Bad mistaken identity arrest, can you tell the difference?

If you look at these mugshots can you tell that these are two different people?  Who also have two different addresses, two different social security numbers, two different birth dates and two different sets of fingerprints.  Actually the only thing that they have in common is that they share the same name. Well the Broward County Sheriffs didn’t think so, they locked her up for 40 hours just as she was coming off a Labor day cruise with her family.

According to the article

The story begins Sunday morning while Paola Andrea Londono, her husband and 9-month-old were returning to Florida onboard a Carnival cruise ship.

Londono’s husband, Daniel Holanda, said that’s when authorities came to their cabin, told her there had been a warrant for her arrest and handcuffed her.

“My wife, she was really upset,” Holanda told CBS 4’s Carey Codd. “She was crying. They handcuff her. It’s really humiliating.”

Holanda later learned that his wife was arrested for prostitution and possession on a case out of Osceola County, where they live.

Later, Holanda and his family learned that another Paola Andrea Londono was arrested in Kissimmee on the exact same charges in late March. The other Londono was released from jail a few days later and did not show up for her court appearance in May. That’s when a warrant went out for her arrest.

Full article here


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