Occupy Denver (Uncensored) – SWAT Assault – October 15, 2011

The following events happened just prior to this footage being captured:

After a lively march around downtown, encircling the Federal Reserve Denver Branch, thousands of people from all walks of life, flooded back onto the park in the front of the Colorado State Capitol building. Someone had set up a tent providing food and water to the crowd. It was a sunny and unusually warm day for October in Denver, and water inparticular was in high demand. The crowd was passionate, but totally non-violent. Large teams of police and government agents had closed nearby roads and were surrounding the protesters from a distance.

The occupation was taking place peacefully, until a man with a badge threatened to cage the people working the food tent for not having a permit to vend. The “vendors” refused to close down, then a small but heavily armed, team of police started slowly moving towards kitchen tent. At this time, people got fed up. They swarmed across the street towards the team of police, in an attempt to record and block the cops from encroaching any farther towards the make-shift kitchen. A human shield was set up around the kitchen, and the state’s initial assault was prevented.

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