Harrassed for Nothing

This is a submitted post by a Cop Block fan describing his police encounter with the San Jose Police

The other day, I had just left my house and was driving down my street, when I got a phone call. I pulled over and parked my car under a tree for shade and answered the phone. While talking on the phone, I noticed a patrol car coming from a side street. I continued with my call as the patrol car drove past me. The patrol car drove up the street a ways and then made a U-turn and pulled alongside of my car and one of the officers inside asked what I was doing. I stated that I was talking on my phone. He again asked me what I was doing and I again said I was talking on my phone. He then said (in a raised voice) “I said what are you doing here?” I again stated I was just talking on my phone and don’t know what else you want me to say.

He then asked for my ID, which I handed over to him. I asked why I was being harassed, since I was clearly not violating any laws. The officer (Officer Jennings of the San Jose PD) then said, “That’s it, get out of your vehicle, I’m gonna put you through the whole routine and that I was going to get a ticket for talking on my cell phone with my motor running” I got out of my vehicle and went to the back and put my hands on the back of my car. Officer Jennings proceeded to tell me that there had been robberies in the neighborhood and that he figured I was calling my accomplice that could have been behind the house I was parked in front of and was warning them that the cops were in the area.

He then proceeded to pat me down and in the process kicked my leg out from under me trying to knock me off my feet, but was unable to. I then said that this was total harassment and that I wasn’t doing anything wrong and that I lived right up the street, as my ID clearly showed. He again proceeded to tell me about robberies in the area and that I was a suspect…..somehow. I told him that was bullshit, since I live on this street and know most of my neighbors and the ones I don’t know see me driving up and down the street every day, so no one could have called the cops on me since I had only been parked there for less than 2 minutes before they started harassing me.

Officer Jennings got right in my face and said, “why would we be harassing you, you’re white?” He then looked over to his partner and said, “He’s too stupid to get it. He doesn’t get it, we’re wasting our time.” He then asked me if I like to resist arrest or fight with the cops, just trying to provoke me into a fight. I was biting. His partner finally chimed in saying that I needed to just be saying yes sir and no sir to the officers’ questions. After about 15 minutes of harassment and verbal and physical abuse, I got my ID back and they said I was free to go. I asked Officer Jennings for his business card. He said he and the other officer did not have one, so I asked for their badge numbers. He gave them to me verbally and proceeded to get into his car.

I then went to open my car door to get back inside and grab a pen to write their badge numbers down and was pushed with a two hand shove and told, “I told you to stand there until we drive away. After they drove away, I immediately called 911 and told them I had been harassed and assaulted by a couple of police officers. I also filed a complaint with Internal Affairs, even though I and everyone else knows nothing will happen to this sack of shit officer Jennings.

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