but they didn’t stop. I had a few cars honk and cheer at me, no arrests or police confrontations in Columbus, OH.

Las Vegas, NV overview from Kelly:

We had been informed beforehand that the UNLV police were preparing for a “massive graffiti attack.” During the time we were there, we observed one cop in a marked car parked a block away watching (he also circled around in front of us when we first arrived and then a couple times during the festivities), two undercover cops parked across the street filming with video cameras, and another cop who walked by in regular clothes and pretended to be a passerby in order to ask us what we were doing and what our intentions were in doing it. There was also another unconfirmed report of a potential undercover cop. It would all seem to be a waste of resources for four friends drawing in chalk on a sidewalk, but at least they were tied up for over an hour and therefore unable to harass and/or arrest any other peaceful people for victimless or non-existent crimes that morning. Fun was had by all

Anyone interested in being involved again next year should feel free to contact, we have a FB group set up to handle such request. But there is not time to rest for us CopBlockers. October 22nd is National Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation Day and has been going on for years. I’ll be blogging about this later in the week but I’m hoping supporters can make an impact at these events around the country this year. Chances are there is an event near you, so stay tuned.

I’ll end with this, “When chalk is outlawed, only outlaws will have chalk!”

Keene, NH Chalking Video:




Ademo Freeman

was born and raised in Wisconsin, traveled the country in a RV dubbed “MARV” and is an advocate of a voluntary society, where force is replaced with voluntary interactions. He’s partaken in projects such as, Motorhome Diaries, Liberty on Tour, Free Keene, Free Talk Live and is the Founder of

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  • Jack

    Pitiful. Infantile, Counterproductive. Perhaps CopBlock has been infiltrated by police provocateurs bent on destroying the movement to hold cops accountable.

  • Bob

    I guess you guys never read where a lot of people on here didnt care that you chalked sidewalks. I guess that is why you tried and make this whole childish thing look like a huge success by chalking the sidewalks- which no one really cared about. Yes it was a huge success – it stopped you children from chalking the police stations or other public buildings. Only thing is – it wasnt a success for you – it was a success for the cops. It shows once again you talk the talk but dont walk the walk – cowards. I love it that you take movies on this kind of stuff – it helps everyone else see what “really” happened. Thank you. I would have had some respect for you if you had chalked some buildings. I didn’t think you would. What a joke!

  • andrew cook

    The chalk in NY was donated by a church? Is chalk that expensive?

  • Ademo Freeman


    Maybe you missed the videos of us chalking the building on June 4th. Maybe you missed the videos of the Chalking 8 going through court, STILL! If I wasn’t out on bail I would have chalked the buildings as well… but the police are so afraid of me that I’m not allowed within 100 YARDS of a police station or I’ll be arrested.

    I’d like to see the links to your activism, court dates and releases from jail when you have a moment.

  • andrew cook

    Is your defense to the June 4th incident going to be:

    a)i did not write on the side of the buidling. it was one of the other protesters.


    b)writing on the side of a public building is protected under the first amendment.


    c)public buidling = i own it. therefore i can do what i want.

    I am really curious to see how this plays out in court.

  • Joe

    I guess you guys didnt have the nads to chaulk the Manchester police station again…..LOL…Learned your lesson????. Losers….big sucess, no one even took a second look at you losers……

  • andrew cook

    Notice at 1:30 in the first video that they told the woman that the arrests on June 4 were for writing on the sidewalk. I think they were arrested for writing on the side of the building. I wonder if people would support them if they knew the whole story.

    I think that pete and ademo are twisting the story here by leading people to believe that they were arrested for writing political messages on the sidewalk. If you review the original copblock post on the June 4 incident you will see that the cops did not start arresting people until someone wrote on the side of the building.

    And I am not defending police brutality or standing up for the police. I simply think that these guys are not being honest about the reason they were arrested on June 4.

  • Ademo Freeman

    Andrew, nothing better to do today? You do realize that National Chalk the Police day and what happened on June 4th are two different things. Yes, NCPD did come to light because of June 4th but the national event wasn’t about chalking buildings… I know that disappoints you (though folks did in AZ and in Keene, NH and I would have if I wouldn’t get locked up for going to the jail)

    Anyways, at some points in the video we’re talking about chalking a sidewalk, at others we’re talking about what happened June 4th. Either way, I commonly say, “Manch PD arrested people for chalking public property” because that’s what they did.

    No ONE individual owns that building therefore it’s public. I know you want to fight abou this over and over… instead of talking about real issues – like why are we forced to pay for things we don’t agree on – but that’s it. We’re telling people the truth, I was arrested for chalking public property.

    Have a nice day trolling us – again.

