Federal Agents Visit Larken Rose – Mention CopBlock.org Blog Post

Well, the day before I’ll be hitting the road to head to Libertopia, a half dozen federal fascists showed up at my house to wish me a happy journey.

Well, not quite.

Driving down the road toward our house, Tessa and I observed half a dozen jackbooted swine–in their usual blue flack jackets with “POLICE” written on them–milling about on the road. I didn’t know if it was about me or not, but I decided to casually drive past, to at least go get a camera before coming back. (Yes, I committed the sin of driving in the USSA without a camera handy. Shame on me.) However, the jackboots obviously recognized me, and since our house is right on the corner, we had to stop at the traffic light. A fascist came up to each front window and knocked. I rolled down my window just a bit, and a gray-haired, veteran fascist informed me that I was not being arrested. That’s nice. Instead, there were “tax matters” that some other federal pig wanted to discuss. Only when he was right there could I read the Treasury logo on his state mercenary uniform. I asked if they were all IRS, and they were, except one local cop, standing off to the side.

I said I had no interest in talking to them, and then the veteran jackboot handed me a card, which I recognized as the card of Kerry Martin, the local IRS extortionist crook who has been trying to rob me for a while, based on something the IRS completely made up. (It’s not even anything exciting; just a bogus claim about “subcontractor” versus “employee” status.) So these half dozen jackboots were there to “ask” me to have a talk about “tax matters.” I said, “No, thanks.” Well, I delivered that basic message, but using rather more colorful verbiage, which I won’t repeat here.

Now, this story will be familiar to a lot of you, since it’s routine federal Gestapo tactics. Just like the private Mafia, the IRS often uses impromptu visits by armed goons to harass and terrorize people, in an effort to help with the IRS’ extortion efforts. What made this example a little strange is that these jackboots were there to tell me that I needed to meet with the IRS, after I had spent years asking to meet with them about their bogus allegations, and after they had spent a couple years ignoring my requests.

What they really wanted was for me to talk to them off the record, with a bunch of fascists standing around, instead of in an office and on the record. I told them I don’t deal with them on the phone, or in person unless there is a recorder running. As always, I told them whatever they want, they have to do it by mail, because I know those fascist bastards constantly lie through their teeth when they’re not on the record (and I said so). He asked me, if the IRS sent me a letter setting a time for a meeting, would I be there the next day? Nope. Not only won’t I be around, but I need to give them 30 days notice, under 26 USC 7521, that I will be recording the meeting. He seemed to run out of stupid things to say, and knew he couldn’t “demand” anything. He also seemed a little taken aback when I told him I wanted a meeting, and had been requesting one for years. So their huffing and puffing sort of fizzled into a great big nothing.

I thought that was that, but then something rather interesting happened. Out of the blue, the veteran fascist commented about the fact that I’ve posted things on my web site talking about killing cops. For anyone who doesn’t know, here is what he was talking about:


I “informed” the guy that he was a Nazi bastard, and asked for his badge number. After I asked a couple times, he said “1161.” (Is that even enough digits for an IRS CID badge number?) I got out my cell phone, to make a recording. I asked for his name, and suddenly he looked a little troubled, and walked away quickly without answering me. I yelled again, asking him for his name. Suddenly none of them wanted to talk to me. I shouted to the local cop, to ask him if he knew the head IRS goon’s name, since he had obviously just tried to intimidate and harass me for something I said on a web site. The local cop said to take it up with the IRS.

My wife and I drove around the block (we couldn’t back up), and when we got back to our driveway, the fascists had cleared out. Well, there was one who had parked farther up the street. I waved goodbye to him–with one finger–as he drove past.

In case anyone is wondering why the jackboot suddenly got quiet, and decided to leave, it has to do with that pesky First Amendment. “Legally” speaking (as if that matters), not only can’t “government” jackboots openly punish someone for speaking his mind, but they’re not supposed to do anything that might have a “chilling effect” on people speaking their minds. Like, for example, having half a dozen thugs show up at someone’s house to “discuss” something he wrote on a web site. Whether it’s worth the effort of a “1983” (section of law, not year) lawsuit, I’ll have to consider.

Well, as you can tell by this message, their little “visit” didn’t make me decide to shut up. In fact, it gave me something to write about today. So thanks, you brain-dead, extortionist terrorist Nazi bastards!



