High School Student Catches Excessive Force on Video

UPDATE: Officer Murphy has “no comment” about his excessive use of force and is still at work – “protecting your kids.”


UPDATE: The Police and Principal comment on the excessive force used by officer Murphy:


Mike, a 17 year old Junior at West High School in Manchester, NH, recently discovered CopBlock.org, thanks to the arrest of the Chalking 8, and not a moment to soon. Yesterday, while coming into the high school cafeteria, Mike noticed his friend was being questioned by the school police officer – Det. Murphy – and decides to film. In the mist of being grilled by another school official who states, “it’s illegal to film” Murphy provides the misguided administrator an exact example why filming police is important – oh, and it’s not illegal at all.

What’s more scary? Knowing cops are willing to slam a young man’s head off a table for saying fuck? Or taking their sister’s handbag? Or hearing teachers tell students that it’s against the law to film police interactions? Something courts have ruled time and time again is a constitutionally protected right? As well as the most logical conclusion you can come to when men with guns and a badge are around.

Whether you agree or disagree, call the Manchester, NH police department and let them know your thoughts:
351 Chestnut Street
Manchester, NH 03101-2294
(603) 668-8711

West High School
9 Notre Dame Ave
Manchester, NH 03102
(603) 624-6384


Ademo Freeman

was born and raised in Wisconsin, traveled the country in a RV dubbed “MARV” and is an advocate of a voluntary society, where force is replaced with voluntary interactions. He’s partaken in projects such as, Motorhome Diaries, Liberty on Tour, Free Keene, Free Talk Live and is the Founder of CopBlock.org.

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  • Joshua Hooper

    These youths parents need to get a private lawyer involved. Also the Hillsborough County Attorneys Office needs to be informed as well as the the Attorney General for the state of NH. The AG office takes complaints of police abuse serious, especially when it involves a 250 lb “man” with training in deadly forms of close combat like krav maga, smashing a 160 lb teenagers face into a metal table.
    Even if the parent refuse to pursue charging this goon with assault on a minor, the teenager also has the right to do so… Legally he is an adult at the age of 17 and can pursue his own course of actions preferably with the help of legal counsel.

    Finally once the charges are prosecuted by the manchester district court, a promise of a plea will be offered, DO NOT TAKE IT. Cite the video evidence in which your rights were abused and push for the court to charge the officer with assault on a minor.

    For any question you may have please feel free to email me at uni_sec@yahoo.com and i will help in all ways necessary.

  • Those school authorities telling Mike to stop filming and trying to steal his property are a disgrace to concept of education. It is sad, but no surprise to see the monopolist state ‘educators’ trying to protect the reputation of their fellow monopolists, the police.

  • Tom van der Shire

    Mike is an everyday hero. Without that footage, Det. Murphy would never be held accountable for his abusive actions. It sucks that the video was nearly ruined by whining teachers desperate to stop him from filming, but Mike firmly asserted his right to document this public servant’s abuse. Bravo, Mike!

  • sarah

    Maybe these kids need to learn how to respect teaches and adults in the first place! If his face was “smashed” he would of had bruises! From the looks of this video he did protocol, kid refuses to out hands behind back, cop places kid in arresting position! Simply ust bratty kids that need to learn respect!

  • I just called West HS and left a mssg w/ the assistant principal asking him to do what was right and not stand by the actions of those who already demonstrated their propensity for unprovoked aggression (det. Murphy) or their failure to intervene in such situations (the teachers who rather than speak out against Frank’s treatment, berated Mike to stop filming).

  • Artie

    “sarah”: respect is not something that cam be “learned”. Rather, it has to be _earned_, and the police and school officials in the video are hardly making any headway in that direction. I am sure the kid will “learn” something about the police, too, but perhaps not anything you would hope.

  • Rex

    Artie, respect must be taught at home. The problem is that when kids are disciplined they go crying to some freakin liberal idiot who tells them that they are free to do what they want. Kids today expect to be treated like adults until they do something stupid then want to cry that I’m a minor and you can’t touch me. Act a fool expect to get treated as a fool. I’m sure that when the officer told him to stand up, he had a smartass remark. There would be nothing to talk about if little Frankie had complied with the directions he was given but I’m sure he couldn’t hear for his mouth was moving.

  • Max

    That’s an interesting take, Rex. What about the self-styled liberal teachers who preach there is, ‘never an excuse for violence’ while supporting a cops’ use of it in such a manner?

    And, guess what? The freedom of speech PROTECTS offensive speech since popular speech doesn’t need protection. This is just another example of CONditioning the young that they have rights when they don’t use them. Nice doublethink in this entire example.

    You can’t say, ‘fuck’, but a cop can assault you for saying it! The myth is that the cop has ANY authority to curtail such speech.

    Also, since we are all supposedly innocent until proven guilty, when did a cop become prosecutor, defense, judge and jury? And, how is such an abuse of what authority he actually has make anyone, including him, safer? How does that instruct the student that ‘authority’ HAS to be respected? If anything, the message is the exact opposite.

    As for respect, perhaps someone can enlighten me as to how violence such as this encourages respect rather than fear and/or contempt?

  • Dennis

    Kudos to Mike for asserting his right to film the abuse by the thug with a badge.

    As to the young man being roughed up, just because you don’t bow down and lick the officers boots is no reason to be thrown around. They were in school…the kid didn’t deserve the beating he got at the hands of an adult twice his size and half his IQ.

    Those of you that defend the thug have no sympathy from me when you are the victims of brutality at the hands of the thugs you are so willing to kiss up to.

  • Xam


    Max I dare you to find a definition of Assault that this incident would fit into. Please enlighten me.

    Max did this child fulfill his obligation to follow the rules governing the place he was in at the time?

    Max this suspect clearly didn’t follow what a reasonable person would assume were lawful orders from a school official or a policeman. He then physically resisted arrest. The officer used a reasonable amount of force to overcome the criminal’s resistance to a lawful act.

    Copblock there is nothing to worry about on this one. Not all Policemen act right every time, but don’t allow your agenda to cloud your perception of facts.

  • Artie

    Rex: What good does it do teaching the kids to respect the police, if you teach them one thing and what they see is quite another?

  • Shawn

    Sarah, this whole situation has nothing to do with ‘respect’. Its about an officer who used unnessecary force on a 17 year old boy for taking his sister’s purse, note ‘his SISTER’. Is asking a question so messed up that an officer has to grab a student and slam him on another table?… I was right there when it happened, and honestly that cop had no reason to do that. He turned around and asked why he was being suspended, so the cop needs to ‘restrain’ him? Restrain him from doing what? Asking a question? Filthy, corrupt pig. A badge doesn’t make you more superior. But, these are my views on the whole situation.

  • Artie

    Xam: It’s quite reasonable to call it an assault. Don’t know what you’re harping about.

  • Ron

    LOL at all the officials ducking for cover.

    That teachers mouth was running a mile a minute. “I appreciate your concern” *click*

  • eroot


    perhaps *you* should look into what constitutes assault. for example, spitting on someone is assault. correct. because there are levels of assault. pressing assault charges does not require there to be physical marks, or wounds,

    using force when someone is “resiting arrest” requires there to be resistance. which is a grey area of course, luckily we have video footage of the exchange, and we can see there was no resisting. using bad language is not resisting. maybe you’d like to watch the video. it’s right here on this page. just need to scroll up.

  • Chris

    I spoke to a Lieutenant at the MPD. I didn’t care to get his name. At least he didn’t hang up, but the only thing that came out of his mouth is, “I am sorry you feel that way, but you don’t have all the facts”. This is just the standard cop excuse, but he acts like there can be cause to act in such a manner in this particular situation. These police need to be reminded who they work for. I sincerely believe he thinks people are stupid if they don’t give police the benefit of the doubt with glaring evidence such as this video. Like cops aren’t out killing innocent people. It is my hope that Frank’s parents will seek official oppression charges against Det. Murphy as well as assault charges, and civil damages. Parents should evacuate their kids from that High School immediately.

    The cops think they are just going to do whatever they want. When are the people going to prove them wrong.

  • Krystalee

    I honestly think that Mike did the right thing. One, they were brother and sister, their obviously going t mess with eaxhother, two the teachers shouldnt have goyten involved here was no harrassment, no threat, nothing also west highschool clearky doesnt know how to enforce what they teach, or what their supposed to teach, he had EVERY right to video tape this. The teachers are just trying to protect their reputation & so what if he said fuck. Freedom of speach for One an if i got sebt to the offixe for that BS i would say a lot more than fuck. Good job Mike ! Im proud of you for standing up for yourself abd your CONSTITUTIONAL rights.

  • Xam

    Let me again state, this is a commendable purpose. In this case, I believe you are mistaken for placing blame on the officer.

    I asked for a definition of assault, not an opinion. I asked if this student was following well known rules for the environment he chose to be in. If your state has an assault definition that encompasses this, just post the link. If any school in America will allow this sort of behavior, again post the link. When you do, I’ll post my apology and change my mind.

    Nobody here has posted how this could possibly fit into the State Statutes for where it occurred. All I read is biased opinions which appear to be based on agendas. I will entertain changing my mind if somebody could present a logical response why.

    Maybe I’m watching the wrong video, but it appears to me, the Officer and School Official were attempting to gain compliance from the suspect for over one minute prior to taking any physical action. During this time, the suspect was seated with at least six other people, whom verbally interfered with the Officer and School Official. Most the persons began showing signs of becoming agitated. This would have made it 7 vs 2.

    Once action was taken, it appears the suspect was actively resisting and attempting to turn on the officer, whom in an attempt to gain control, tried to spin the suspect around, but a noise can be heard, as if one of them hit their legs on a nearby bench. Then they fell to the nearby table.

    Remember, you are watching a 2D depiction of what happened. You have no depth perception nor do you hear what is being said. Most of the persons at the table could resonably be considered, at best biased in their recollection of what happened. At worst they could be asked or paid to lie by various entities of various agendas.

    What does the Officer have to gain by this? He has nothing to prove. Does he want to go on YouTube? Does he want to write up the paperwork involved? I bet not. They don’t put rookies as School Resource Officers. Most likely, he’s been there and done that already. It appeared to me the Officer was bored with this resistance to his official duties, but he had to enforce the law.

    Please try to confront my observations with facts, not opinions. If not you people will never be taken seriously, and the dream of having, “Watch dogs of the Watch dogs,” will be short lived. Good luck!

  • Dennis

    Xam, it would appear to me that you are looking the same 2D image we are and yet you are able to miraculously see a whole lot more than we do.

    Biased opinion? My guess is you are either a cop or a boot licker of cops.

