What’s the difference between police issuing tickets, and the act of extortion?

One of them is legal.

From time to time, Cop Block gets commenters or visitors who insist that certain police are great and wonderful and uphold the law, and that broad sweeping statements about police are unfair. The first obvious criticism of this drivel is that upholding the law is not moral, per se. The law is capable of being wrong. The law is capable of being evil. Thus, the claim that there are some upstanding officers out there because some of them follow the law to a T is naive and dull.

The second point to be made is that even if a patrol officer has saved lives or helped old ladies cross the street, a great bulk of his or her profession and daily job description involves extortion, in the common sense of the word.

So if you want to say that a particular officer is overall great because he has saved more lives in his career than he has destroyed from extortion, fine – but it cannot be  seriously disputed that patrol officers regularly engage in something that would be indistinguishable from extortion. The only difference from their form of extortion, and the illegal type is that they have arbitrarily been granted the legal right to engage in this blackmail.

Although this sounds like a significant or appreciable difference, it is not. Murder would not be any different, or any less repugnant if it one day were declared to be legal. You  would not feel any better about someone beating you to a bloody pulp, if you were told it was legal. If it became legal tomorrow for everyone to commit robbery at will, robbery would not suddenly be any less bad a behavior.

Extortion is generally defined as “The obtaining of property from another induced by wrongful use of actual or threatened force, violence, or fear, or under color of official right.In California specifically, Penal Code 518 defines extortion as follows:

“Extortion is the obtaining of property from another, with his consent, or the obtaining of an official act of a public officer, induced by wrongful use of force or fear, or under color of official right.”

It is important to note that the act threatened can be a perfectly legal act. For instance, it is legal for a person to tell the police his or her neighbor is engaged in jaywalking, curfew violation, or smoking marijuana. However, it is not legal for someone to threaten to tell the police of such unlawful activity, and to demand property or money in exchange for silence.

This is exactly what patrol officers are engaged in when they ticket people for jaywalking, speeding, smoking a joint, rolling a stop sign, breaking curfew, driving without registration, etc. They hand the victim a piece of paper, which states certain terms, and eventually the piece of paper compels the recipient to pay a certain amount of money. If the recipient does not pay, there is a certain and enforceable threat of more fines, or ultimately arrest and jail. They are legally allowed to arrest and jail a victim, and they use this threat to extract money . This is logically indistinguishable from the legal definition of extortion.

Any argument that these situations are distinguishable because police do not personally benefit from the extortion is bogus. Plenty of departments have quotas for tickets precisely because they know the funding eventually comes back to them. (For instance, the NYPD. Also read here). Police do it for personal benefit, just like private extortionists. Except I suppose, a fancy uniform makes it justifiable.

The police apologist will rush to defend police by insisting that police ticket people for their safety, because people are too stupid to jaywalk without getting hit by a car, or are too stupid to smoke a joint without ruining their lives. This argument fails, because if laws were really meant to protect people, then extortion shouldn’t be illegal for ordinary people either. If the idea is that paying a fine will prevent people from committing dangerous, horrible acts, that such punishment is for their own good, and the money in the end goes to someone who worked hard to uphold the law, extortionists should be applauded and lionized, not criminalized. If this were the case, extortionists should be hailed as brave private enforcers of the law, because they are doing the exact same thing. In practicality, there is absolutely no difference between a weed smoker being fined by a cop who wants to teach him a lesson, versus being fined by his neighbor, who wants to teach him a lesson.

Every single patrol officer by definition engages in a form of extortion every day he is on the streets doing his job. This is why it is ok to say all street police are thieves. This is why doing so is not a stereotype, or a childish appeal to emotion. It is merely correct understanding and use of of the words “extortion” and “thief,” and a proper application of these definitions without discrimination on the basis profession, attire, or societal status.


Georgia Sand

Georgia (George) Sand is an attorney located in sunny California. She enjoys beer, jogging, the beach, music, and chatting with her cats in her spare time.

  • Joe Bolton

    CompStat, aka CumSwallow, ruined the NYPD. It made police work answer to a corporate type board every month.

