The Anti Rave Act 2011, Part 2

You may remember back in March I posted “The Anti Rave Act of 2011“.  It was about California Assemblywoman, Fiona Ma, trying to pass a law banning party’s. Her proposed bill AB-74 was so broad, it would have made it illegal for anyone to have a party that lasted over 3.5 hours with pre-recorded music or music that she did not like. Our original post goes into great detail discrediting every single reason Fiona Ma gave for wanting to control where and how you spend your free time. It’s a great article I would suggest taking a look at if you are concerned with the lies the government is telling you and the war on drugs.

Although her bill was eventually shot down, Assemblywoman Ma, ( the state’s biggest party-pooper ) spent the next several months trying to find a way to restrict what you can and cannot do at a party. Her revised bill outlawing LED gloves, teddy bears or sucking on a pacifier at raves was signed into law on Oct. 9, 2011.

According to Fiona Ma, banning these children’s toys from raves will stop people from using recreational drugs. Do you agree? Should the government have a say in what you can place into your own body?

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