  • Chris


    I don’t understand why you would want school to be a place where violence occurs at all. Maybe you are not a parent, but you should still be able to understand a parent’s goal in placing their child in a school is not to have his or her brain smashed in. To have those who we have been told are there to protect children and citizens in general conduct themselves in this manner is an abhorrent abomination. It is the most heinous act of treachery and villainy one can commit, in my opinion.

    You want to argue about the definition of an assault?! It is not my intention to attack you. Everyone needs you to gain some discernment and focus your perspective, because I want to be free from thugs and achieve a civilized society. This is not a free country. Please pay attention to what is going on around you.

    I’m not paying cops to do that. Detective Murphy should have called the kid’s parents. He wasn’t defending himself, and that is enough to indict Murphy for me.

    This is a gross violation of the public’s trust.

    If we want a civilized society, we have to start teaching children concepts of freedom, how the system we are oppressed under works, and how civilized individuals behave. Not to act as slaves, but as free human beings that respect others and their property, and who understand how to sustain themselves.

    The manner in which you attempt to justify Murphy’s actions is horrific and illogical. It seems as if you are attempting to write Murphy was justified in taking the kid down because six there were six other potential combatants. This is absurd because Murphy’s posture in the attack left him open to deadly attacks from those very people. Either Murphy’s tactics leave much to be desired, he wasn’t fearful and wanted to beat the kid because he was mad, or both.

    I can’t take it anymore. It’s like I have entered the Twilight Zone. Why would anyone want to send their kid to school for a possible beating?

    It’s not okay. The cops are not going to do whatever they want.

  • John

    Dennis,somebody doesn’t agree with you and you go right for the insults.Real intelligent debate…not.

  • Jack

    It appears Detective thug Murphy assualted the student thereby breaking the law. He is subject to law and should be charged and held accountable. What does the school system teach? This school is teaching subservience to abusive authority. Let this go and you have no excuse when it is your turn to have your mouth slammed in to a metal table. Kids the most important thing you can be taught is to think for yourself!

  • jason

    You guys are idiots, you take sides by just seeing this video, I know Mr Murphy very well and I also know Mike who recorded it, I love how you all have so much respect for a teenager who disrespects the law, who is a major druggie, and who is extremely irrisponsible, how do I know this, its all on facebook… And people wonder what is wrong with America, its the damn kids that have all the control and authority has no right anymore, alot of you better open up your eyes, because we are all being dragged down the wrong path. Remember their is always two sides to the the story!!!

  • Billy

    The officer placed the student under arrest and starts to put his hand behind his back to handcuff him. The student clearly starts to fight back, jerking his arm around, pushing his head back, and trying to spin out of the hold. The officer then puts the student onto the table and cuffs him. Not excessive force. The police officer responded with the correct amount of force and the correct method to restrain a criminal fighting back.

    The school and officer had every right to look in the purse. The brother had no expectation of privacy in his sister purse and the school can search students as they see fit. The fourth doesn’t apply here.

    The police don’t have to read the student his rights if they don’t question him about the crime, so that really isn’t an issue. The student also didn’t say what he was charged with or say if he felt he was guilty or not. Clearly he did something wrong and now wants to make it about a grainy video and not take responsibility for his actions.

  • Artie

    Billy: so what was the probable cause for looking into the purse?

  • Walt

    The “Authorities” have rights the issue is that so does everyone, even irresponsible druggies. And yes we should open our eyes, instead of turning a blind eye to corrupt practices such as use of excessive force by a police officer. Last but not least I would never cite Facebook and expect to be taken seriously.

  • Walt


  • Xam

    “If we want a civilized society, we have to start teaching children concepts of freedom, how the system we are oppressed under works, and how civilized individuals behave. Not to act as slaves, but as free human beings that respect others and their property, and who understand how to sustain themselves”

    I couldn’t agree more. One of the first aspects of teaching people the concepts of freedom, is they are going to respect others property and freedom. This means we aren’t going to leave it up to criminals on when they feel like they are going to follow the law. It means we as a free society have provided the laws to officials to enforcement. We allow ourselves to be policed, and if we don’t like how it is being done, we change it in an orderly fashion. Not in the cafeteria of a school when we are under age.

    A beating didn’t occur here. This person didn’t even receive an injury. There was no threat of an injury.

    Dennis, all I did was present my observations. I didn’t try to guess what the Officer was thinking. I simply watched the video, and then as directed by another poster, I watched it again. I haven’t received anything in return to my requests to this group other than speculation and opinions. Dennis your observation that the Officer’s posture put him in a danger from a “deadly attack,” is the closest to truth I have seen. Problem is, you fail to see, it was the suspects actions that forced this posture.

    Was there a better way to handle this? Well there usually is. Was this handled illegally? I don’t know, because nobody here has been able to prove it was. Sadly, I’m afraid we can’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the Officer was acting in an officially illegal manner. Thus, I cannot justify investing any funds to any legal actions in this matter and furthermore, I will discontinue this conversation, until I have to pen my apology for being wrong. Which after watching this a third time, I don’t suspect will be coming anytime soon.

    To Copblock: God bless. Nothing irritates me more than incompetence with a badge. Cops should be a chosen few, who are easily held to a higher standard.

  • krystalee

    Jason, I’ve known Mike my whole life, yeah maybe hes done some stupid stuff, by this is evidence, you can’t watch this and be like “Oh it didn’t happen” Mike is a good kid, and he had every right to put this up and stand up for what he believes in.

  • TG

    OK, forget about the fact that video rarely if ever tells the whole story when something happens, but what is the cop supposed to do if someone who is being arrested refuses to go willingly? Also I may be wrong, but I do not think that “freedom of the press” applies to some whiney HS kid filming in his school’s cafeteria. Schools can place restrictions on a student’s behavior while they are in school.

    Just judging by the video, it appears the cop really did not do anything wrong, the kid shouldn’t have struggled. Had he just gone with the cop when asked, he wouldn’t have gotten “his head slammed”. And the kid does not, based on the video, appear to be injured so he couldn’t have gotten “slammed” that hard by the cop. Growing up in an urban area, I have seen may may people getting arrested and had several dealings with cops as a teen and young adult.

    During these encounters, generally if you were respectful and did as you were told, nothing happened. Cops are human and like most people don’t like to work more than they have to. They usually don’t mess with you if there isn’t a reason to. Abuse does happen, but this is a poor example.

  • jason

    Yes he did have the right, did I say anything about that, but everyone needs to know that these kids are not perfect little angels either. And this isnt really about mike its about the other kid, he looks like he was resisting to me and the officer did what he had to, to get control of harrington, most of you must be under the impression that the officer got the handbag started walking away and then just decided for no reason to go back to Harrington and throw him around and arrest him and Harrington was a helpless little victim that didn’t resist after the officer told him he is under arrest

  • jason

    And if someone is resisting, how do you expect the cop to handle the situation?? Should he have just walked away when Harrington resisted and just allowed whatever to happen? If we lived in a world where we just let everything go, could you imagine what life would be like?? Scary..

  • Eric

    Xam, you asked the following…
    “I asked for a definition of assault, not an opinion. I asked if this student was following well known rules for the environment he chose to be in. If your state has an assault definition that encompasses this, just post the link. If any school in America will allow this sort of behavior, again post the link. When you do, I’ll post my apology and change my mind.”


    noun /əˈsôlt/ 
    assaults, plural

    1.A physical attack
    – his imprisonment for an assault on the film director
    – sexual assaults

    2.An act, criminal or tortious, that threatens physical harm to a person, whether or not actual harm is done
    – he appeared in court charged with assault

    3.A military attack or raid on an enemy position
    – troops began an assault on the city
    – an assault boat

    4.A strong verbal attack
    – the assault on the party’s tax policies

    5.A concerted attempt to do something demanding
    – a winter assault on Mt. Everest

    There is your definitions for Assault, now as far as rights, mike was well within his rights to video tape the scene, just as he would be to take a video of two llamas having a fun time porking each other at a zoo! This said I do believe the purse should have been returned before the police even got involved in the first place. I also believe that the officer did show bad judgement in his grabbing of Frank after he asked a simple question, as for the excessive force, as somone else stated, It honestly looks like the officer went to turn Frank to the table for arrest, and just tripped, accidents happen when you add 16 sets of legs all in a small area, 6 other kids, Frank and Detective Murphy for those bad at math! the camera points down at the moment before det. Murphy turns Frank around. This is as unbias as it can be as I am neither a goverment official nor a student in highschool ( thank god for that highschool was hell as it was) and I think that emmotions were running a bit high distorting everyones vision of the situation a bit!

  • Krystalee

    The cop had no reason to arrest him in the first place, he said fuck. who gives a shit.

  • Artie

    Xam: if someone had done the same thing to a sop, they would have been charged with aggravated assault, at the very least.

  • Artie


  • jason

    You have only heard one side if the story have you heard the officers side? NO. An officer Wont arrest you for just saying fuck, get all the facts .. GET ALL THE FACTS

  • Josh

    Shawn, I was there as well. Frank questioned his suspension, yes, while using pro fain language and when told by the officer to “Watch his mouth”, Frank responded with “Or what!?”. I do agree that the conversation ended abruptly but when Frank was to be escorted to the office he immediately began to struggle. He did infact resist arrest which resulted in the slamming to the other table. I also think that might have been too hard of a slam but at the same time, we do not know how hard Frank was resisting, as in the force he was exerting.

    The topic of the video is simple, cell phone use in any form, is prohibited in schools around the country for a large number of reasons. Yes, outside of school, Mike had every right to film whatever he wanted but with in school he can certainly be told to stop, on that note, teachers are given the right to take prohibited equipment away from students (it is returned at the end of the school day upon the students request).

    Lastly, yes, it was his sister’s purse, however they both were making a scene. If you know his sister, although a nice girl, she can be loud. Disruptions are tended to by teachers, when it continues, it moves to administration. Though it was his sister’s it was in fact stolen property once he refused to give it back to his sister even after being told to. Just because it is a sibling does not make it a crime.

    Basically from the get go, in my opinion, Frank pushed the situation as far as it could go. When your sister is asking for her property back and a teacher gets involved, just give it back. What is the point in pushing further? All that was accomplished was making the situation worse.

    Now, I do not think in anyway Frank should have been slammed in a table, it should never have reached that point.

  • Josh

    The first time I watched the video, I thought what the Police Officer did was rather excessive. Watching it a 2nd and 3rd time, my thoughts changed. The kid wasn’t letting the police officer handcuff him. He was essentially resisting arrest, thus the officer, in order to properly secure the kid, had to use more force. Simple as that. I’m sorry, but regardless of what you’ve done…you don’t resist arrest expecting not to get a little hurt.