  • Ademo Freeman

    Excuse me – I would get locked up for going to the police station. They have a restraining order/bail condition on me.

  • andrew cook

    I’m not the one who tied June 4 to NCPD. You guys did that when you told the woman that police arrested people for writing on the sidewalk. And that is simply not true.

  • andrew cook

    So which defense are you offering in court Ademo? Going to take the low road and say it was not you? Or will you stand up for what you believe in? I really want to see the reaction of a jury when you use the defense number c.

    And my time is my time. One of the perks of being self employed rather then unemployed.

  • Ademo Freeman

    Andrew… my defense will have several aspects to it.. that what I didn’t wasn’t criminal at all, nor does it warrant jail time. That it’s protected free speech and that there was no victim – therefore no crime.

    You will disagree and others will agree, yet we’re all paying the bill for it because yes, I’m employed and do pay taxes – thanks for the concern.

    Maybe you can get preview of what my court actions will be like by watching these videos.


  • Ademo Freeman

    Ps – I would never say it wasn’t me. Not only because there’s video of me doing it but because I advocate personal responsibility. Though caging me, or any of the Chalking 8, for such a “crime” would further the point that the justice system here is a joke.

    Look at it this way. If I lose and I’m fined and/or sent to jail, it will cost taxpayers money. Furthering the debt of this already burdened system… meaning I win. If I’m found not guilty at this point, I’ve also wasted several thousands of dollars that the system would have spent chasing, charging, prosecuting and jailing other people. Again, winning.

    All the while furthering the cause of complete liberty and helping others realize who the system is really designed to protect. So, I don’t know what you’re waiting to see.. I win regardless.

  • Jack

    Ademo, would you argue that since nobody owns a police station that you have the right to blow it up if nobody gets hurt?

  • Ademo Freeman

    Jack, I’m a peaceful person and only believe in defensive violence. Let’s keep the questions within reason… we can’t compare the reasons why I chalked on public property to blowing up buildings. Blowing up a building doesn’t allow me to spread the message of police abuse…. that would be stooping to their level.

    Question for you, Jack, and Andrew. Would you argue that since police have a badge and a warrant they have the right to enter your property. Use small explosives, shoot your dog, take your medicine (or recreational drugs) and throw you in a cage? Afterwards, they’ll sell your house to an officer for less then it’s worth and you’ll still be on the hook with your bank. OH, and there are plenty of people who get hurt by this, yet no one was hurt by my chalk.

  • andrew cook

    Ademo thinks that by costing the taxpayers a few bucks and spending some time in jail, that he will somehow teach others that the system is designed to work for rich individuals and corporations. Well thank you Captain Obvious.

    The majority of the citizens in the USA either lack the education or are too scared to think for themselves. They are not worthy of anyone giving up their freedom. And that includes Ademo’s freedom.

    The smart people are getting out. Anyone who thinks that he can win this battle through a war of attrition is a fool. The state has more money and the prison industry is happy to take the tax money to build more jails.

  • andrew cook

    I think that I have stated numerous times that I am on fan of the police in the US. They are completely out of control and violate citizens’ constitutional rights on a daily basis.

    Just because we believe that you have no right to chalk a public building, does not mean we condone unconstitutional police actions. It is not a competition between you and the police. It is a competition between you and sanity.


    No Victim= No crime. So I should stop arresting drunk driver’s unless they kill someone??

  • Ademo Freeman

    PSOSGT, that or if they damage someone’s property. I think it would be very nice of you to call them a cab, or for a ride home if you simply pulled them for running a stop sign or some other traffic violation.

  • Jack

    Ademo, nobody would have been hurt if you urinated or masturbated on the sidewalk in front of the police station. Would you therefore condone those things?

  • Ademo Freeman

    Jack, I won’t answer your questions until you answer mine and you’re missing the point – is there a clear owner of public property?

    Wouldn’t a better solution be to privatize ALL property, which would allow the OWNERS to make the rules. Good rules would mean good business or little trouble, bad rules – well we’d call them police.

  • andrew cook


    Paying taxes may give you some ownership in a public building, however that does not give you the right to do with it as you please.

    Citizenship is more comparable to owning stock in a publicly traded corporation. Owning shares of the stock gives you the right to cast votes for the board of directors. The board of directors then hire the employees to run the corporation. Your power in a democratic society gives you the right to vote. That is it.

    A shareholder is not allowed to deface corporate assets. Nor does a shareholder have any authority over any employee of the corporation. The employees report to the board of directors. The board of directors report to the shareholders.

    With rights come responsibilities. One of those responsibilities is to help fund projects that promote the general welfare of the community. This democratic society has declared that in order for you to live among them, you must pay some taxes. Your may choose to try and change that through the political process. Or you can do as I did and say fuck it all and move to a country that offers better opportunity.