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  • TT

    Fascist bastards HATE the 1st Amendment.

    They should move to North Korea, where they’ll be right at home.

  • Loon

    So what you’re saying is that you’re upset some agents came to your house because you’re not paying your taxes? You anti-gov’t wacko’s like to hide the Constitution when it benefits you or supports you’re warped sense of reality, but when it comes to pay your rightful taxes for everything you receive you throw out terms, facist, jackboot…blah blah blah. They would have sent one agent/officer if you didn’t sound like such a anti-gov’t loon. They’re doing their job and need to be safe.

    I really do enjoy this hippy website, ya’ll are so out of touch with reality!

  • dave

    The cops are vastly outnumbered by angry and informed Americans. Yes, the cops are making the world a very unsafe place for cops. I am amazed at the restraint of the legion of gun toting private citizens regarding criminal cops. Violence is not the answer to our corrupt cop problem. However, cops erroneously believe that being violent toward Americans is fine.

  • dave

    The only wacko’s I am seeing are the pro-government nut cases. One has to be a moron to be pro-government in the usa.(or a cop or a goon or a loon)

    Antigovernment? You bet I am.

  • SarahJ

    Loon doesn’t seem to undertand the story. It is a sad fate when you can’t read the words right in front of your face. Lets point out that harassee has been trying to get a meeting with the IRS for years. Harassers do not need to show up in the first place they need to step up a meeting. Thats just how things are done, and if they expect us to set up dates with them to talk to them – they have to do the same with us. So for them to show up in such force like that is facist… he didn’t say he wanted to kill the IRS who is the one wanting to meet with him supposedly

  • Tom

    This man did not say anything about him paying his taxes?
    But he had something to talk about.
    And for yesrs tryed to have an meeting with them.
    He did not and no one els needs them to come out and harassrs them.
    you must not suport 1st Amendment.

    Fascist bastard.

  • andrew cook

    Before anyone buys into Larken’s tale of woe I suggest you do some research on him.


    Larken is a tax protester who served 13 months of a 15 month sentence for failure to file income tax returns. He was released in Dec. 2006. Since then he has been selling CD’s and books promoting his scam.

    If you want to know the truth about his 861 argument you can visit

    Follow this nutjob at your own peril.

  • Loon

    Do you believe EVERYTHING you read on the internet? There’s waaaaaay more to this story than he is writing about. He totally glosses over the reason why agents are coming out to talk to him. He’s to busy throwing out buzz words like, jackboot, fascist, Nazi..the same rhetoric all of you anti-govt whacko’s spout off about.

    This site cracks me up…”copblock”. Most of you lack the life experience to really understand what it is that cops/military/fireman have to go through day in and day out.

  • chris

    First of all, Loon, they are not “his” taxes, and they are most certainly not “his rightful” taxes.

    Just because a couple of dead men signed a piece of freakin’ paper, and there is a road in front of my house does not mean that I owe someone my property.

    I guess not wanting to get your door or teeth kicked in by the Gestapo makes you a hippy. What an ignorant statement. Why don’t you go to Larken’s sight and listen to the first couple episodes of his show, “outside the cage”, you might learn something.

  • Lady M

    Well, Loon:

    I DO NOT lack the life experience to really understand what it is that COPS and cops only have to go through day in and day out. Please, don’t try to link them in any way to the military or firemen.

    1. My roommate recently told me that a cop complained that his business was cutting down the bushes he naps behind. Sounds like such a hard job to me.

    2. I have a very dear friend that I’ve known for over 20 years that quit being a cop, because he said he couldn’t look himself in the mirror anymore.

    3. Cop is not even on the top ten list for “most dangerous jobs”.

    4. Kelly Thomas was a Gentle, Homeless, Mentally Ill Man that your loved ones beat to Death, and Dayton police “mistook” a mentally handicapped teenager’s speech impediment for “disrespect,” so they Tasered, pepper-sprayed and beat him and called for backup from “upward of 20 police officers” after the boy rode his bicycle home to ask his mother for help.


  • chris

    @Andrew Cook

    What makes him a nutjob? The PRINCIPLED, MORAL stance he takes on taxation? Failure to file income taxes, what a load of crap. Can I charge you for shit you don’t want and then come and take your hard earned property at gunpoint? If so, leave your address here in the comment section, I’ll put something in th mail for you then I’ll be along to collect “taxes” from you.

