Cop Block bids for…

Smeg Mclain, a huge supporter of, respected activist/blogger, talented videographer, founder of, and much more has just completed her first auction.  What was the auction for? A tattoo on her body. No joke. Watch this video for more details and rules of ‘Meg For Sale.’

It basically boils down to this: the highest bidder gets a two-inch by two-inch tattoo of whatever they want on Smeg’s body.  I think it would be great to see Cop Block’s logo win this auction, so, if you can spare a few bucks, please leave the amount as a comment here.  I’ll watch the auction and if we have enough to make a bid, we will.  Not only would this be great promotion for, but it would help support an amazing person.

Like I mentioned above Smeg is a huge supporter of the liberty movement, donating her time, money and other resources to various forms of liberty activism.  The video below highlights many of those including and

The auction runs from now until Dec 29th, but don’t be shy. Let’s get on the ‘Smeg.’ If you wish to contribute to’s bid, please leave the amount as a comment below, thanks in advance.


Ademo Freeman

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