    I don’t think that your group is convincing anyone with a decent education that your voluntaryism is the way to go. But good luck with that.

  • Jack

    It seems peculiar that someone who undertakes acts of civil disobedience would refuse to answer questions until his are answered. Again, immaturity. I will say that I’m a radical libertarian, but I’m not willing to cede the streets to uncivil people until Libertopia arises. The police should arrest people who are disruptive. Though they may be soliciting on government controlled property, I would have the police arrest prostitutes. I would not have them arrest prostitutes who ply their trade in more discrete circumstances. I also want the police to arrest people who shoot heroin in public, but not in private; who pee and defecate on the sidewalks; people who litter; and those who chalk government buildings. I don’t think that the only standard is not harming others or private property.

    Now, do you think that that people who pee and defecate on government sidewalks should be arrested? How about couples who are copulating on the courthouse steps? Because nobody is being injured and no private property damaged, should porn companies be able to shoot videos on city sidewalks?

  • Max

    What I don’t get is if they really believe this was such a, ‘waste of time’, why would people hypocritically waste THEIR time coming here to say the event was a ‘waste of time’? Oh, right, TROLLS don’t care about making themselves out to by hypocrites.

    The trolls clearly don’t even believe the crap they are spewing so how they can anticipate anyone else believing it is hilarious.

    “With rights come responsibilities. One of those responsibilities is to help fund projects that promote the general welfare of the community. This democratic society has declared that in order for you to live among them, you must pay some taxes.”

    See, it’s clearly not a ‘responsibility’ when the barrel of a gun is used to steal funding for those projects. And, just because 51% of a population chooses enslavement for the 100% does not make it lawful nor right. Perhaps that is why the US is a Republic and not a plain Democracy as Andrew wrongly stated. And, guess what? In a free society, there is NO ‘responsibility to help fund’ ANYTHING.

  • andrew cook


    Ademo is a typical spoiled american brat. He wants all of the liberty and none of the responsibilities. This guy thinks that just because he pays taxes against his will, he can do whatever he wants to public property.

    The sad thing is that due to his immaturity, copblock is losing credibility. Copblock started out as a website dedicated to exposing police corruption and abuse. However, now it is being used to promote voluntaryism. Ademo uses every incident of police corruption as an argument against any sort of police at all.

    I think that Ademo will soon have to have someone else run copblock. He will probably get a couple of months in the county jail for vandalism due to his June 4 arrest. I don’t think that any jury is going to buy his argument about having the right to vandalize public property.

  • Jack

    Max, since your spirit brother hasn’t answered yet, you take a shot at my questions.

    Do you think that that people who pee and defecate on government sidewalks should be arrested? How about couples who are copulating on the courthouse steps? Because nobody is being injured and no private property damaged, should porn companies be able to shoot videos on city sidewalks?

  • andrew cook


    ademo thinks all those things are fine to do. he has actually stated in another forum on this website that he has no problem with me drawing pictures of people fucking animals on the side of a public school building.

    i don’t think he has answered yes/no on whether we can do it on the inside and outside of the building. the guy is a real douche

  • Jack

    Bestiality graffiti on schools: now that is winning issue. Presumably there should be no bar to the kids engaging in sex acts in class, given that they are enslaved in a government institution.

    Time to unlink this pitiful blog.

  • Dan

    Only thing you idiots are do is promoting indicent exposure from people urinating on the sidewalk to get rid of this joke.

  • Max

    The questions about defecating in public are separate from writing on public buildings. Chalking a sidewalk is harmless, defecating on a sidewalk is not since it is an issue of public health and of the pollution of groundwater – doing so interferes with the rights of others. Chalking does not.

    Subjecting children to sexuality goes against parental rights. So, again, you are stretching things to extremes in a poor attempt to invalidate something you have no real argument against.

    What you fail to realize is that you are actually strengthening Adeemo’s argument that all property should be private – then all your points are even more irrelevant to the debate.

    Any other logical fallacies you need taken care of?

  • Mike

    It’s perfectly fine that people are disagreeing with Copblock’s tactics, but if we all hold the same beliefs about police corruption, the industrial prison complex, etc. then why give fuel to the state? It’s seems counter-productive to say, “I’m against the police state” but then to call for the arrest of activists who are protesting the police state.

    To all of you equating chalking with bestiality and public defecation, all I have to say is, “REALLY?” I mean really? That’s how the state thinks. Call a non-violent, no victim act a slippery slope and then get it banned, and then use public resources to harass, arrest, and jail those who work against it.

    Seriously, do you want your tax dollars spent on arresting activists? The state has already spent thousands of your dollars working against Cop Block, and you want to defend the state? I mean really?

