Surprised by pistolera

This is a submitted post from Lee describing his experience with law enforcement.

My family and I were surprised by an MPD officer and her partner in our back yard this AM. My 16 year old son saw someone on our driveway walking to the back yard from his bedroom window. He then went into the laundry room and looked out of the window and was startled by the female officer, pistol drawn, shouting to him, “open the fu%^&*g” door. my son ran into the room where I was and told me what had happened.

I got up and went to the window and there she was shouting to me “open the fuc%&$g” door. I informed her that we had to disarm the security system, she repeated the same vulgarity and approached my back door just as I got it open and started down the stairs. The male officer turned and inquired who I was and was given the proper reply, I am__________ and I live her with my wife and son.

The ranting maniac with the pistol made me angry and fearful as she was so menacing and still held her pistol at the ready even with my wife and son telling them we were the legal residents. The irony is that the male officer then stated that they were at the wrong address and the call was about the vacant house next door.

I am a 68 year old man, hair as white as snow, back bent from DDD, with a heart condition which caused me to call for my Nitro pump spray to stop a heart attack which was coming on in the excitement, at my home and securely locked inside. This woman totally disrespected me and my family by her poor attitude and threatening attitude with that pistol and uncalled for vulgarity to my young son and myself. This is a reminder that the days of the 50’s scary Memphis is alive and well in the civilian community.



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