Portland Police Assault And Falsely Arrest Film The Police Portland (FTP PDX) Videographers

This post and the video below was shared with the Copblock Network by Mike Bluehair, a cofounder of Film The Police (FTP) Portland, via the CopBlock.org Submissions Page.

Date of Incident: November 29, 2014
Individuals Involved: Unknown employees of Portland police
Department involved: Portland Police Department
Department Phone No.: 503-823-3333

During a Ferguson rally on November 29, 2014 two reporters from Film The Police (FTP) Portland were targeted and falsely arrested by Portland police. They were both charged with disorderly conduct! Both reporters were held for more than two hours bound by zip ties that were biting into their wrists. Videographer Robert “Bob” West was transported from jail to a local Hospital.

Shortly before his arrest Bob was injured by a flash bang grenade thrown dangerously close to his feet. A few days later the DA announced that all charges would be dropped against the ten people that were arrested that night. It’s the opinion of FTP Portland that Bob was targeted because of his work as a police accountability activist.

Oregon-Based Police Accountability Groups




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