  • andrew cook


    My point is that Ademo actually thinks it is ok to draw these things on the outside of a public school. On Sept. 14 at he answered these questions:

    1. Do I have the right to write “fuck da police” on the side of a public building?

    Yes, you do.

    2. Can I draw pictures of people fucking on the side of the building?

    Depends on who owns the building. If you’re given permission to, yes. If you own it, yes. If it’s public property (that everyone owns), then yes.

    3. Can I do all of these things on the side of a public school?

    Do you really support this kind of thing?

    Your idea that there should be no public buildings is ridiculous. Projects such as roads, electricity, etc. would be impossible to accomplish among a group of millions without some form of government. While I believe that the US government is extremely corrupt, I live in a country where government serves a primary purpose of building infrastructure. In spite of what voluntaryists believe, not all government is bad. I think you should travel to other countries before you form this opinion. Get out of the US centric viewpoint.

    And for those of you tired of being forced to pay US taxes, there is a simple solution. Move to a tax haven country. I hear great things about Bermuda and the Bahamas, although they do have a government. I also hear great things about Somalia. I don’t think they have had a government for at least 10 years.

  • Max

    “Impossible”? Roads have been built and maintained without government involvement. I’m not sure what your defintion of ‘impossible’ is. Electricity cannot be provided without government? Are you really so lacking in imagination that you NEED to have the product of your labor taken by force because you cannot even imagine things like roads and electricity without it?

    That you assume I haven’t visited other countries is telling.

    I’m not speaking for others, but LAWFUL taxes are fine. Stealing the product of my labor is slavery, by definition. If those things cannot be gained without slavery, then perhaps we need to re-evaluate the benefit, particularly since slavery was supposed to have been outlawed.

    The fallacy that because other people somewhere have it worse therefore what we have is fine is beyond ridiculous.

  • Jack

    Public schools are compulsory and parents have no rights within them. They can gripe, but they might be ignored. Kids are “subjected to sexuality” in ways that frequently offend some parents, but they are ignored.

    You evaded public urinating, which is harmless to the beloved ecosystem. Should it be banned?

    Of course property should be private, but that doesn’t mean that we turn the country into A Clockwork Orange until Utopia appears. He could make intelligent arguments, and even protests, for private property and policing, but he doesn’t. He engages in idiotic acts that even few radical libertarians will defend.

  • Jack

    Max, you are attempting to speak for others. Apparently Ademo does support the right to deface schools with sexual content. Do you denounce his view on this? He may well think that it is fine to screw, defecate, and urinate in public.

    By the way, it is possible to defecate in public in a way that doesn’t bother the water or the public health. Ademo could carry a pooper scooper. Does that eliminate your objection to it, or are there some rules that should be enforced on government controlled properties?

  • andrew cook


    Electricity grids require regulation. Broadcasting requires regulation. Traffic on highways requires regulation. Infrastructure in general requires some regulation. Voluntaryism’s idea that large groups of individuals can come to an agreement without some form of an electoral body is just plain ludicrous.

    Under voluntaryism everyone in the country would have to come to an agreement as to what frequency the electricity grid should be run on, or what frequency cell phones would transmit on. Even radio broadcasts would be chaos because no one could care to spend the money to regulate the side bands and harmonics.

    There is also the issue of capital. Large scale infrastructure projects would not be possible because private corporations would see them as too risky. Think about the amount of capital required to launch satellites. Why do you think that no private corporation attempted to launch rockets prior to NASA getting into the business?

    If voluntaryism is feasible then why has it never caught on? I would suggest that there are plenty of 3rd world countries where one could try it. Instead of working to make it occur naturally, you guys want to take advantage of the gains that a democratic government has made possible and build voluntaryism on top of it. You reap the benefits of the democratic government while screaming that all government is bad.

    And no Max, I am not assuming that you haven’t visited other countries. I am assuming that you have never spent any significant time actually living outside of the US. Spend a year living in Central America, South America, or Europe and then tell me how ALL government is bad.

  • Chaulk Blocker

    We need to chaulk block the pigs private houses so everyone knows where they live too!!!

  • Jack

    So, not everyone is the merry band respects private property.

  • Joe Bolton

    This is so gay it makes Liberace look like Chuck Lidell. Drawing some hopscotch tables is supposed to be effective? I’m sure this comment won’t be approved by you cunts but if you had any balls, you’d post it and let your members have a chance to reply.

  • lee camp, comedian, has a website called

    he did a great video about cops and arresting girls with chalk.

    “put down the chalk!” “step away from the chalk!!”

    the title of it is, “law enforcement: corruption and abuse- the cops are on the wrong side”

    it’s a ‘moment of clarity’ about the wallst protests,too. check it out.

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