    And I disagree about the individual officers benefiting from writing summonses. Do you think Officer so and so gives a shit about the dept getting part of that revenue for equipment two years later? He just wants to keep the bosses of his back and do a good job. If part of that job expectation is to have summons activity, then thats what he will do. And there’s no shortage of legit parking and moving violations out there, especially in NYC. No need to flake someone with a BS ticket.

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  • Guy

    None of these cops have jurisdiction, per USC49. Check out: rodclass.com for details on his North Carolina traffic case where the judge ruled that the traffic courts, police agencies, tag agencies, state dmv, etc., are all private entities, NOT GOVERNMENT!!!!!!!

  • George Sand

    @Joe – once again, an enlightening piece of wisdom from you. I wasn’t aware that keeping your boss happy, keeping your job, and receiving favorable treatment at work is not a personal benefit.

  • Roland

    Most people crying about police enforcing the law would curl up and cry like a baby if the police weren’t around, because it would be chaos and they would be getting their ass kicked on a daily basis.

    Police don’t make the law. It sounds like your problem is with the lawmakers. Take it up with them.

  • George Sand

    @Roland – yes, clearly you are correct. If the police weren’t here to stop me, I’d be off raping and murdering people RIGHT NOW. And the occasional police officer who is nowhere near me at this time is THE ONLY THING stopping me from rampaging around naked, destroying property, committing rape and murder. And apparently it’s the only thing stopping you as well. So people should really stop whining.

    Also, your logic about blaming the lawmakers is just excellent – it’s ever so enlightening. Now that I have received this wisdom from you, I realized that I really need to evaluate some of my previous thinking. Previously, I had (wrongly) thought that we should blame Nazi soldiers, the SS, and the Gestapo for forcibly rounding up Jews, putting them in concentration camps, frying them in ovens, and conducting gruesome medical experiments on them. Now that I have been educated by your incredible intellect, I realize that those police, soldiers, and people in uniform were not at all to blame – only the law makers were. I see where I went wrong now.

    I also see that police who beat black people during segregation protests, and police who returned slaves to their masters were not to blame. It was in fact the sole fault of some old dude who sat behind a desk and drafted laws.

    I see that the military and police involved in seizing the property of Japanese Americans and interning them in camps were also not at all to blame. After all, police cannot be held responsible for using violence to extirpate people from their homes and livelihood. This must be because police lack free will, and capacity to think for themselves. They must be quasi-automatons, not bequeathed with the ability to make moral distinctions like everyone else. Obviously.

    Thanks to your immensely thoughtful and unparalleled pedagogy, I now truly understand that the people actually using violence and committing the atrocities are never to blame; it is the people who wrote the commands down on a piece of paper who must be held solely responsible.

    The world has become so clear to me now. I thank you, Roland.

  • Roland

    My generalities are no different than yours. Just the other side of your ridiculous coin.

  • George Sand

    There is no generality at issue here, Roland. Either people are responsible for their own actions, or they are not. Were Nazi soldiers responsible for their actions? Were military members who interned Japanese people responsible for their actions? Were police who beat black people responsible for their actions? Are the police who abuse their power today responsible for their actions, or are they not?

    The answer is yes, or the answer is no. There is only one correct answer.

    Have you ever heard of diplomatic immunity? Diplomats are basically immune from criminal law. So let’s say a diplomat takes advantage of this, and commits robbery and rape. Who’s to blame? The lawmakers for making the law, or the diplomat for committing robbery of rape? You absurdly would contend that no blame should fall upon the person actually raping and robbing, and that instead the true blame falls upon… some people who wrote something down on a piece of paper?

    I don’t know what you mean by “generalities” but I think you are failing to understand basic logic.

  • Allen Christian

    George – Then your failure to pay taxes, any and all taxes, travel the roads without a license and registration, drive the wrong way on a one way street, take and don’t give, condemn others for having an opposing view, rape and murder at will, is the ground work for your Utopia.