  • bob

    these comments from the “cop apologists” really frighten me… people like “sarah” would have been hitler’s wettest dream; bunch of insecure sheep with daddy issues who bend over for authority at every turn… you people have NO place in a free society… YOU’RE the biggest threat to freedom this country has ever faced…

  • asdfghjkl

    Did any of you think that maybe the kids lied to the video camera?

    Frank didn’t tell the whole story.
    First of all, this was all staged by the kids. He, purposely, was being a belligerent asshole to the police officer, fighting him and giving him a hard time. Secondly, the police officer didn’t “assault” him. The officer was only doing his job. The kid was getting rough with him, so he put the dumbass in his place.

    The teachers weren’t “blocking the kids creativity”. They were protecting the other students in the video.

  • Xam

    Eric, nice post, well said. You provided what appears to be a common dictionary definition of assault. Problem with this is that most law definitions of common terms are usually quit different. Is your post out of the local statues where this occurred? If it is, then I will stand corrected and this situation could be reviewed under such acts. But usually, I only ask questions to which I already know the answer. At best, if you could substantiate the Officer was acting out of line, you might make a case of Attempted Assault. As, I said before, the Officer was clearly within his rights and responsibilities and there is no misconduct.

    If we don’t want this to go on, we have the power to change it. It will have to change at the local Judicial level first. 17 year olds with camera phones won’t change anything but their criminal record.

  • Chris


    Hey Xam. I was the one talking about how the officer opened himself up to a potential deadly attack, and you don’t seem to get the point.

    The point is, the officer wasn’t scared. He was most likely angry that the kid didn’t lick his boots.

    The kid was playing with his sister. Oh my god, the evil, some boy is messing with his sister. Can we get the courageous police officers to rid us of this scourge upon society. Nevermind the murderers, rapists and pedophiles. Get the kid who wasn’t stealing but playing, and whose sister knew she would get her item back.

    Hey Jason. I don’t care if the kid is a druggie, or whatever else it is you want to use to demonize him. That doesn’t mean people get to beat him. Those are problems his parents should be dealing with.

    Detective Murphy should have called the kid’s parents. Period. The cops are not going to put their hands on kids in violence and anger like that. Period.

    It was a beating. I am sick of people trying to distract from the real issue here by attempting to quarrel over the definition of words.

    I don’t need your facts. What I see here is an adult attacking a kid half his size like a coward and a bully.

    That is the main mentality of the cops. Where ever there is a peaceful protest you can expect the cops to be there collectively beating, and torturing peaceful people.

    If a riot breaks out in Los Angeles, the cops are nowhere to be found. The so called “brave heroes” sat back while the town burned and Denny was beaten near death, but they are so tough when it comes to peaceful G20 protesters.

    Why can’t all of you ridiculous statists move elsewhere and let true freedom lovers take the area, or land, known as New Hampshire, and make it the one true free place in the first, well soon to be second or third, world?

    You don’t even have a problem when someone points out how we are not free, and live in oppression.

    Like I said, I can’t stand it. I can’t go anywhere and get away from thugish, brainwashed, statists. I want to be free, and I want to be left alone, and I don’t want to pay some thug to attack my child in school because my child doesn’t want to lick his or her boots.

    Heroes, it’s laughable. They will take your car and leave you out in the middle of nowhere because you didn’t pay for their sticker. They will give you a speeding ticket when they know they didn’t calibrate their equipment, and then lie on the witness stand. They will arrest for a thing when there is no law against it, and then try to shoehorn it into some other law.

    Ted Bundy was nice. All those dead girls thought he was a real nice guy who could be trusted and loved. I don’t care if Detective Murphy is nice.

    This is what it boils down to. Murphy calls the parents and the parents deal with their kids. If he wants to press some type of charges he can cite the kid and release him to his parents. The parents can sign and agree to bring the kid to court in your screwed up, broken, mess of a system that lies to you.

    Really, what we have here is a situation where the person considered the victim, the kid’s sister, is not concerned, nor is she attempting to press charges, and as far as is known, she did not ask Murphy or anyone else to retreive her property. I lean towards that being the truth because I know cops will just do what they want and pursue charges even when the victim doesn’t want to press charges.

    Without a complaint, or request for action, Murphy had no business doing anything about it. If someone steals from me and I don’t care, it is none of the cop’s business.

    What is most disgusting about this is here is a cop who has surely stolen the property of others as a beat cop under the quise of the state, and he is standing there harassing and then beating this kid for what he believes to be stealing.

    If the kid’s parents did what Murphy did to the kid in front of Murphy, he would arrest the parents, and I don’t have to know him to know that would be the case. He has received the same training as the rest of the state’s dogs.

    The cops and this system are a joke. It’s a gods damned laughing stock.

  • Chris

    Also, government doesn’t have rights. Rights can not be taken away. Rights are an inherent property of human beings. Government is there to make sure human rights are not violated. That’s its’ only purpose as stated by those who founded the United States. No one has a right to initiate an attack against another. Everyone has a right to defend one’s self.

  • John

    Did the detective start with something like what is going on over here ? Then did the student get a bad attitude ? Say some smart remark?

  • Nope

    Really he disobeyed a request to return the property and used profanity! He is wrong that video shows no abuse! Cops have been killed by assholes like him!

  • m

    This kid deserved what he got. Thats the problem these days. Parents arent allowed to use force at all and kids think they can say whatever they want to a police officer. its about showing respect. By the way, you can see in the video that he was resisting arrest. Have fun wasting your time trying to get him fired because I guarantee you nothing will happen.

  • Xam

    Chris, you said it, “I don’t need your facts.” So you want anarchy for New Hampshire? That would mean survival of the fittest. As soon as that happens let me know. Me and mine will be moving in and you’ll bow to a King. I would personally remove your Constitutional Rights. Why, you ask? Because I could. There would be no Centurions to stop me. ;)

  • asdfghjkl

    The short video clip they use as “evidence” is edited.
    Why won’t they give us the link to the actual video? Because they edited it.
    In this news article, they show the clip, unedited, and it shows that it is not assault. It clearly shows that the kid put up a fight and resisted, plus more.

  • Joe Sample

    On the phone call that was mot ms mary ellen sunshine(her nick name for giving bad news). It her voice is distinct and that defiantly was not it. This is my third year knowing frank. He shouldn’t of gotten assaulted. I am a sophomore at Manchester west high school, and nothing like this has happened since i have known about stuff at west. I have know about stuff at west since my brother was a freshman, which was 4 years ago. Point is it was not ms mary ellen sunshine. Please feel free to use this information and my name if you quote this. Joe Sample

  • Anonymous

    Ah West high school at it’s best. I remember back when I attended west, I was a quiet kid with a small group of friends. I’d never get in trouble but if I did, it would be from Manchester west high taking things way out of proportion which it appears to be here. Obviously taking something that doesn’t belong to you shouldn’t be allowed but I feel the cop was a out of line regardless. Again they took things way out of proportion. It’s pretty sad to be honest and ruins the whole saying. West is the best.

  • Corrie

    I am glad Det. Murphy was there. Frank was not doing what he was told and was being disrespectfull. Det. Murphy was doing exactly what he was suposed to do. I fel that Mike and Frank are just looking for attention.

  • Corrie

    Joe Sample, Frank did not get assaulted. He was not doing what he was told. He was put on the table and put in cuffs. Any cop would have done the same.

  • Chris


    You have absolutely no idea what anarchy is, but what I would like is a voluntary civil society. You are the one who is bowing already, and you show exactly why people like yourself have no business in a free society. You would seek to conquer others and have them do your bidding, but you lack the knowledge and forsight to understand that you are conquered, and the jackboots are busy taking your guns while they tell you are protected. You don’t need a gun, you’ve got cops.

    In a free and voluntary society, people work with each other if they choose to do so. Everyone that wants a gun can get it. Go ahead and waltz on in to a heavily armed population that wants to be free, and is willing to die to keep it that way. You can look to 1776 for an outcome. That’s why the second amendment is there. I’d bet you have never read the Constitution.

    The Constitution, or rather the Bill of Rights as you should address it, is just a list of rights inherent to humans that government shall not violate and it does not limit, nor does it list all rights inherent to humans. The Constitution is a piece of paper that details how the United States government will operate. That’s it. It’s paper. The United States was founded on mistrust of the government. The founders of the United States were aware of people like you, and they sought to stop or get rid of people with your views.

    If I fight to protect my rights, you have taken nothing. Like I said, a right can not be taken.

    Hitler never attacked Switzerland. There’s no need to wonder why. Everyone is armed there, and miltary training is mandatory.

    I know why you think no one would lend a hand to someone being murdered, stolen from, etc., but you are wrong, so it matters not.

    People volunteered to go to war in the years following the Declaration of Independance. They were not made to.

    You see, I think you have this mentallity where you think if you follow along with as you put it, “me and mine”, that you will have all of this power, but why would anyone willing to enslave and murder others care about you. As soon as your usefulness has run out, well, you’re trash. They just discard you.

    History has shown this. Stalin discarded, ie killed, cops when he was done with them. By the way, Stalin also had quotas for his cops, and those cops would arrest people for absolutely nothing to make the quotas. Mainstream history, bub.

    When the people that run the United States government, no one anybody has elected by the way, get their unmanned drones working, I’m sure the cops and other enforcement types will find out what Stalin’s Russia was like.

    I said more than, “I don’t need your facts”, but don’t worry about that. Just sit there while the federal reserve steals your money by devaluing the currency, and one day, while you sort your trash into seven separate containers for the mandated recycling, you can barely use any electricity because the big bad carbon dioxide that you exhale, and plants need to survive, is going to get you, you are getting your gentials squeezed before you enter the grocery store because you might be a terrorist, and there are government cameras installed in your house because, well for whatever reason your beloved “authorities” want, you can rest assured that the man will protect you from the big bad 17 year old at the High School, but the adult criminal that enters your house with his gun to kill, rape, or steal from you after you have been disarmed will be around.

    It’s funny that you think you’re with some big bad group that actually cares about anything you have to say or your person, and you act like you are not a slave in a crap system. You obviously don’t see, or have not heard how people are doing what they want and ignoring the government’s non-sense, and that these same people are doing so without harming others.

    Maybe you would benefit from reading Lysander Spooner’s work, or at least you could take a look at the Federalist Papers, or find out what a voluntary society is about. At the very least you could leave other peaceful people alone if you want to be ignorant about the history of the country for which you probably proclaim you love.

