Savannah Last Biscuit’s Momma Ally assaulted for filming police

One of my personal heroes is Momma Ally, who runs an unlicensed underground agorist restaurant in Savannah, Georgia called The Last Biscuit. She has more stones then most guys I know.

On Friday she videotaped the Savannah PD harassing a homeless man and when she asked the homeless man if he was ok, the police went after her.

Fresh out of jail she was interviewed by Tarrin Lupo of the Low Country Liberty Report.

Momma Ally posted this on her Facebook page this morning

I CANT EVEN WALK Every time I stand up all the blood rushes to the gashes in my knees and almost makes me sick. I tried to tough it out and stay up till it passed but it didnt :(

The police are demanding $7,000 from Ally and she is working with Tarrin to link to his PayPal account to take donations since she does not like leaving a paper trail.



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