    Laws are a foundation and these United States have had dark times in our past present and future, we know that and a reminder from you doesn’t make it more or less. Most people know history, maybe not the recent bunch of grads. We as a nation have done terrible things in the past the worst starting and ending a nuclear war, not denying that at all. What would make you ever change your mind about anything good, decent, brave or even note worthy is evident, nothing. Social behavior isn’t to your liking and yet you talk away fighting your point with anyone willing to push a key. More than likely feeding off some public server so you don’t have to pay those DSL charges and taxes, good for you.
    I know I’m not nor will ever be able to battle your swash buckling sunshine about LEO’s, government, hell UNICEF, United Way or the Red Cross just because they serve everyone, pretty much everyone you despise. It just sounds like you just can’t stand anyone. I see way too much pain in your words, sorry for the civilization that you so desperately wish to be no part of. There are many ways to leave this society if you can’t stand it. I just don’t know why you are torturing yourself reading this pitiful reply. But I suppose you have already labeled me like everyone else which GOD or some higher authority has given you that great power to judge without jury. Good for you, Sounds like you’re on your way to your own personal hell.

  • George Sand

    @Allen – really not sure what your message is, although it sounds like it could qualify as prose in a creative writing class. I’m not sure who you think I’m labeling here, as I’ve merely defined “extortion” and “theft” and applied the terms appropriately. If you believe I have defined these terms incorrectly, or made incorrect application thereof, please explain it to me; believe me, I am very open-minded.

    And while we’re ironically discussing “labeling” people, I might add that I pay plenty of taxes (unfortunately), and my car registration is in fact up-to-date, and neither have I ever missed a car insurance payment.

    Indeed, I am not on my way to a personal hell, I am living in one. One where people like Roland say “the law is the law” as an excuse for murder, rape, and theft, and in which people constantly defend disgusting abuses by law enforcement. Not only do they defend them, they cheer them on and beg for more. Surely a hell involving fire and burning skin would be worse, but this is pretty fucking bad as well.

  • Allen Christian

    George – I believe that you state you are living a hell. Paying those taxes and every other imposed levy have created a love hate relationship with yourself, only from what I read in your posts today. To butt heads about what you despise, I don’t have enough energy for that but to hear the hate in your words (yes hate is a strong word) but there is hate in those words. The only thing I would ask is give me , us the world what you believe what is fair and just if there is such a thing. Give me some reason to hear ideas you many have that I never thought of. We all like our soap box from time to time, but if we want our officials, from LEO’s to politicians we the people need to show these servants the right and just way of getting things done.

  • George Sand

    @Allen – well I can’t disagree with that.

  • Allen Christian

    George – “Taxation is, in fact, the most difficult function of government and that against which their citizens are most apt to be refractory. The general aim is, therefore, to adopt the mode most consonant with the circumstances and sentiments of the country.”

    If the sentiments of the country deem weighing a levy of a fine for a violation in the name of safety, who all benifit from why don;t you agree?

  • George Sand

    First, when you say “country” you are using it in a fallacious manner. Country is divisible. There are some people that want to pay that fine, and some who do not. When the majority forces its will upon the others who do not agree with a heavy fine or a law, you cannot suddenly then claim that now “everyone in the country” wanted it.

    Second, the idea that these fines are for safety is false. Fines and laws increase when the city needs more money. It has nothing to do with safety. CA recently has instituted various increased fines, but there have been NO claims that roads are less safe, that more deaths have been caused by speeding, or that people are more reckless on the road. The bottom line is money for the city.

    If it truly were for safety, police would politely tell people to wear seatbelts or refrain from jaywalking, and they would not have quotas for tickets. Even though quotas are illegal, they are rampant everywhere, and there is substantial evidence that they exist. It is all about the money.

    Do you have kids? When they refuse to eat their vegetables, do you force it down their throat? Do you fine them, and if they don’t pay do you lock them in your basement? If not, why not? Probably because it is 1. inhumane and 2. ineffective. And if you did do that, people would suspect you were doing it out of psychosis, or because you wanted to extract money from your children. Police are no different.