    You know what that snake on the Gadsden Flag (you might know it as the “Don’t Tread on Me” flag or maybe not at all) means, it means we aren’t looking for trouble, but we will bite if you start something.

    Don’t worry about it though, just go somewhere else and live in your sack of crap you call a system.

  • Mahatma

    You know something, this officer is there to protect children while at school. If there wasn’t so many punks at school for the sole purpose to just hang out and not learn a thing, there wouldn’t be a problem. Look on TV at the punks mother, wow, I’d be proud of that thing…

  • Josh

    For those who were not actually there;

    The reason, teachers, administration and the police were involved was due to the fact the Frank and his sister made a scene. He refused to giver her, her purse and they were yelling at one another, in turn causing the other students at the table to yell obscenities and throw things. Following the rules of school is part of the privilege of getting a public education. When people are being disorderly, faculty has every right to become involved to keep the peace.

    Disorderly conduct, disobeying faculty(within reason, in this case, giving back property), use of obscenities are all prohibited in public schools. They are in the student code of conduct which every student agrees to follow each school year.

    Again, if Frank hadn’t kept pushing the limits, it would not have reached that point.

  • Xam

    Oh my friend Chris

    You keep trying to project what you think is in my mind. Just like you did with the Officer whom was acting properly in the above incident. You missed the smile and wink at the end of my last attempt at humor. You like most when bested in a debate, try to make a personal attack and in so have admitted defeat. Your argument is… how should I put it with class…a waste. A waste of my reading time and anybody else that reads it. I hope you were just trying to get a raise out of me. You didn’t even raise my pulse.

  • Matt

    Its illegal to film people without their permission or proper permits. Period.

    Also, even if it was his sister, taking her handbag is still bullying.

    And you can’t tell me that that kid didn’t deserve it.

  • Corrie

    oh and by the way Joe Sample that was her on the phone.

  • Josh

    Matt, you said it.

    Phone use is prohibited in school as well. Technically speaking, students are not suposed to even have them or other electronic devises on school property. It has become general practice to allow students to keep them on their person but they are still not allowed to take them out and use them.

    Filming in a school with out written permission brings up the issues of filming minors as well.

  • TG

    There was just a story about this on the local news. The kid who got arrested says that he resisted because he didn’t know that he was being arrested. He was also carrying a knife which is against the school’s weapons policy, so he is suspended. Added bonus: His mom has AWESOME pink hair!

  • a

    Maybe these kids should learn how to respect. Not only people of authority but other peers as well. If this kid would have done first what the principal had asked there would be no issue. Instead he acts like a little jerk and deserves to be put in his place. He needs to learn where he stands. If I acted like that growing up my parents would have put me in my place. I respected my teachers, officers, firefighters and all adults in general. Now I have a job and am a contributing member of society. These kids, the people who run this site and the free staters are exactly whats wrong with this country. We are raising a bunch of wimps who cry and complain about everything. You are the people who don’t have the balls to be cops, soliders or firefighters. Those men and women unfortunately put their lives on the line day in and day out for whiners like you. How about you join the military and serve our country, then you’ll come back with some respect for what all these men and women do for you. Without these people society would unfortunately be a disaster. He should probably go sue the cop because he was the one who created the problem in the first place, not the cop. I mean it the american way now, right?

  • Chris

    Nah Xam,

    I’m not trying to read anyone’s mind. I’m just talking about probabilities based on the cops I have known, as far as the cop, and what you said. I had pointed that out to a limited degree. When your default is to give the cop the benefit of the doubt when he is obviously violent says something.

    It’s not a joking matter, but you are willing to joke about it. I don’t know you, but this tells me you are either in the dark, or a willing participant. This gives me a clue as to what you may think. I only followed clues from your posts.

    If you think my words are a waste, you have proven my point.

    It’s not a game, or something to be made fun of. Myself and many others are truly disgusted, angry and sick of this crap. There are truly sickening human rights violations going on in the United States. This isn’t the land of the free, or the home of the brave.

    I’m not trying to get a “raise out” of you. I’m trying to relate truth to you.

    If you really don’t see a problem with your own enslavement, then I don’t care. As long as you are not actively attempting to thwart my attempts to eliminate my enslavement and gain freedom.

    You don’t worry about it. Just do and say what your masters tell you.

    That you could not respond to my comments with any better than what you have says different about who has bested who.

    What’s your argument? The cop was completely within his right to beat the slaves. Oh, but then before it was the cop didn’t hand out a beating, or it was not assault, but then if the state defined assault differently than the dictionary it is not an assault.

    Like if there was a law that said cops can do it that makes it right. Like the supreme court made the torture of blacks in slavery right when it ruled blacks were sub-human.

    What I’m saying is the cop shouldn’t be attacking kids in the school unless the kids attack him. Whether the kid has a knife or not.

    So my words are a waste. Big deal. I’ll just keep talking and writing until people wake up, so I don’t have to be bothered with stupid regulations, the stupid word games designed to obfuscate, that idiot judge in Wisconsin that ruled people cannot drink milk from their cows, and whatever other stupid crap people come up with to control others.

    Mike, sigh, it is not illegal to film people in public. Courts have already ruled on it. The first district ruled filming public servants is protected under the first amendment, but nevermind that, I’m sure cops and other various thugs of that type will keep putting people in their dungeon for it. Oh no, the evil camera. I guess it’s just not reasonable for a so called citizen to protect his or her self with a perfect witness.

    Please pay attention to what is going on.

  • Dave

    This kid should apologize for his lack of respect and face the consequences from the school, then everyone should move on. And consider himself lucky he wasn’t subject to more restraint. This officer deserves the public’s applause for neutralizing a situation effectively. Our cops are not perfect but they give their lives to protect and make the best decisions they can under pressure. While there are bad cops, many of whom are deservedly fired or behind bars, they are the exception in the law enforcement community. I applaud the videographer for capturing this on film, seems it would make for a good police academy training video on dealing with a complete lack of respect and compliance in a heated situation. So some of you would have hoped the officer would’ve put his hands up in the air, apologized and excused himself from the situation? THAT is the caliber of engagement you would prefer from our officers? Well good luck with that. Hopefully that is exactly what you get when an officer is in the middle of saving you or a loved one from a criminal? Signed, a citizen grateful to his law enforcement community on the other side of the US.

  • Dave

    Also I 100% agree with previous poster on suggesting the site owner take this one down. This site is a great concept that has potential value to all of us (including law enforcement), but you will do yourself a disservice by not filtering out the garbage. This is garbage. Preserve your ability to be a voice of objectivity and accountability and remove posts / projects such as this that look purely like cop bashing (versus bad cop whistleblowing). If you disagree then while you’ll likely keep the biased crowd of worthless cop bashers, I’m sure another more objective voice of accountability will overtake you soon enough…as any objective value you would have been able to bring would be discredited… My $. 02…

  • Simz

    Dave is on the money, there is enough real incidents and corruption in government to build your website around and give you credability. This just shows a rather juvenile bias towards policing in general, along with a lack of knowledge in regards to laws like Disorderly Conduct. Also when you host the website and you cant hold an intelligent debate without resorting to name calling, your ruining what could be a great forum. But to be a great forum you need to investigate the incidents before crying wolf every time.

  • Goat

    A lot of you people are so quick to be judgemental against the police officer. The crappy cell phone video does not show a lot of detail and there is no audio. I am very interested to see and possibly hear the real video from the school’s cameras. Nobody except who was there at that moment know exactly what was said. It appears that Det. Murphy grabbed that kid’s arm and he jerked away. It did not appear that the kid was “slammed” against the table as this site says. If so, where are the bruises and why wasn’t he “bragging” about them on the news. I don’t condone excessive force by anyone, but once again people are jumping to conclusions.

  • Kevin Denapoli

    All you worthles cop bashers. You have no idea how much of a scumbag this kid is. His family are low life welfare collectors. This kid got what he deserved. Too bad his parents who are the real problems here are not charged for reproducing such scumbag losers. The duaghter looks like a crack whore the family has a future of couch sitting and drugs,booze, etcc We will be paying for the whole family forever. Please kill yourselfs to say the good taxpayers out there money

  • Tom M

    the principle told the kid to give back the purse. He said no. Cop got involved. He told the cop to fuck off. Hey guess what? I don’t care what the pussy school handbook says now. That’s grounds for getting your face smashed into the cafeteria table everyday of the week and twice on Sundays. Kids like these just push and push and push and think they are so badass. Sometimes you just got to teach them a lesson and not apologize for it. Fucking X Games and Jackass generation. Stop skateboarding and play football.

  • Dan

    Real nice of you fuck heads to deface public property just to get your cop hating views across. Cockblock.org….

  • JasonCavenaugh

    Hey Adeemo I hope you get brain cancer and at the funeral i will piss on your parents that made you in the first place. You are a loser along with all the rest of your low-life criminal followers. I hope all of have family and friends that get in serious trouble but the police turn their backs on you but then again the cops won’t turn their backs on you because they will even defend, losers like you go kill your self

  • dave

    Wow Dan, I can’t believe I missed these guys are defacing. Had I seen that I probably would not have wasted my suggestions on how these guys could actually serve a credible benefit for the common good. For this I apologize to all humans with decency for doing so (which does not include these kids or the site owners).

    COPBLOCK and its FANS: Why don’t all put your BONGS down for a minute and actually try to organize your collective demands of law enforcement – you have our ear – tell us what you’re really asking for. You’re not hear to BLOW THE WHISTLE on individual bad cops, you’re hear to take a COLLECTIVE DUMP on every one of them. So what are you asking for? Cops that can read minds, predict the future, disarm enemies without using any force? Lucky for you these exist – in a galaxy far, far away. Why don’t you all put your colossal intellects together and figure out how you can beam yourselves to where JEDIS peacefully patrol since, you’re right, cops aren’t cutting it. Maybe I’ll donate a dollar to copblock to get you started.

    If you decide to stay here, make sure you continue to identify yourselves on the Internet, Facebook, etc. So that the rest of us who are actually working to build a productive civilization are able to Google you when you come asking us for jobs and income, and say “thanks for your time but we’re not interested”.

  • Dan

    @dave, nice dude.

  • JasonCavenaugh

    Copblock.org Should we are losers.com No not the cop but all you maggots drink gasoline

  • jason

    LOL I love all of these comments, this story really shows that this website is a big joke, if you want to have any credibility I suggest you remove this video. He deserve he got, there was no respect for authority here.. Enough said

  • Artie

    jason: if _you_ want to have any credibility, the first step is stop posting and take a deep breath.

  • Artie

    Oh my, the cowardly trolls are out in force. Same cowards who do not allow anonymous posts on PoliceOne and Officer.com. Go back there and wallow in your own filth.

