Kern County Sheriff’s Gone Wild

UPDATE: The video below was just posted on Star’s Youtube Page. It’s the video from her security camera placed at the front door.

Until this past week I had never heard of Kern County, California.  It wasn’t until WinLiberty, a Cop Block contributor and liberty activist, emailed me about a woman whose home was broken into on Tuesday.  I was shocked by the video: cops banging on doors, crawling through windows, violating the woman’s property, mocking her, and lying to her, among other things.

WinLiberty and I have spent most of Thursday attempting to get a hold of someone at the Sheriff’s office.  WinLiberty sent emails, faxes and left several messages.  So did I.  While doing so, WinLiberty was able to get in contact with Star (the woman in the video) who told him the Kern County Sheriffs department has been harassing her, as well as her friends, for a while now.

I haven’t been able to contact Star yet but from what I’ve gathered, it goes something like this: For some reason the Kern County Sheriffs Department wants to find Alan Gjurovich, who I  assume to be a friend of  Star.  They’ve been looking for him for several months and have been harassing her, as well as other friends, in the process.  Five months ago they jailed and beat her friend Joe who was doing nothing but walking at the time.  He’s again being targeted by the sheriff’s department with threats of violence if he files charges against officers.

All of this aggression towards Star and her friends could possibly be a result of their views about and battles with police.  As sovereign individuals, they believe the government has no legitimate authority over them, cops included.  They’re free people living on the land and are not tied to the cooperation known as The United States of America.  I’m not too familiar with the philosophy of freemen, but I respect her for standing up to these thugs.

I can’t say the same for the Kern County Sheriff’s department.  Their actions, whether Star is a sovereign individual or bound to U.S. laws, were totally uncalled for.  They repeatedly ignored her when she requested they leave her home, lied to her, and damaged her property.  And this all began when they illegally (in my eyes) entered her home.  They did what they felt like doing without regard for her rights, the laws, or the safety of others.  If Star had decided to defend her property, her life would be over- either spending the rest of her life in prison or being shot dead by other officers.
Notice how the officer doesn’t want to talk about the double standard in the video (top).  When I ask him what would happen if it were four of my friends and me who broke into this home, he says he won’t answer hypothetical questions?  Maybe that’s because he knows we would be hooked, booked and stuffed in a cage before lunch…getting the full jail experience every step of the way.

Without pressure on this department, I can tell you exactly where this case is headed.  None of these officers will spend a single night in jail, their fingerprints and mug shots won’t be taken, and no handcuffs will be put on them.  They will most likely be put on administrative leave, with pay, while this process plays out.  The officers will get the privilege of their peers deciding if they broke the law, long before a judge or jury.  And by this time, the department will say they found no wrong doing by their officers.  Or, at best, they’ll claim they’ve been retrained on the matter and are back on duty after serving a paid suspension.

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