  • Allen Christian

    First, when you say “country” you are using it in a fallacious manner. Country is divisible. There are some people that want to pay that fine, and some who do not. When the majority forces its will upon the others who do not agree with a heavy fine or a law, you cannot suddenly then claim that now “everyone in the country” wanted it.
    When laws are created, they are not created by one arm of the government, laws are created by many, passed by representatives elected by a body, the people. There are many laws created for safety like speed. Where one may go 20mph, another would go 80mph. Without a law to govern speed then motorist and pedestrians would be dying more than they are now. Speed engineering has been a proven method of promoting safety on the highway. Warnings are given all the time regarding speed. if the speed is excessive then the individual officer may or may not write you a ticket.

    Same goes for a professor grading a short story, depending how that short story is put together including the meat of the story if the professor likes it you get a good grade, if the professor doesn’t you don’t get a good grade.

    I have never been subjected to quota’s in my life in public safety. I have in the private sector but never in the public sector.
    It would take more time than I could give tonight to go down the list of laws in my state of NH. Do I agree with all the laws, no but do I or I should say I use to enforce the laws, Not what I’m told to do but How I was taught to interpret and enforce. Did I weigh on the side of the suspect or driver if I thought there was a question of law, probable cause, I sure did because I came into law enforcement late in life at the age of 35. I’ve been on the other side if you want to call it. My respect for LE had ever changed from before to after being in LEO. With that said, did I warn more than I stopped, yes I did. Did I try to educate yes I did.

    I truly don’t know why you hate law enforcement. There is something I don’t know what happened to you because people just don’t like something a complete profession. Something happened causing your pain, anger.

    Did I ever force feed my kids, if it was to save their lives I sure did. Did I lockem up following your words, time out is a lockup. Going back to food, I was able to feed my kids everything veg’s and all by just giving them food in a different form.

    Unlike my child care though, laws can be written and repealed. If you have issues in CA, move elsewhere. I can tell you in NH back in 2005 we had a new “fines” listing which was increased across the board. Within a year the new fines where reduced back to what they were before and still are today because the people rebelled to their representatives.

  • Allen Christian

    By the way about taxation and country, that was a statement Thomas Jefferson made in early 1800’s. He knew without taxation, the government would never survive.

  • Joe Bolton

    @ George Sand- there was an implication that the cop writing the ticket would be getting some sort of personal monetary gain. Just clearing up that misnomer. But expected you to have difficulty understanding that. I promise to use smaller words geared towards the likes of you.

  • George Sand

    @Joe – Haha, you’re funny. You totally misread an implication, made a stupid statement, and now are trying to weasel out of it. Personal benefit is an advantage of a self-interested, or personal nature. I never said monetary compensation. I said “personal benefit.” You misread it. There was no misnomer, just your fucking stupidity.

  • Allen Christian

    George – I will be staright forward and asking you this question, what happened to you with a police officer?

  • George Sand

    People always ask me that. Quite honestly, nothing, personally. 2 jaywalking tickets. One stop sign rolling ticket. I am just very informed on the news, criminal law, and civil immunity laws, and I see people around me getting screwed for no good reason. I have a theory about law school. If you didn’t graduate seeing that many innocent people get screwed and something is very wrong, you either were not paying attention, or you have no heart.

  • Allen Christian

    Thank you for your honesty –

  • tz

    There are two distinct issues. The first is Cops abusing and going beyond the bounds of their authority – bullies and/or thugs with badges. That is “the innocent being screwed”. There is no excuse for murder, rape, theft, robbery, or extortion when it is done by someone in authority.

    But the second is the large number of foolish or stupid laws. It makes all of us guilty of some silly infraction on a daily basis. This is not extortion. That the violation was of something silly and petty, yes, but it had a penalty. And you were not forced to violate it. Instead of arresting you on a misdemeanor, you are given a summons which can be paid instead of responded to.

    I think it would be more prudent to eliminate laws that aren’t so important as to require an arrest. But that is legislative, not executive.

    If you walked into a store, picked up a fragile object, and smashed it, would you say it is “extortion” if you were made to pay the posted price of that object? Or went through an unintentionally locked door into a theater or show and watched it without getting a ticket and were asked to pay the ticket price – would that be extortion?