    Taxation is theft, period.

    Tell me Mr. Cook, if your mother did not want to be raped, would that make her a “rape protester”? Or would she simply be a woman taking a moral stance against a crime?

    There is truth, and it can be known. I’ll bet you work in the “system” and you are just scared that Larken is on to something. Indeed Sir, we have followed men of your type to our peril, and if you don’t see that, you are not paying attention.

  • George Sand

    @Loon – I totally agree, if a job is hard, then they should get a free pass, and no one has a right to criticize them. One should walk a day in the shoes of a Nazi before they judge a Nazi. One should truly understand the life experience of a pedophile or child rapist before casting judgment. We really shouldn’t be so harsh on people who stalk or harass people, if they have a hard life. One will never understand what a Nazi or rapist has to go through day in and day out, so therefore, it’s stupid for people to criticize them. It cracks me up too. Also, it is very hard to be a doctor. They have to go through 12 years of regular schooling, 4 years of college, 4 years of medical school, 3 years of residency, and sometimes fellowship, and they work some terrible hours. Therefore, when they kill people, or rape their patients I don’t think they should be criticized. I also think they should get special protections from the law when they rape patients and kill people because their job is so hard. It’s just not fair. Life is so hard for doctors and cops. In fact, they really should be allowed to rape, kill, steal, stalk or harass more people, and pretty much do whatever they want. And if everyone just had the life experience to understand where they are coming from, I’m sure they’d agree with people like you and me.

  • Anti-Loon

    Hey Loon: FUCK YOU. ‘Nuff said.

  • merijoe

    so we should all just bend and give some ass over whenever someone who has a badge on demands answers to any question they may have-if they ask if I masterbated last night, I should answer, if they ask me what charity I give to, I need to pipe up and if they ask me if I hate something I need to let them know, damn it-or risk getting tased. It’s real easy to sit back and do nothing while rights in the constution are being stomped on by nazi’s who wish this was Germany 1940 and not America 2011

    Hippy? (the 60’s called and want their catch phrase back)

  • andrew cook


    I have no problem with Larken stating that he does not think he should pay income taxes. But his 861 argument is clear bullshit and he is out there making a profit by selling books/CD’s describing his scam.

    And the word SCAM is appropriate here. Mr. Larken leads people to believe that the courts will buy into the 861 argument without mentioning that he served 13 months in prison after unsuccessfully making that argument to a jury.

  • andrew cook


    I decided to answer your allegation about working in the “system” in a separate post. I DO NOT WORK IN THE SYSTEM.

    I am an electronics designer who until 2004 was running my business with no employees in the US. I saw the lack of fairness in the US tax code and decided to do something about it. I moved offshore to Costa Rica. I cut a deal with the Costa Rican government that allows me to operate in one of their free trade zone. In exchange for keeping my employment levels at an agreed upon number, my company pays no income tax. There are other obligations and perks, but the income tax and employment levels set the basis of the agreement.

    As a US citizen, I am still required to pay income taxes on my personal income no matter where I earn it. However, since I live outside of the US, I file form 2555 with my 1040 which allows me to pay no income tax on the first $90,000 in earnings. All I am required to pay is social security taxes. On a salary of approximately $105,000 I pay around $13,000 annually in taxes.

    So rather than selling a tax scam like Mr. Larken, I am actually doing something totally legal. Furthermore, I do not advertise my method of getting around income taxes and take people’s money trying to convince them to do the same.

    A funny side note to the US tax code comes from an adoption tax credit. I am in the process of adopting a special needs child in Costa Rica. As a result, the US government will give me a $26,000 tax credit. Which means they will be sending me $13,000 next year.

    I agree that the whole US tax code is FUBAR. It is driven by special interests and politics. It cannot be fixed with patchwork and needs to be torn down.

    My employees in Costa Rica are appalled at the size of my tax forms every year that are filed in a country where I do not even live. Here in Costa Rica, there is no 1040. Whatever the government takes out of your wages as income tax and social security by the end of the year makes you even. Wage earners do not file any sort of tax return. Only businesses are required to do so.

  • andrew cook

    Does Larken care to respond to my posts. Or is he too much of a pussy to face the truth behind his SCAM?

  • sinner

    copblock deleted a huge number of excellent posts here. Guess this is not a legitimate site.

