Cops Commits Theft / Kidnapping and Violates the 4th Amendment

This is a guest submiited post descibing their police encounter with Ohio police.

My brother and I stopped at a Dumpster to get some metal out of it. A (private company) security officer came out and asked us to put it back (No signs were posted) We gladly and easily complied (No big deal). Then after a friendly conversation more came out and asked us for our ID’s and personal information. We said no. We know we don’t have to give it. The security then stood around our vehicle and held us against our will (False imprisonment). We told them we are going to call the police. They said they could have one there in 30 seconds. We said get them here because you are holding us against our will.

When the Cop arrived he basically ignored what we were saying and sided with the Security officers. I showed him my knife tool (Worn properly) He demanded our ID’s and more Cops began to swarm. Then totally ignoring the fact that WE are the ones who wanted Police Help the cops gave our Personal info to the Private Company and arrested me for CCW. Now they can’t find the video that shows me with NO CCW. The Police have committed THEFT at this point by giving our private property to a private company. They have kidnapped me at this point since they actually were participating and perpetuating in the crime against us by the Private security company. I have Court on October 18th 2011 Please if you can Help send a E-mail !!!




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