  • jason

    Artie, you have any brains inside that skull of yours?! Apparently you dont like cops so no matter what happened you would be against them, good thing they have websites like this for people like you so the they can twist stories around and give you a smile LOL love it

  • jason

    If a cop is out if line, I will side with the victim, but in this case there is no victim except the officer, its a poor example to show a video on this website showing an officer doing what he had to to gain control from someone resisting arrest.

  • Henk

    WTH is there something like a school police officer? Is it a juvenile detention centre? Crazy world…

    Arresting a kid for grabbing his siters purse is excessive, if every time I nagged my siter like that I would have been arrested I’d be a carreer criminal. Funny thing is that we are pretty much like best friends now.
    Quite some hostility here, is it that hard to be a schoolpolice officer? Might be the time to change carreer…

    How do these kids ever get to study in an environment like that?

  • Mark

    “Matt says:
    October 5, 2011 at 10:29 pm
    Its illegal to film people without their permission or proper permits. Period.”

    Not so much. In a public setting with no expectations of privacy people have zero privacy rights.


  • remy

    fuck that cop and anyone corrupt pig who supports beating up children

  • Pat Mason

    To all you COPS and COP-DISCIPLES posting shameful DEFENSE of the Police, YOU are the ones who are shamelful. YOU are the ones who would also CHEER the blatant, lawless, unconstitutional MURDER of an American Citizen (Anwar Al-Awlaki). That is because YOU PEOPLE have gone BEYOND the ‘Rule of Law’ and embraced FASCISTIC tyranny. You are the epitome of everything that is WRONG in American today, and it is YOU PEOPLE who will be instrumental in its DEMISE!

  • Josh

    I just watched the video of Det. Murphy. He knows he did wrong? Really? I think that is the face of a man whom is annoyed with people sticking a camera in his face and not leaving him alone.

  • Artie

    jason, I didn’t really expect you to heed the advice.

  • jason

    Look at his face he knows he did wrong HAHA what a joke, thats a face of an officer trying to do his job, but instead he has you in his face with a camera being a dumbass. Cant wait for this to all blow over. Atleast the authorities have a good video of what happened from the camera in the cafe.

  • Dave

    That kid’s a no good punk!! That whole thing was a complete setup. The kid’s 18 years old stayed back twice and is currently taking freshman classes. Total loser!!! His parents are to blame for being just as screwed up as he is. Cop should of punch his face in!!!!!

  • Just another abusive man who decided that being enlisted in the PO-LICE force would grant him the right to take out his aggression, anger, better-than-the-little-people attitude on the “little people” as cops refer to the rest of us…you know, the “little people” who PAY his salary! Not all cops are dicks, but apparently “Detective?” Murphy needs to go back to school as well as get some anger management therapy.

    It’s weird. I was a pre-teen and early teen in the late seventies and a teenager in the very early eighties and I had a few run-ins with the PO-LICE in my home town of Aspen, Colorado (back when the cops were cool….seriously, they were cool…even smoked weed with a cop when it was legal and he was off duty…remember that Officer “Cruiser”? Then my family moved to a rinky dink little copper mining town in Southern Arizona where the cops were fat, missing teeth and had serious attitude problems. Got into minor trouble with the pigs in that town but again it was seriously minor $#it. Now I’m friends with one of the cops in that town and believe it or not, the po-licing there has gotten better. The fat old cops have died off or mostly retired (thank Goddess!) and once again, the cops in that small mining town even have a sense of humor.

    What do taxpayers pay taxes for to pay the salaries of PO-LICE officers if they can’t do their jobs as community members? Do they forget that they are SERVING a community? Do they live in an isolated location away from all other human beings and therefore think that they are above everyone else?

    I have two teenage kids. I understand the attitudes that they have. They are pumped full of chemical changes going on in their bodies, I know that that affects their behavior and attitude. So as a parent and as an adult, I know that I have to take what they say to me with a grain of salt. Why can’t the cop bear that in mind as well? Seriously, police officers have to have behavioral training and realize that they too are human beings dealing with other human beings.

    I think that cops who can’t behave themselves and cannot “serve” the community that pays their salary, should not be cops. That being said, not all cops are dicks. It’s just a handful who aren’t socially and spiritually aware enough to really do the job that they chose to do.

  • Ellen

    Bob, I totally agree: too many boot lickers posting here. These events are NOT those of a free country. Those who support this totalitarian behavior will one day be victims of it themselves. For God’s sake, people, wake the hell up!!!

  • Ellen

    Nicely said, Chris.

    asdfghjkl: That’s not true. The clip at myfoxboston showed no such thing. This was assault no matter which way you slice it and just another example of our ever-increasing police state.

    Pat Mason: well said

  • Chris

    Dave and any other crap enforcement minion,

    What people are demanding is you leave peaceful alone, and act in self defense. Stop leaching from society with your stupid regulations. Stop making traffic stops and stealing the money from old lady’s purses. Stop SWAT teaming Amish people for milk, and firing blindly into homes on a raid because you are scared and killing innocent little girls. Stop SWAT teaming people for simple non-violent warrants. Stop beating pregnant women until they miscarry because they won’t follow your orders and stop watching what’s going on. Stop beating protesters. Stop violating people’s rights with unwarranted wiretaps, illegal checkpoints where you conduct wholesale searches and lie about smelling alcohol when the driver doesn’t lick your boots, and then try to justify it with some bullcrap definition of what you think the law is even though you are not a lawyer, and you are not qualified to interpret law. Stop attacking kid’s lemonade stands. Stop raiding places like Gibson Guitars for crap that isn’t even U.S. law. Stop molesting travelers. Stop unwarranted searches. Stop working to centralize and federalize police forces.

    There is not one situation I can recall where a cop helped me, or helped one of my kin, or my friends. All I ever hear and see is cops taking money from people under the quise of the state. Taking people’s cars and homes to pay for government jobs and a stunningly redundant bureaucracy.

    Cops don’t save lives. It’s a joke. I don’t dial 911 because I know I could end up like the old man that placed a drunk driver under citizen’s arrest, and when the cop showed up and the old man was trying to tell him he’s got the drunk under arrest, the cop told the old man there is no such thing as citizen’s arrest and beat him. Then the cop denied the old man an ambulance.

    What’s your stinking service worth then.

    All police were ever supposed to do is keep the peace and bring those that hurt others to justice.

    We don’t need you. Go away. We would be a lot better off if we didn’t have you and the government riding our backs.

    You don’t build a civiled society by beating people, and running around treating people like cattle. Disorderly conduct has nothing to do with not following orders. Disorderly means to be unruly, which means running around screaming. The word doesn’t even fit with not following orders.

    I worked with cops for four years. Never once were they interested in finding murderers and rapists. They only thing they were interested in is finding expired registration, and non-licensed drivers. That was “the action”. Basically all the stupid revenue generating bullcrap came first, and then maybe they would get some drugs as a result. They don’t care about stolen cars, and they don’t care about saving lives. As a matter of fact, they caused situations were innocent people can get hurt. One cop fell asleep and ran kids on bicycles over, killing them. They routinely chased individuals until those individuals crashed into a home or something else when they could have accquired their suspect later because they had the plate. They totaled a squad car a year. One officer routinely drove home at one hundred miles per hour.

    They picked on poor people because if someone had a beater car or there was something else wrong with the car that had not been taken care of, there thinking was, “what else had they not taken care of”. This meant, what other law might they be violating so I can meet my ticket quota and get some money for the state. One parking guy I knew and worked with cared only about making tickets and boasting about how he made the city money. All the detective did was serve warrants. It’s a joke.

    Only ten percent of those who murder people get found and put on trial in this country. Out of the people who murder cops, ninety percent are found and put on trial. That says to me cops don’t care about anybody but their crew.

    It pisses me off to watch six or seven cops harrassing people in Keene at the park over a plant while murderers and rapists run around at large, and then some government bureaucrat has the nerve to sit there and call for more cops.

    Maybe some cop can do an actual service for the community and haul that nut in on a 5150.

    The violations of life and liberty all over the country by those who claim to protect the people are too numerous to count.

    Stop making us pay for your stupid service at the barrel of a gun. How about that.

  • Chris

    Defacing with chalk? It’s chalk. Take a hose to it. Don’t be ridiculous.

  • Duane

    Dave, we’re asking for you to not only enforce the law, but KNOW the fricking law instead of making it up as you go along and then when you find out you’re wrong, cry immunity like you didn’t know the actual law. man up, for once, and accept responsibility for your mistakes instead of hiding behind the badge and city council.

  • andrew cook

    Was the kid charged with any crime? In the video he says that he had his sister’s purse. Theft?

  • Rapsher

    I heard a lot about this the last couple days and finally watched it. It’s great Cop Block was able to get interviews with the two kids involved. I’m impressed with Mike, the kid who had the courage and peace of mind to film the incident. This would have been just another incident lumped into the unaccountable dust pile among the thousands of others which occur on a daily basis if it had not been for this dude and his camera. Mike stands up to the only thing more frightening than the cops, the compound of teachers and principals ganging up on you (not just in the moment, but It’s probably still going on). These people are essentially given leverage over a student’s life. The status of your current and future education stamp (so called education) lies in their hands (or so were lead to believe at the time). I feel so bad for the kids attending these government indoctrination camps. Every day these kids walk onto school property they have literally 0 rights (in general kids are given very little if any autonomy). They are expected to bend over whenever ordered to do so and the vast majority of the population deems this acceptable. It’s kind of ironic that much of propaganda out there is based around “the kids”, when the notion of “the kids” is really about the agendas of the “so called” adults (those who fall into the age line parameters). To these people kids are nothing more than political points and punching bags. Sorry for the rant, but the kid who filmed this is my hero and these kids who are understanding liberty at an early age are my hero’s as well. Those of us in the liberty movement are here for you guys as you endure what will probably be an extensive process, whether it be this event, or the government indoctrination camps in general.

  • dave

    Duane: I’m not a cop. And sure as hell am glad I’m not, as I can’t stomach their work. Accept responsibility for my mistakes? OK – sure. I accept responsibility for all the traffic tickets I’ve received. And for run-ins with police as a drunken teenager. Does that make you feel better?

    Chris, since you addressed my name I’ll give you a response…speaking for myself obviously and not the rest of the CRAP MINION. Bro, I’ll TRY to be gentle, sorry if I’m not completely.