  • andrew cook


    Do you disagree with the income tax on moral grounds or legal grounds?

    Larken is trying to use a legal argument to get around the income tax. Unfortunately his legal argument is total bullshit and will not stand up in court. This however does not have anything to do with a moral opposition to taxes. Completely different argument.

  • chris


    It sounds like we are both equally fed up with this tax/theft system, and I think we can find some common ground here.

    First of all a disclaimer, I do not know Larken at all, I have never met him. However, from reading his writing, I’d say that philosophically, we are very close in our beliefs.

    I’ll bet his moral opposition to taxation is what drove him to search for a legal solution. He claimed to have found a loophole, and he tried to expose it. This does not make him a scam artist.

    Andrew, please keep this in mind. He is not the one with the gun. He has no aura of legitimacy surrounding him, he is just a man. Finding loopholes in the Federal system, is like trying to escape a hostage situation. Sometimes you might get away, other times you might get shot.

    The entire system is built upon a logical fallacy. The whole thing is built on the theft of property. Keep that in mind as you enter the arena with any level of government. Be it local, state, or federal. Some days 861 might work, some days it may not. You might as well call every single lawyer in this country a scam artist(I know I walked into that one).

    At the end of the day, they still have the power, you don’t. Do not hate the player, hate the game.

  • andrew cook

    Larken knows that the 861 argument will not work in court, yet he still continues to make money by selling his products touting it. That is what makes him a scam artist. It is the same thing as selling a ponzi scheme.

    Does he mention anywhere on his website that he served 13 months of a 15 month sentence because he could not convince a jury of his argument? I dare you to find one person who has been successful with this argument in court.

    Aside from Larken’s dishonesty, I do understand why some people feel that all taxation is theft. It is easy to feel that way in the US and that is why I left. My government was taking my money and using it to work against me.

    However, I don’t agree that all taxation is theft. The tax code in Costa Rica is fair and it does serve all the people. Most taxes are collected through 3 avenues:

    1. National sales tax ( 13%)
    2. Income tax ( progressive scale )
    3. Payroll taxes ( 9% tax on employee and 23% tax on employer )

    There is a small amount of property tax but it is insignificant.

    The taxes in Costa Rica are spent for the good of the people and you can see it every day. Most of the taxes collected go to infrastructure. The payroll taxes cover the healthcare system and pensions for the retirees. State hospitals are open to all. Those that can afford it may choose to use the private hospitals. There is no military. The police are very limited in what they can do and primarily investigate crimes. Most of the crimes in this country are petty theft. The citizens do not expect the police to protect them. Your security is your business.

    When I lived in the US, I felt as if the government worked against me. After 6 years in Costa Rica, I do not feel that way about the Costa Rican government. I can honestly say that the government here is working for the people is visible ways. Can you imagine a country where the people actually like their government?

  • chris


    No, actually it’s not a ponzi scheme. It’s obvious you don’t know what one is. I have had lawyers who were quite sure their arguments would work in court. Some of them have lost, does that make them scam artists? Please, show everyone here the evidence where Larken said this was a 100% answer to your tax problem. Otherwise, you are ignorantly assassinating a man’s character. If you don’t like him, just say that.

    What’s so funny here, is you are the one touting a ponzi scheme like it’s a good thing! How long do you think the government will be able to take from some and give to others down in Costa Rica? Forever? Have you ever heard that power corrupts? You have fallen for the biggest ponzi scheme, and you think it’s a good thing. The irony is delicious. Sooner or later the ponzi scheme known as government will fall in costa rica, and you’ll probably still be a supporter of government, and still bitching about Larken for trying to help people see the scam. Do yourself a favor, read “The Most Dangerous Superstition”. Maybe then you’ll get it.

    The word “theft” has a moral implication. Theft is either right or it’s wrong. Mr. Cook does not get to say what is theft and what isn’t. That would make theft subjective, and if theft is subjective, then the government can take everything you have. Tell me, when is rape not rape? Let’s see you explain that one. If you’d like we can call rape by a different name, that way we can avoid the whole moral dilemma.

  • andrew cook

    There is very little corruption in Costa Rica. This is in part due to the fact that it is a young democracy (only 70 years old). Another big reason is the geography and demographics of the country. There are only 4 million citizens/residents and 80% of them live in the San Jose metropolitan area.