    I’m curious what you are using to communicate with – have you read the EULAs for almost any piece of software. You have less rights, and that is all a private contract. Even free/libre open-source software. Do you have a smartphone? There was a point where you had to voluntarily agree or not use it. You violate terms of those agreements – and many of those are even more silly than jaywalking – you can be hauled into court.

    Taking a book out of a library and returning it late? We have a contract and you fail to honor your side? You pay me but the check bounces? I pay you but the goods are defective?

    Just as police are evil when they stretch, dilute, and expand definitions to make innocent people into criminals, the same error is committed by labeling everything involving a fine you happen to disagree with “extortion”.

    Words actually mean specific things. Extortion involves a threat for failure to honor an illegitimate request. There is nothing illegitimate in the issuance of a summons/ticket for violating an existing technically valid law – the first issue about abuse by Police exceeding their authority and they have the authority to do this. The underlying law might or might not be illegitimate. Foolishness, stupidity, silliness, or pettiness do not make it illegitimate. But that is the second issue.

    Either for the civil laws or these EULAs you can become a hermit and not interact. But if you don’t want to live that way you can either change these rules or live under them.

    What is often lost in discussions of limiting government – making it small, is that it is just as important to repeal the petty local laws as it is to repeal the large unconstitutional bureaus, departments, and agencies.

    Removing the silly and petty laws would limit police power by further empowering the constitution – no trivial excuses for reasonable suspicion.

    Police are paid to enforce the laws as they exist. Were I to pay you for a job, you are to do the job I am paying for and asked you to do, not what you think it should be or to do a different job. That job might seem to you silly or stupid, but that is what you are being paid to do. And enforcing the law is the job Police are paid to do. Not to evaluate the laws, change them, etc.

  • George Sand

    TZ – all your argument comes down to, is police extortion is ok because it’s legal – i.e. it is a “legitimate” use of force to extract money. Did you read what I wrote above?

    Murder would not be ok if it was made legal. Robbery would be ok if it were made legal. So what makes extortion different?

    Someone knows there are consequences to smoking weed and jaywalking; I agree. So why is it not ok for his neighbor to fine him or threaten him with jail? Only a cop can do it – because it’s legal. And this is not sufficient enough of a reason. See above.

    You loosely refer to the social contract – one quick look at the legal framework of contracts will demonstrate there is no reasonable basis for any social contract. There is no consideration, mutual assent, offer and acceptance, certainty of terms, etc. To say that because some legislators said something, and commanded some cop to do something, that this means I was a valid party to a “contract” is completely absurd.

  • Quad

    George, let me introduce you to a law that you violated in this discussion: Godwin’s Law (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Godwin%27s_law)

    It basically states that whoever brings up Nazi’s first in an online debate looses the argument and all credibility (as if your heated responses in this article haven’t already rendered your message DOA).

    In future postings here (and elsewhere), if you provide a balanced argument, you will come across sane (the first clue this wasn’t going to be balanced: the word ‘drivel’). Balanced, reasoned arguments can persuade people to your viewpoint. Of course, I’m assuming that your purpose in writing this is to persuade people to help change the current system and not merely to rant.

  • George Sand

    Lol. You have totally misunderstood godwins law. Your claim on its face is just absurd. So if someone says 2+2=4, and brings up Nazis in conversation, then their claim that 2+2=4 suddenly lacks credibility? Yeah, that makes sense.

  • George Sand

    I love it when people don’t have a logical argument, so they start spouting out random terms like, “strawman!” “godwin’s law!” Or, “non sequitur!” without realizing that those are not arguments, in and of themselves. If you really want to make a legitimate argument, you have to explain why the Nazi example is in error, why a claim is in fact a non sequitur, etc.

  • Roland


    I have had 2 friends die while on duty as police officers. Your calling all cops crooks is a disgrace. They died protecting their community, even people like you.

    So continue to rant if it makes you feel better, they will keep protecting you without question.

  • Roland



    Most cops are doing to the right thing every day. For the people who don’t like cops, they take what the few bad apples do and make it about every cop. They have people say and do things to them that would cause ordinary people to flip out and beat the crap out of the person. They have to stand there and take it.