    While a lot of your response is cynical and sounds like ”big brother conspiracy” nonsense by lumping completely exclusive issues into this (sorry), it is an improvement over some of the CONFUSED VOMIT from others (tempted to mention names but I won’t). Also folks tend to have a hard time believing generalizations and statistics unless they can be supported, I’m not an expert but many of your claims seem isolated or suspect if you’re saying they occur on average (WOW I was sure gentle there). Sorry I digress…

    You’re right – don’t be ridiculous. Defacing with chalk…cop bashers defacing with chalk…the MHT PD – because a PUNK IGNORED A COP in a HEATED exchange and was NEUTRALIZED… Why don’t I call for an ice cream truck to their next CHALK CIRCLE JERK at the PD. This site had potential, but everyone will be ignoring it soon enough because their credibility is hovering around zero. Wups, digressed again…

    Anyway. Police abuse. It happens, and is often more horrifying than violation by a street thug. Let me make my belief clear that we ABSOLUTELY need WHISTLE BLOWING for abuse of authority anywhere/everywhere – corporations, law enforcement, politicians, etc. In all kinds of channels. Grass roots channels such as websites are a viral and highly effective way to positively make this happen. Some of the things you described in your response are criminal acts – whether the perpetrator has a badge or not they should be charged. If they have a badge, it should be revoked permanently and their abuse of authority should (as it generally is) receive a harsher sentence than would be given to a civilian.

    As a concerned citizen, Chris and everyone else in the NON CRAP MINION, I do sympathize with you if you or someone you know has truly been abused by a cop. If you have the evidence to prove your abuse, by all means post it on a CREDIBLE whistleblower site (unfortunately this site is not one), and let me know where it is so I can join the campaign to call for justice. If you don’t have the evidence to prove the abuse but it did in fact occur, then my heart goes out to you – fight the good fight but turn your pain into gain by becoming an empowered victim who looks for ways to support other victims in a dignified pursuit of justice, because as we all understand it takes incredible courage for a victim to come forward. However, if the experience has turned you into a biased all-around COP BASHER, sorry but whether you like it or not you are joining the WRONG side of this battle alongside the criminals (with and without badges) that get away with their criminal acts. Those with the authority to IMNPUGN BAD COPS will IGNORE cop bashers, however truthful certain facts they present may be.

    By the way, ABUSE does not constitute being neutralized by a cop for disrespecting him/her. Cops must maintain control of confrontational situations and ASSUME ORDER OR THE SAFETY OF INNOCENT PEOPLE IS AT STAKE IF THEY DON’T. They don’t know you or anyone else from Adam and they must assume there may be a weapon under someone’s shirt. They can’t take chances and a split second delay at the wrong time can cost an innocent life (this is why we “pay for their stupid service at the barrel of a gun”, Bro).

    Guess the one good thing that comes out of this post/videos is that I now know what an OUTSTANDING cop Officer Murphy is. While he reacted effectively in the lunchroom, what stands out is his reaction with dignity and a smile for the jackass (sorry) with a video camera afterwards.

    And hope this site can salvage the sliver of credibility it still has (?) and fill an important whistle blowing need..or hope someone else comes along and fills this need but without the bias and garbage.


    I am so proud of CopBlock for publicizing this and getting it the attention it deserves.

  • Chris


    Everything I mentioned has actually happened and some of it is still going on.

    Cop beats pregnant women until she miscarries: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1S9Ro-zEbs

    Cops kill SEVEN YEAR OLD: http://www.cnn.com/2010/CRIME/05/16/michigan.police.child/index.html?eref=igoogle_cnn

    They love to kill people’s dogs on the SWAT raids. It’s called DOG DETAIL: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/russ-belville/massachusetts-police-kill_b_617840.html

    Officers beat special ED kid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HU5fAGOVvEM

    SWAT team busts in a guy’s house looking for an estranged wife on something that has nothing to do with the guy, and for the Department of Education ?WTF?: http://www.rawstory.com/rawreplay/2011/06/swat-team-busts-into-house-over-student-loan-default/

    Gibson Guitars raided for some Indian law when the government of India sees no violation of their law, and IT’S NOT US LAW: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424053111903895904576542942027859286.html

    The goddamn lemonade stand thing is an epidemic.

    TSA is moving to molest your kids at the prom: http://www.naturalnews.com/032499_TSA_high_school.html

    TSA moves to molest you before you get on a bus: http://www.tsa.gov/what_we_do/grants/awards/ibsgp/2008/index.shtm, and, http://www.tgdaily.com/opinion-features/52843-tsa-is-now-at-bus-stations-body-scanners-coming-too

    You’d think they could just watch the person they want to serve with a warrant, and wait until the person drives away from the house so they can do a traffic stop and serve the warrant. That would be more safe, would it not, but they don’t care about that.

    I can keep going. It’s not isolated, the cops routinely break laws.

    The problem is when you give others a position power over you, true criminals, those that hurt others, will seek that position to get away with their crime, or because they are control freaks who want power. The solution for getting rid of them is not to give them the position.

    I pay for their stupid service because if I don’t, they will take my car, my home, and latch on to my paycheck like the fat leeches they are, and that is paying for a service at the barrel of a gun.

    What I am telling you is nothing they do I need. Calling 911 isn’t going to help me when some punk with a gun is in my house looking to kill me. If I don’t have a gun or a way to escape I’ll be dead. They can’t prevent crime, nor should they be trying. If they performed as they were supposed to in the first place, we might not have the problems we have with them today.

    The registration, and the goddamned DMV and all that mess is revenue generating bullcrap and those A-holes will leave a man with is kid stranded in the middle of nowhere while they take off with his car for it. I have seen it. They aren’t looking for, nor do they find the majority of stolen cars.

    They aren’t going to whistle blow. They don’t want to be Serpico.

    BTW, it’s CRAP ENFORCEMENT MINIONS because their law is crap and a bunch of lies.

  • Joe

    Hey Ademo, you loser! Looks like your own supports are starting to turn on you. LOL, and the kid you brain washed and had stage this incident with the police is getting what he deserves. He will drop out of school soon and maybe he can join you and your pack of losers full time…. lOL>>

  • Wwes

    Looks like Darren is acting exactly like he did while in high school himself, only now he has a badge he thinks will protect him. Just a wanna-be tough guy.

  • andrew cook

    once again. will someone tell me what this kid was charged with?

  • Joe

    Disordly conduct and resisting arrest. Watch the news stupid!

  • Dennis

    @Joe…you sound like a cop who has way too much time on his hands, I hear the donut shop is running a special this week, go take advantage of it.

    Cops are afraid of websites like this and injusticeeverywhere.com because they dare to tell the truth about what is happening in our current police state.

    I work 40 hours a week, pay taxes, pay my bills on time and never get in trouble with the law. I donate my time and money to charities in need and give til it hurts.

    And yet, the thugs with a badge insist I lick their boots and kiss their ass…to what end? So I can end up in jail charged with something I didnt do defending myself against a state with unlimited resources only to have the charges dropped the day before trial after I have spent THOUSANDS of my hard earned dollars to an attorney to defend me?

    I cant wait for the day that immunity is removed from protecting police officers from civil judgements.

  • Joe

    Hey Dennis blow me…. This story stayed in the media exactly 5 minutes, when they realized it was stupid they dropped it and the people called a spade a spade, the kid is a punk, who cant make the grade at a public school with many many resouces. The mother and father are half wits looking to cash in and the public can see right through it…. who gets the last laugh here…. Fact of the matter here is the cop did nothing wrong and the fact that the cop block folks tried to get some milage out of it back fired on them and the dumb kid they had try to set this whole thing up.

  • Dennis

    @joe….reading comprehension is not your strong suit is it?

  • krystal marie

    krystalee, i agree with you ive known mike for a while now, i dont know frank, but that was totally unacceptable by officer murphy, i just graduated from west this june, this kind of shit would never have happend when i was there,so west is heading into the shit hole, thank god i graduated.

  • krystal marie

    @joe, i hate to tell you but my aunt has her bachelors in criminal justice and i talked to her and hate to tell you but she watched the video and it was excessive force, he had no reason to arrest frank in the first place he handed the purse back and secondly the police are not supposed to get involved in sibling matter as it was told to me by a Manchester cop it is the parents job to handle disputes between siblings,so try and dispute that one. because it was told to me by a MANCHESTER POLICE OFFICER!!!

  • Joe

    Hey Krystal, If your aunt was doing her job and rasing a decent kid the police wouldnt have to do her job. school is for learning not goofing around. Apparently you cousin is doing more of the latter because they keep holding him back. When is your aunt gonna wake up and realize her son is a trouble maker who needs to leave school and start flipping burgers and let the rest of the kids learn.

  • Davif

    Future street thugs.

  • krystal marie

    joe, did i say that it was my aunts kid no i didnt reread my comment i said that my aunt has her bacholers in criminal justice and that she wathced the video and even she agreed that the cop used excessive force, and i hate to tell you but frank hasnt been held back he is a senior, at 17 thats the usual age to be a senior. and just because you get into trouble in school doesnt mean you should drop out. i got into trouble in school, i got into a lot of trouble! and ya know what i graduated with a 3.48 gpa! and i am in college now with a 3.6 gpa! so just cuz you get into trouble in school as a kid doesnt mean the only thing you should be doing is flipping burgers! and DONT ever judge a person by what you see, unless you know EVERY aspect of someones life and i garuntee you dont know everything about frank or mike so dont go judgeing them cuz you dont knwo their life oyu dont know what they’ve been thru

  • Dennis

    Don’t sweat him Krystal…..Joes strongest suit is NOT reading comprehension, he is so blinded from licking the boots of the thugs with badges that he can not read English to save his life. Apparently he failed that part in high school and is trying to over compensate for it.

  • Joe

    LOL, Krystal pick up a dictionary….lol what college did you go to hesser….LOL

  • krystal marie

    really i need to pick up a dictionary. really because i misspelled a few word because of typing too fast. and yes i do go to hesser so what, they have oneof the best criminal justice progams in the state!

  • Dennis

    And Joe yet again shows his boot licking colors but attacking the spelling and grammar instead of the substance… The translation of that in the real world folks is that Joe has no substantive argument against the facts.

    Due to his lack of reading comprehension, however; he will fail to realize that.

  • Joe Bolton

    Fuck this cheesedick. Miranda rights do not have to be read unless there was an interrogation done, which was not necessary here. He’s 17, so an adult in the eyes of the law. Big man until he’s thrown in a cell. Then he cries for mom and dad to come to the rescue.

    The cop and principal are authority figures and should be treated as such. Too bad if you don’t like them. How is this teenager going to deal with a scumbag boss one day? Oh, yeah. That’s right. He won’t have a regular job and spend his days with the rest of you cunts protesting and crying.