    Without the government and the so called evil taxes, this country would not have roads, hospitals, communications, clean drinking water etc. Foreign ownership groups would have come in and destroyed the coastal areas. This beautiful country would have ended up being a cesspool like Mexico had the people not banded together in the 1940’s and established a democratic government with the power to tax. The people in this country do not see the government as an evil entity. They see the government as people they appoint to maintain and implement infrastructure.

    You should visit here sometime and try to convert people to your way of thinking. They will ask you to come up with a better way to build this infrastructure.

  • andrew cook

    I did not mean to state that what Larken was selling was a ponzi scheme. I made the comparison between Larken and any other scam artist who is selling a product that they know is going to fail.

    The facts are this:

    1. Larken knows that the 861 argument will not work in court. He was not able to convince a jury and served 13 months for it. He also had to pay back taxes, penalties, and interest.

    2. He continues to sell books and CD’s touting this argument.

    You have obviously purchased his materials. Does he anywhere mention that he was unsuccessful in his attempt to make this argument in court? Was this the first place you had heard of his prison stay?

  • chris

    Mr. Cook,

    I seek to convert no one. I am not on some mission to change ideological beliefs. I only demand that the state or any entity be held to the same ethical standards as myself. Do you see this as radical? If you do, I would venture to say it is you who is the radical. There are things that are subjective in this world, Sir, but what is right and what is wrong are not. I could speculate all day long as to how the market could handle these issues, but I will not. I only seek to point out that theft is wrong regardless of the person or entity doing the stealing. The same applies to rape and murder.

    The facts are this:

    1. Larken found a “loophole” in the bureaucratic jungle know as the tax code.

    This is about the only fact.

    How do you expect the state to react when you show them a hole in the way they get their money? How do you expect a jury to react when they view the man trying to expose this hole as a “tax cheat”? Many things have to be overcome here, including trying to beat the slave on slave mentality that infects the jury box.

    Do not blame the man for finding this hole, blame the ones who will not let it be used. Unless you see the system for what it is, you will continue to blame him. The odds are not in your favor, and that, my friend, is NOT Larken’s fault.

  • andrew cook

    The “loophole” is not valid. It has and will fail all legal arguments in court. Even fellow nutjob Iriwn Schiff debunks Larken’s legal argument at http://www.paynoincometax.com/861.htm

    A true loophole is one which can successfully be argued in court. For examples of this, I would point one to books such as Perfectly Legal by David Cay Johnston.

    What Larken fails to tell his customers is that:
    1. He has failed in his own attempt.
    2. He served 13 months in prison because of his failure to file.
    3. He was fined penalties and interest.
    4. He is currently paying off those penalties and interest.

    If his customers knew that, would they pay for his advice?

    But lets challenge Larken to come here and state clearly whether he believes that one can successfully argue the 861 position in court. And if so then what were his mistakes?

    I’m not arguing about his moral position on taxes. I’m not defending the mess that has evolved into the US tax code. I’m simply stating that Larken is a scam artist for selling crap that he knows will not work.

    Care to comment Larken?

  • chris

    May I ask why you get so emotional over these issues? Did someone “rip you off”? Why is it you resort to the logical fallacy of ad homenim instead of addressing the argument?

    Why do you resort to name callling? Don’t you know you have already lost the argument when you do that?

  • Camil2003

    Shaming language and character attacks..
    Andrews lost this.

  • andrew cook

    This is not emotion and this is not ad homenim. There are many snake oil salesmen that don’t bother me. Larken however doesn’t just make money from his snake oil. People that buy into this end up in trouble with the IRS and possibly in prison. If Larken were to offer a full disclosure to his customers stating that he was unable to do what he is suggesting they do, then I would have no problem with it.

    I’m simply stating that Larken knowingly sells stuff that he knows is total bullshit. People that buy his products and follow his advice will end up owing penalties and may even do prison time.

    Is anyone here willing to state that his 861 argument has merit? And if so, on what do they base that claim? Larken himself, the 861 expert could not sell this 861 argument to a jury.

    Perhaps you should take up the challenge Chris. Are you willing to walk the walk just as Larken did?

  • andrew cook

    And just so we are clear Chris, I do not defend the US tax code. It is a political tool that serves the wealthy. That is why I left the USA.