    I have no problem with people keeping an eye on what the police do. Nobody wants a police state any more than they want chaos. But to say all cops are extortionists is a crock.

    Especially coming from a lawyer.

  • paschn

    Any time there has been a crushing of popular dissent….loss of citizen’s rights, collapse of a Republic or Democracy there is one “club” of despots, deviates and traitors at the fore. Although the “lame” stream media has the public-at-large duped into dubbing these thugs as “heroes” and “servants” of the greater good and blah…blah….blah ad nauseum they are a bought and paid for legislated gang of state/federal sycophants and toadies known as “Cops”….”oinkers”…..”pigs”….”trolls”….case in point, The frequent commentor Bolton. Through his own admission he is a retired cop. His limited, albeit coloerful vocabulary makes one shudder to think that puppet roamed the streets with badge and gun until he was given his final “payoff”….a blatantly undeserved pension for violating individual rights while still struggling to properly use words with more than one syllable and speak in sentences longer than, “I’ll show YOU cockroach!” Here’s the type of filth we taxpayers grant guns, badges, and plush retirement packages to for helping the status quo ruin our nation, quite possibly a close relative of Bolton, (they seem to pass the word along to family members about the near orgasmic joy of beating defenseless people to death…which of course drawsmore of this filth into “blu-goon” squads across the Fascist United States of Israel;


  • paschn


    Sigh. Look, you’ve got your payoff and your 2nd career…Why not have someone wipe the pablum off of your chin and give us all a break?

    “@ George Sand- there was an implication that the cop writing the ticket would be getting some sort of personal monetary gain. Just clearing up that misnomer. But expected you to have difficulty understanding that. I promise to use smaller words geared towards the likes of you.”

    Pathetic dolt…..if you can manage finding it, give a listen to this;


    Oops, how shocking! yet another “wanker” caught with his head buried to his collar! Yet, why are we not shocked??

  • bob

    The truth is the police officer has directly benefited he gets a paycheck! That’s right he was paid for his time to keep us safe so he can provide for his family. The problem is he has produced nothing tangible for society only this perceived notion of security that none of us really have in essence we pay for our own policing. And get nothing in return for it when you pay a farmer or a carpenter you get food, house things you need. So they make up laws and extort money from us for their own existence. Sort of like a parasite. The thing is the only difference between people sitting in jail and the people that aren’t are the people that aren’t in jail just have not been caught. Eventually they will get you too. Better wake up and join the protesters before you’re in jail or worse an oven! History will repeat it’s self.

  • Roland


    Or, you could get a job and not break the law if you don’t want to get tossed in jail.

    Give me a break!

  • Joe Bolton

    @pasch – The link you provided is for a uncircumcised male on male docking video.

  • Jen Norris

    great article. never thought about it like that. reminds me of the song, web of lies, by corporate avengers.

  • Don’t forget, everything Hitler did was legal according to German law.

  • Sage

    I concur that these fines are typically extortion. I agree police have to be human before anything else and not murder, steal, rape or bully. But how much do we want them to take on themselves, when police decide the law, it is officially a police state. I reckon it is our job as well to work to get control of our gov’ts, so police are not told to respond to unjust laws. Our gov’ts quietly okay the police as an occupying force. Finding a way to change that is our challenge. My feeling is, if were really told not to bully us, on pain of job loss, they would stop doing it. Someone is making it silent policy somewhere in the chain of command.

  • Joshua

    I think everyones missing the point here. I believe he is trying to say that all cops are bad because they offer you a bill (I.e. traffic summons) that you have to pay because you were doing something wrong. But this is considered extortion because they are forcing you to go to court or be held prisoner when you’ve committed no violent crime. And also that this makes all cops bad because all cops are writing tickets and what nots. Want a better country and true freedom? End imprisonment for non violent crimes! Dumb ass people.

  • Ryan

    LOL @ those saying cops are absolutely needed and most people would be helpless. I say bullshit, we have trained our modern society to cave in to violence, and those that don’t own weapons and know how to protect themselves.