    And Adele – or whatever the fuck your name is – who gives you the right to demand information and comments from anyone, let alone people that run a school or police station? The officer you spoke to clearly said he didn’t see the video, so why were you surprised when he wouldn’t comment on it yet? That dicksmoker Rex Reed wouldn’t trash a movie until after he peeled his sticky ass off the theater seat, right?

    And lastly, the other student admits that he is not allowed to have electronics in school, so why was he pissing through the hairs when told he had to put the cell phone down?

  • ManMOM

    This whole situtaion has been blown out of proportion. Obviously Mr. Harrington is not a pilar of society. He was suspended from school for what? Is he a productive member of the school? An honor roll student? He is a punk who deserves to be treated like he treats his elders and teachers. Yes, some cops can go overboard. They need to send a message to other students that their behavior will not be tolerated. They are doing our community a favor.

  • Joe Bolton

    The shitdick filming and egging Murphy on better pray that he never gets pulled over by these guys. That is one big son-of-a-bitch who is going to take any opportunity to throw you the beating of your life.

  • Artie

    Joe Bolton = another e-thug who never grew up past the mental age of about 14.

  • Artie

    “ManMOM”: the message that this cop is sending to other students is quite different from what you want it to be.

  • Curtis

    I think it is important to consider all of the known case law that might play a role here. It is not “illegal” for the student to film the police officer on school grounds unless there is a particular law against it. It may very well violate the school code for him to have a cell – and the various state and federal courts may have ruled that it is an appropriate rule to prohibit certain types of technology in a school setting. I always cringe when I hear people say “THIS IS MY RIGHT!” when many times it is not. If we don’t like it, we have to change the law or set appropriate legal procedure in motion to challenge laws or rules as unconstitutional.

  • Ed

    Sarah, Rex, Xam, et al. I’m so sorry that your parents abused you. Please see a therapist.

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  • Xam

    Wow, I hadn’t check up on this issue in a while. It was clearly blown out of proportion by this website. Nobody has made any good arguments about how this was an illegal action by this Officer, because nobody has taken the time to look up the Municipal and State Statutes for the area of which it occurred. You locals haven’t sought legal advice by an expert whom lives and works in the area ie, real Defense Attorney’s, District Attorney’s, retired Judges, other Law Enforcement Officers, active or retired. Because there hasn’t been an effort to educate anybody about this, your arguments seem week and empty. I have done what I suggested above and found the real answers. Because I don’t believe in what this website is trying to accomplish, I won’t help point out some loop holes I think exist in this case.

    Yeah I’m a Cop, whom like most, would stand behind this project, if it was based in reality and facts. It isn’t. It’s based on selfishness and biased opinions. Call me all the names you want. When you spout off, it only solidifies the truth. You are more concerned with yourself than a cause. You are too lazy to follow through. This movement will cease.

    I already warned this website there was nothing wrong with this incident and it should retract it. All it takes is losing your credibility in one case, to loose it in all. You want to play in the big leagues then you have to know the rules. Spouting about a flag with a coil spring for a mascot, won’t change anything Dennis. Sitting back and warning people to not “Tread” on you is worthless. I was humorously trying to illustrate what would happen in this country if not for people like me, holding some line of accountability. Asking questions to cops too weak, stupid, or politically correct, to give the correct answer, won’t change anything Ademo. You were on the right path with the education you were giving, but as soon as you loosed credibility its all for naught.

    Are there more laws than needed? Clearly. Do we have idiots with badges? Clearly. Would I support law enforcement reform? Hell yes! Is this case an example that can be used in that cause? HELL NO! For this site to maintain credibility, it would need to print a retraction and apology.

  • Ellen

    Just a reminder: consider what pre-Revolutionary war folks did when they realized that some “laws” were entirely unacceptable. They knew they were being screwed; more and more people in this country are waking up to the absolute tyranny that is perpetrated at all levels of our out-of-control government. We, the people, are not bound to obey unjust statutes, codes and the like. As long as we, the sheeple, keep obeying ever more tyrannical “laws” and allowing ourselves to be abused by those who we EMPLOY to obey the supreme law of this land, this police state that is developing at high speed will continue to tighten the screws and press ever further their jackboots on our collective necks.

    What’s it going to be, officers? Just where do you stand? You all took a sacred oath to protect, preserve, and defend the Constitution of the United States and of your respective states. Just when do you think it MIGHT be time to start obeying it and protecting those whom you SERVE? Please don’t prattle on about statutes and the unconstitutional laws that you so gleefully enforce. We’ve seen the large number of you who are, in fact, terrorists. You deserve to lose your homes, your jobs and any of the money that you so gladly extort from your fellow human beings. Any intelligent individual knows that it is wise to have the people with them, not against them. There was absolutely NO justification for that ‘roid rage carried out on that student.

  • Joe Bolton

    @ Artie – Actually it’s 13.

  • Joe Bolton

    @ Ellen – So now this group is akin to the George Washingtons of the Revolutionary period of our country? Kind of a stretch IMO. And not only are you accusing the detective of assaulting the ‘young man,’ but taking steroids, as well. Look into your crystal ball and tell me more.

    If that wasn’t enough, cops are even terrorists as far as you’re concerned.

    Take a deep breath, ask your doctor to up your meds and put aluminum foil in the inside of your baseball cap to prevent the government from spying on you.

  • jason

    Mike Proulx was just arrested for felony witness tampering and three other charges HAHA these kids are winners keep backing him up lol

  • the_facts

    Just to be clear, the kid says that he had an agreement with his sister to give it back to after lunch. He wasn’t keeping it against her wishes until after lunch, according to him. He was holding it for his sister and he didn’t want to give it to the cop and the administrator, according to him anyhow. So he’s essentially denying everything. It’s not just a question of “excessive” force. The real question is whether this was an assault. Of course, trying to reason with a police bully who’s got you in his sights is always a losing proposition, unless there’s video rolling. This is why cops should be nowhere near schools. Because they’re professional liars and because they escalate everything with violence, and there’s no reasoning with them. They’re always right and you’re always wrong, in their minds.

  • Ed

    I have a couple of questions for Joe, jason, Sarah, Rex, Xam, and all of the other little Eichmanns who visit this site. Is there any evidence of human injury? Who initiated the violence?

  • jason

    There was no injury or marks on kid, and the violence happened when kid resisted arrest

  • Ed

    Jason, it looks like you’re saying that the cop wanted to arrest a kid even though there was no evidence of injury and when the kid resisted the cop initiated violence.
    Why on earth would non-psychopath want to hinder anyone without cause (evidence of injury)?

  • AntiState

    FYI, no one has constitutional rights. If you believe that paradigm you have Creator given rights protected by the Bill of Rights.

    Learn what a US citizen is and stop using the term, you are admitting you are a slave(subject).

    Good to see kids standing for sure!

  • jason

    lol at ed, I like how people twist stuff around good day

  • Xam

    Your Honor,

    I present Exhibit A, “ED,” as evidence to back up my previous posts.

    ED go back to sleep.LOL!!!!!

    Good Luck CopBlock, you’ll need it!

  • Artie

    Still waiting for ideas on the probable cause for the arrest.

  • Sarah Roy

    Principal, not principle… Wow, maybe if you guys had paid more attention to school rather than trying to just get in the way of police doing their jobs, you’d be in better shape.

  • Artie

    Sarah, you would have been in a better shape if your observation wasn’t second-hand.

  • Goat

    What, no featured article on Proulx getting arrested for beating up some kid at the park and threatening to stab him?

  • Artie

    There is an article in the Union Leader, you’re welcome to post a link.

  • jason

    Here you go people that defended these two kid s HAHA http://www.unionleader.com/article/20111011/NEWS03/710129999

  • Ed

    Mike’s defense: “I’ve spent my whole life watching cops get away with this type behaviour so I thought I would try it.”

    Seriously, school is child abuse. Add to that the abuse @ home and you end up with a problem child. This child needs therapy, a better home and a more free country to live in.
    It’s way past time to stop the child abuse.

  • Phil

    The school district locally have a rule against photos or videos on campus. Student privacy is the be the reason. I don’t think it can be enforced due to the number of cell phones out there but that’s another issue.

    While it is not illegal to video cops, it could be against school rules to use a video camera on campus. Not that I’m saying that’s the case here but that could give the school reason to take action against the student. Never the less, this does not give the school the right to destroy the student’s property by deleting the video or requiring the student to do so. The student does not give up rights when they enter the school campus.

  • Artie

    jason: what are you trying to prove? Does it matter who was the holding the camera? Then again, Proulx attacked a 15 y.o. over a girl.
    These things probably happen every day, even inside the school, and neither the school officials nor the police care about it.
    Even in this case, the actual groundwork for the investigation was done by the victim’s father. The cops still have a lot to do in order to get a conviction, and they will deserve respect if they see it through. It would be much harder, by the way, and much more professional than bully someone for no good reason.

  • Cop Critic

    What really bothers me about this is that the cop was unable to control the youth. A real man of that stature should have easily been able to physically control the student. While there was excessive force used it is the incompetence of that force that really disturbs me.

  • john

    I too believe there are two sides to every story. It should be judged bt facts in a court and not a blog. BUT perhaps all you liberal people would feel better if the cops did nothing. The sister should have never asked for help or reported her purse stolen if she didn’t want the cop to go get it. Maybe the cops should just do nothing next time there is a burglary suspect, a rape or assault suspect.Or maybe next time it will be one of your kids and the cops just watches it. Ill bet your the first person to blame the cop for doing dothing. Who do you call when someone starts shooting our kids at school. Maybe the cops should just watch that too I suppose. I really think you liberals are way off base. Don’t judge the cop until you know the facts.

  • Dan
  • Dennis

    Your point Dan? Just because he was arrested does not mean the video didnt happen, as much as you would like for that to be the case

  • Joe Bolton

    Another wonderful example of the future of our country. Camera boy was being a dick and sooner or later, it comes back to bite him in the ass.

    I’m sure Murph had a chuckle over a nice cold beer after work over that one.

    You see, CockBlock bitches – the good guys always win.

  • Dan


    “Your point Dan?”

    The kid is a punk,pure and simple ,,what comes around goes around,

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  • What can I use as a hard, flat surface for creating a Lego City?

  • Sun Lefebure

    Nette Seite! Dieser Beitrag ist gut geschrieben. Danke dafuer.

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  • Sure are a lot of faggot cops on here bitchin’! What’s a matter guys, no kiddy porn to look at on your state issued laptops tonight, or can’t find any little boys to molest in the park? Take your cocksuckers somewhere else and run’em, like over at P1. They’ll support your crippled egos, and latent homo fantasies.