    The only reason I still deal with the IRS in the way of filling out tax forms, is that I need a passport. For the past 6 years, I have paid zero income tax on personal earnings of $105,000/year. I have also kept close to $1 million in my foreign corp that pays zero income tax.

    But unlike Larken, everything I do is perfectly legal. I get absolutely zero grief from the IRS. All it takes is a couple of days and 40 pages of forms every year.

  • andrew cook

    I doubt that the entire incident even happened. This is just an attempt by him to get people to come to his website and buy his books/CD’s.


    TO ANDREW COOK, You talk so high and mighty about yourself, and so lowly about everybody else, but your true colors show, thanks for being part of the problem. Taking jobs over the border, You really put yourself up on a pedestal. I COULD GO ON FOREVER, but you know exactly what you are.

  • andrew cook


    I did not want to move offshore. It was YOUR government that forced me to do it with the unfair tax code.

    Many of my competitor’s are large publicly traded corporations in the US who live under a different tax code than I do. Some of them like Ingersoll Rand keep many of their operations inside the US, but set themselves up as Bahama corporations and thus pay no income tax in the US while still receiving all the protections of the US government. They may have as many as 5 employees in the Bahamas or perhaps just a post office box.

    Others such as GE and HP funnel their profits to tax haven countries and then wait for a US tax holiday like the one we had in 2004 to bring the money back into the US and pay only a 5% corporate tax. The Obama administration is considering another tax holiday for corporations next year to “repatriate” profits. How is this fair to small businesses that have been paying a 35% tax rate since 2004?

    As a small privately held corporation, I was subject to a tax rate of 15% on the first $75,000 and 35% on all profits over $75,000. Furthermore, any foreign corporation for which I own more than 9% of the stock is classified as a “Controlled Foreign Corporation” in the eyes of the IRS, meaning that the income is taxable in the US. There is however the exception for manufacturing companies.

    But even then I have to obey IRS rules. All of my manufacturing processes must be done inside the country of incorporation. This effectively keeps me out of most tax havens because they do not have the infrastructure that I require to manufacture my products.

    Costa Rica however does have the necessary infrastructure. And although they are not a true tax haven, they do have areas designated as Free Trade Zones. The companies that qualify to operate inside the Free Trade Zones pay zero income tax as long as they keep their employment at agreed upon levels and they export all of their products. The rules change slightly next year when Free Zone companies will be hit with a 6% income tax.

    So yes. I did go offshore. But YOUR government gave me no choice. How can I compete with companies that pay no income tax when I have to pay 35%? Why is it that I have to provide the IRS with 40 pages of tax forms every year when I don’t even live in the US? I even have to fill out a form 5471 for my Costa Rican Corp and provide it to the IRS when my Costa Rican Corp. does not receive any protections or benefits from the US. We do not even have employees in the US. The only reason I follow these rules is because I need a passport.

    So please understand, that I did not want to move outside of the US. But there was simply no way that my business could compete with the large corporations that own the US Congress.

  • It’s always been a truism that if cops weren’t cops they’d be criminals. Today’s thugs are going to push it as far as they can, to actually breaking the law if they think they can get away with it. “Dominate. Intimidate. Control” That’s TSA’s motto, and everything with a badge just loves it. The ‘elites’ are pushing us toward the Fourth Reich.

    It’s past time we pushed back.


  • andrew cook


    I really feel for you guys in the US. And I am serious about not wanting to leave. But until the US realizes that they need to drop the corporate tax rate on manufacturing companies, the job losses will continue. The US used to be the place to start a business due to the infrastructure. However, today the US has competition. Central America, South America, and Asia have the infrastructure and offer favorable tax rates to companies that create high quality jobs. Costa Rica actually has an organization called CINDE whose sole purpose is to venture out into the world and try to entice manufacturing companies to move their operations to Costa Rica. The US has no such organization.

    I remember hearing John Kerry speak at the Democratic National Convention in October 2004 while at a party. He said “And I promise you that I will close the loophole that allows American companies to move American jobs offshore.” Everyone at the party stood up and applauded. I however was 3 months away from completely shutting down my US operations and moving to Costa Rica.

    The thing that I found interesting about the statement from Kerry was that there is no such loophole. A loophole is necessary to get around a law or regulation. There is absolutely nothing to stop any US citizen from going to a foreign country and opening a business. So a loophole is not needed. I doubt that anyone at that party understood that.