    I agree with the viewpoints here, as I have always said…it’s nothing more than legalized extortion.

  • Allen

    “Extortion is the obtaining of property from another, with his consent, or the obtaining of an official act of a public officer, induced by wrongful use of force or fear, or under color of official right.”

    Well, if the police officer stated to the offender “PAY NOW” to proceed on then I could see the fact of “Extortion”. Since you are afforded the right to face your accuser in court, that only after a finding of guilty or “Nolo contendere”, that a judge or a jury of your peers finds, that then your required to pay a fine or pre-pay the fine under Nolo.
    Now, what about going to a club and paying for a cover charge, isn’t that a act of extortion? In order to enter a place that you must pay just for the right to enter. What if you hate music but a friend is meeting you there. You’re not going for the music but yet you have to pay just for the right to enter.

    In NH, all state roads are controlled by the state, meaning that a local town police officer who writes a ticket on a state highway, the proceeds of the ticket do not go to the local government, it goes to the State of NH. There is no benefit for any local officer to write tickets on a state highway as the local government doesn’t receive an financial gain, but yet has to pay for that officer to appear in court. Why does the local officer write tickets on State roads, simply put safety for all those who travel on any way in NH.

    Getting back to the club who requires a cover charge, You pay a big guy in hand cash that doesn’t provide you with a receipt, just ask someone who works at the door. They laugh you off if you ask for a receipt.

    Please, next time your in court, just tell the Judge that you are being “extorted”, We all need a good laugh once in awhile, this one will be on you.

  • J

    The city I worked in had SO on one side of the building and PD on the other. The PD side got promotion points for writing tickets. The SO did not. We were supposed to give warnings when we could avoid an arrest to keep the public happy because the Sheriff is an elected official and needs votes to keep his job. The police chief is appointed and does not need a happy populace to keep him employed.

    Either way, I eventually very little good ever come from being a cop. All it did was make people hate me. I never felt like that before in my life.

    After seeing the way young, new cops act, and the good ol boy system in action, I had finally had enough after 7 years.

    No matter your intentions, or whether you help people or hurt them, there enough shitty people employed as police that if you put on a badge you will always be a pig to someone.

  • Jacob Kamphus

    I see the point she was trying to make. For those that are not quite convinced this is a capital generator for states and government allow your eyes to graze the next few lines. I was issued a speeding ticket by a city police officer for traveling 45mph in a 30mph zone. If i did not know the circumstances I would say take that law-breaker! Alas, I do know the circumstances. At the last 70feet of an “S” curve the speed limit drops 15 miles per hour. Coincidental there is a small rustic fork in the road 20 feet after the speed limit sign where only officials travel. Tell me, does traveling 50 feet while decelerating to a stoplight endanger ones self or others? Addmitting that I was legally boned by officials, I accepted the ticket of 160 dollars(first offence). No phone call was made to me regarding the case what so ever. No parcels of mail have arrived to remind me of the so called crime. Working 14 hours a day, save the weekends, I neglected to pay the ticket until 2 days after the due date of 30days past the act (court hours are 9am-4:30pm, though I am not making excuses. This was my own negligence). Now i owe 240 dollars. If not payed in another 30 days will result in arrest and jail time. Now back to the topic, for those who have braved these words thus far, is it not more logical to think that our policing officials care more about the capital raked in from seeking justice than justice it self. As a side note i will add; A good friend of my wife was murdered three weeks ago. An average home invasion turned brutal resulting in a death, stolen car, wallet, phone and other personal belongings. Three weeks already and no leads. Though how much capital will this case generate in a city that is riddled with dismay such as this? This is where I leave you as you can already guess where I’m standing.

  • T3ch

    http://www.nytimes.com/2005/06/28/politics/28scotus.html?_r=0 Died protecting the community, this link is why i do not believe that. they can choose who they want to protect so does that not make them racketeers perpetrating a protection racket?

  • Joey Mars

    if u dont go in the club the guy at the door dont club u

  • NeonDisease

    “If I don’t pay this ticket, you’d kidnap me. If I refuse to be kidnapped, you’d kill me.”

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