    Oh, if you think I’m a copbasher, you’re wrong, because I think they make GREAT wormfood.

    Suck on that piggy!

  • Capt. Notacapt

    frank definitely needs to share that money with mike. nice job catching that on the cam bro!

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  • Anonymous

    She “doesnt know” because “she was not there”, but can speak with absolute certainty that the police officer did not violate any of the childs rights under her watch??? She sounds irritated, overwhelmed, out of her league, and seems to be fumbling for words she cant come up with and tries ending the call as fast as possible.

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  • hee hee

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  • BambiB

    What was kid charged with? Theft? Of his sister’s purse?

  • Ly

    That cop is a filthy PIG. I said, P I G, PIG!

  • Eric

    High school students do not have complete first amendment rights, specifically freedom of speech. In the Supreme Court case Tinker v. Des Moines Independent School District, the court rules that students do NOT have rights of speech, specifically in regards of offensive language.

    Officers of the law have the right (and duty) to ensure that someone who is CLEARLY resisting arrest to detain and secure that person. The officer did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong.

    Oh, and recording video in school when school officials tell them not to? Against the rules and NOT protected under first amendment rights. Might want to check facts before acting like idiots.

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  • david

    thats why everything i record is automatly back up to drop box on my computer ill deletle it off my phone lol

  • A Critic

    “Officers of the law have the right (and duty) to ensure that someone who is CLEARLY resisting arrest to detain and secure that person. The officer did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong.”

    Officers of the law have no rights. If a person is being arrested then they are already being detained and secured. This person wasn’t being arrested – the cop did do something wrong, he committed the very common act of being a jackbooted thug crushing all resistance to the state.

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  • Yvonne

    On Saturday 07/14/2012 an off duty officer, Mr. Humphries, wearing street clothes came to my door claiming my 12 yr.old daughter had stole his sons bike because it was in our yard by our back porch on, when in fact it was one of his sons friends that had rode it down to our house and left it in our yard. But we didn’t know anything about any bike(s) at this time. Now because I have two teenagers and a basketball goal and skateboard ramps at my place of residence kids do happen to leave their bikes in my yard all the time. Normally I prop them up against our unit facing the road in clear view until they come back to get them so they don’t get ran over or whatever. But this bike in question had to have been left in our yard sometime on Wednesday afternoon of 07/11/2012 because I had been outside all morning working on my van and had even went under our back porch, which is high enough to walk under, looking for bricks to support the van while it was jacked up and at no time did I see any bikes at that time. That next morning the lawn maintenance personnel came around mowing the yards. If any bikes were left laying in our yard whoever was mowing probably assume they belonged to my kids and moved them out of their way by placing them by our back porch. We never knew the bikes were there and to this day I still have yet to even see this so called bike(s) in question. Well, from what I was told apparently there had been some slight damage to Mr. Humphries sons bike, most likely due to the course of him owning it and riding it, such as a a flat tire and some scratches. But again my daughter never rode this bike, another boy did who said he had permission to by Mr. Humphries son, but did not return it to him and instead left it in our yard. Mr. Humphries then stated that I owed him $120.00 for all the damages the bike had and that he wanted it NOW! He then stated that he was also going to arrest my daughter for stealing the bike. Well, Mr. Humphries had already retrieved the bike so I never even had the chance to see that it was in fact on my property like he claims so I did not know what to say to that so I shook my head walked in my house and told my kids to come in. At this point the officer attempted to enter my house saying he was going to ‘arrest’ my daughter. He was never given permission from me or anyone else to enter our home or my property and because the Sheriffs Dept. didn’t even know anything of this claim at this time there was never a warrant issued either. So I was under the impression that he was there as a citizen not an officer. As he started walking up to the doorway to enter our house my son, who is 16 yrs old, put his arm across the doorway saying he couldn’t just come walking into our house. Mr. Humphries then assaulted my son slamming backwards against the doorway five times causing his back to hit the door frame (which he has scoliosis&receives nerve block shots in his back), then grabbing his arm forcing him to twist around and then slammed him against the wall face first to put him in a lock hold. My son did not at anytime resist or struggle to get away from him. When I saw this happening I was extremely concerned and scared for my son’s physical health and well being along with our personal safety. I asked him what in the world was he doing and he said he was placing my son under arrest too. So I walk over to them, which my son was inside the house and Mr. Humphries was partially inside also, put my hand on Mr. Humphries chest (who weighs about 300lbs) in an attempt to push him off of my son while at the same time telling him he needed to to back off of my son and go calm down. At that point he, Mr. Humphries, then grabs both my arms and started twisting them. Somehow I was able to brake free, close the door and call the Sheriff’s Office to have them send a on duty Deputy out to my residence. I was then advised by two uniformed officers to come down to the station so that all of us could give a oral statement because this would have to be turned over to internal affairs. So I agreed and we did so. But we were more questioned by The Chief and another investigator who both are employees of the J.C.S.D. like we were criminals and not like the victims of a violent act. The whole process took around 2-3 hours and we returned home around 5:30pm, which I’d like to point out that this was on a Saturday. Now about 3 hours later, after we had got home and the Sheriff’s Dept. had changed shifts, switching over to night shift, two different officers showed up at my house, with an arrest warrant. They stated it had been signed by a Judge and I was being charged with obstruction of an officer. When I asked the officer if I could just make a couple of calls real quick so that someone could come sit with my 12 year old daughter who would be there alone and maybe see about getting a property bond, the arresting officer stated “Fine, but I’m gunna fair warn you, if you go in that house, lock the door and refuse to open it up for me, I will kick the door open and SHOOT your dog!” Now I never gave him reason to think I would do something like that for that type of threat to be given. Anyway, the following Monday, 07/16/2012, I received three calls from J.C.S.D., which I was unable to answer but when I returned the call Mr. Humphries answered and said he was just wanting to let me know there were now charges on both my kids and I would be receiving notification letters about them soon, why he felt obligated to inform me of that I still don’t know. So now this morning, at 06:30am on 07/24/2012, two more officer came to my residence and banged on my door claiming they were there because they had orders to take my son to R.Y.D.C., but could not tell me why and I still have not received any papers from Juvenile on any chargers on my children. On 8/o1/2012 my son was detained in R.Y.D.C. and wont be able to go in front of a judge to see if he will be released until 8/21/2012. I am very confused on everything that has taken place and I am in extreme fear of mine and my kids safety, freedom and liberties at this point.

  • Ed

    Anybody have a suitcase nuke that Yvonne can borrow?

  • A Critic

    Yvonne, get a lawyer, a good one, as soon as possible. Sell your valuables if you have to. If you can’t get a good lawyer call the FBI, US Attorney General, the state Attorney General. File a complaint with the police department, file a complaint with the above offices, call the media including newspapers and tv stations and radio stations, call again and again and again. Also, document everything, write it all down, video record yourself speaking about every single detail, document every single detail every time every name every officer every action. Contact the ACLU, FreeKeene, FreeState, every group you can. Get a good lawyer if you can though. Best of luck!

  • A Critic

    Yvonne, also make sure to make copies of all documentation and keep them in a safe place, with your lawyer and with multiple friends/family members etc.

  • BambiB

    Yvonne, if things are as you’ve described, there is not only no basis for the arrests, but you have multiple causes for action against the police, starting with criminal home invasion by the first cop, who had no probable cause that a crime was in progress or exigent circumstances required immediate entry and no warrant to enter your residence. File a criminal complaint.

    Whatever you do, don’t “deal out”. The cops will threaten you with all manner of unfounded charges. They may even lock you up for a while. But everything they do will only make matters worse for them. They will come up with BS charges like “resisting arrest without violence” and offer to drop the charges if you agree not to sue. Don’t buy it. If they don’t have a case, all they can do is harass you hoping you’ll break down. Ultimately, this sort of behavior by the first pig should be a career-ender for him and generate somewhere upwards of $50K in damages payable to you.

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  • Mother

    Why are there police at this school anyway? We have cops patroling the parking lot to manage traffic at my daughter’s high school, but bringing in an officer to delve out dicipline in a school environment is concerning to me. As a parent, I don’t want anyone laying a hand on my child, let alone some power hungry rent-a-cop who feels physical violence is the right response to a mouthy teenager. Shame on these school officials and I hope his parents sue!

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  • chris

    Adam Mueller only getting three months is great.. Sometimes a little jail time is good for the soul. Now he has a reason to know what the rest of us who been put in jail by corrupt piece of shit swine feel like. Please Adam continue with a vengeance. Every day I try to do something to expose or show how modern police should think before they act.

    Also you people defending the police seem like you want to also blow him. What’s up with that? Do angry beefy cops get you hot or something?

  • chris

    Yvonne in my state of Indiana it’s legal to prevent an officer from coming into your home without your permission and/or they have no warrant. Lots of states have similar laws.

    I also agree you should constitute ACLU NAACP and any other government organization that deals with civil rights. I had a cell mate who wrote the ACLU and they got on his case quickly and provided him with an attorney.

  • patty

    This state reeks of Police corrupt! Its time we stood up and fought back. Its exactly what I plan to do! Im fucking tired of it!

    Please view my blog of the CORRUPTION within the Greenfield NH Police Dept


    Anyone know if a private citizen can file a criminal complaint of Official Oppression against this Chief email me : truthandjusticeforall2011@gmail.com

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  • Question.

    Any updates to this story????

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  • Eben

    I love the cop-lovers on this thread bashing the kids because “they’re punks,” and they all claim to know the kids, but most only know what they see on the news. And if you’re bashing this source as being biased and having an agenda, is it not hypocritical to trust the information from literally biased television news?

    This same thing happened to me when I was a junior in high school. On a cold January afternoon after school, I was waiting for a friend to pick me up and one of our police liaisons approached me, accused me of smoking during lunch (I was never outside during lunch that day) and that he wanted to search through my backpack and pat me down. I told him that he had no right to do so, at that time my friend showed up and I left. The very next day, the same officer came into the classroom I was in, told me that I had to go with him to the security office, I asked, “for what?” He told me because he said so, then he literally lifted me out of my chair and put hand cuffs on me. Once in the security office, still without consent, he searched my back pack and even did a drug swipe on it, obviously finding nothing because I don’t use drugs. He attempted to question me and I told him to call my mother and he can wait. Upon her arrival, all hell broke loose for him. And before all of the apologist call myself a punk and say that I deserved it, know some facts- graduated high school with a mathematics and science diploma, served 8 years in the Marine Corps infantry (3 years as a combat instructor), have a degree in engineering, and for hobbies I’m an amateur competitive cyclist, run marathons and triathlons. Cops and their lackeys can get stuffed.

  • Homeschool.