    I also thought that these people were arrogant in their sense of entitlement. What is it that makes any job an “American job?” When Japanese auto makers set up manufacturing operations in the US, did we refuse to take those jobs because they were “Japanese jobs?” Are people in Costa Rica and other places only entitled to those jobs that Americans don’t want?

    While living in the US, I used an electronics contract assembler in San Jose, California to assemble the products my company designed. When I made the move offshore, I had to tell their CEO that he could offer to build my products for free in the US and it would still cost me over $100,000 more than to have it manufactured in Costa Rica. Even if I design the products in Costa Rica, I still cannot send the assembly work outside of Costa Rica. This includes the US and even Asia. It must be done inside of the country of incorporation or the profits of the Costa Rican corporation are taxable in the US.

    The US tax code discourages the creation of manufacturing jobs in the US. What they do encourage however is the “churning” of the economy by Wall Street traders. Most of a trader’s income is classified as capital gains which is taxed at 15%. This income is not subject to social security taxes. So while a manufacturing company that creates high quality jobs is taxed at 35% on its profits plus 7.65% of its payroll, a trader who creates no real wealth pays a flat tax of 15%. It should be the other way around.

  • Loon

    Psssstt…Ian…the black helicopters are coming for you. we’re watching you…..even now…

  • Joe Bolton

    I love it. Exactly what I have been referring to in some of my other posts here on CockBlock.org. The police and every other agency that you cunts fuck with are going to be up your asses and waiting for you to even spit in the street.

    A quick analogy – a student is a smart-ass with one of his high school teachers but does it in a sarcastic way that can be interpreted as nothing totally wrong. The shitbird kid and the teacher know exactly what is going on but that gray area exists and is preventing the teacher to come down on little Johnny.

    The teacher is watching the kid hard and one day he fucks up. Could be anything; cheating on a test, forgot to hand in an essay, grabbing his dick under the desk. Teacher man is going to throw the book at snot nose.

    When you toy with people that have power, authority and a say as to your future, tread carefully. Even if you know that they are dicks. you may not like the neighborhood cop and even feel he is a rogue. But he can fuck your day up a lot more and a lot more often than you can fuck his up.

  • Mr. Cook, you’re a strange combination of ignorant, dishonest, delusional, and psychotically obsessed. You obviously have some motivation you’re not admitting.

    I don’t give tax advice, and never have. I don’t pretend to have a way to make the IRS obey the law. And yes, I DO tell people, loudly and often, about my trial and conviction, and the fact that the federal extortionists don’t care what the law says. “Theft By Deception” is an academic explanation of my findings regarding the federal income tax. It doesn’t tell or suggest that anyone do anything. I’ve never pretended to have some magic way to stop the state mercenaries from robbing people, or any “silver bullet” to rescue people from the IRS. I simply pointed out the obvious fraud and deception I found, while warning people of the hazards of being right when the “government” is wrong.

    So why your obsessive, clueless tantrums at me? Obviously, there’s something personal here, because you continue to have tantrums, even though I hardly talk about the tax issue at all anymore. So you have to quote decade-old slander from the jackasses at “Quatloos.” How, exactly, can it be a “scam” to make a video explaining my findings and conclusions, without telling anyone to do anything? Even if I was wrong (and I’m not), how does expressing my position constitute a “scam”?

    You’re a delusional jackass, eager to parrot the slander and lies of the extortionists and their apologists. But I’m still wondering why. There’s something you’re not saying. You and I both know it.

    By the way, “Theft By Deception” is still posted on YouTube (by someone other than me), so feel free to point out where in the ONE thing I sell having to do with the tax issue, I tell anyone to do anything. Please point out which part of it is a “scam.” After all your obsessive tantrums here, surely you can do that. Here’s where the video starts:


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  • Once again Larken, you’re an inspiration to those of us who’ve actually READ the LAW. Pay no attention to the “Nay-sayers” around your cause. Somebody needs to play the role of an ignorant arse and it just happens to be them today. You know, while I can’t give details — there IS a movement growing that deals with these Nazi’s outside of the Nazi-court and headed by several Mensa members (oops –is that a detail?) –it’s amazing what sort of “interesting times” that these Nazis can be made to experience. Do you know what sort of details you can get by going thru the garbage near where Nazis live? Not to mention servicing the computers at Nazi office complexes! And this growing group like to keep things off the record, too!

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