OSP Continues to Delay Investigation into the Death of Austin Herd

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Background Info:

Date of Incident: 09-28-13
Police Employee(s) Involved: Scott Sudaisar & Alex Monarch
Employer: Oregon State Police Department
Address: 4th Floor 255 Capitol St NE Salem, OR 97310
Email: ask.osp@state.or.us
Phone: 503-378-3720
Fax: 503-378-8282

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Previous submission posted Oct, 30, 2014                                                                                                                                                              Particular key  points in the article are to be noted:  The 3rd passenger in the van (Jesse Walters) immediately after the incident, made a statement to police, implicating the “girlfriend” as the instigator of the argument and the aggressor in the fight  which resulted in the death of Austin Herd . Jesse Walters has since vanished, and has never made attempt to contact the family of the man he allegedly saw murdered right in front of him. The “girlfriend” has stopped communicating with the family and hasn’t been seen since March of this year. OSP is calling this case an “accident” but 13 months later it remains open. Just 3 days after Austin’s death the Multnomah County Medical Examiners Office submitted the information for the death certificate calling his death an accident. The investigation was still ongoing. Just 5 days after his death, he was cremated without even one family member seeing his body, in what the medical examiner herself called an ‘unusual case’. Multiple other mistakes have been made by OSP and the medical examiner’s office that Austin’s family is very aware of and will not be silent about.

This from Autumn, Austin’s sister:


Austin was a father, a brother, a son, a grandson and nephew. Austin was loyal, generous and always there to help. His daughter deserves to know the TRUTH!


A brief history of how Austin came to meet Jesse (this history is based on what Austin told his family and what his family witnessed). A man named Darren, who Austin had known for several years, but did not keep in constant touch with, called one day asking Austin for a favor  on two separate occasions- if Austin would drive to Oklahoma and pick up a “buddy” of Darren’s and bring him to Oregon where Darren lives. Austin said Darren’s “buddy” was just released from an unknown prison in Oklahoma, and that this “buddy” of Darren’s was not someone he had ever met. Austin said that Darren promised him, when he arrived in Oregon with Darren’s “Buddy”, that Austin would receive reimbursement for travel expenses and $1000 cash for this favor. Austin also said that Darren promised him he would make good on a  previous debt of  $1000 Darren owed Austin, at time he delivered the “Buddy”. So at this point Austin is expecting $2000 plus travel expenses for a trip from Galveston, Texas to Portland, Oregon. Austin said when he and Darren were discussing the travel plans, Darren offered to let Austin stay at his home free of charge, and that he wanted Austin to move back to Oregon. Austin said Darren told hum he could even get Austin a good job with decent pay and possibly a company truck. Like I said, this was offered to Austin by Darren on two separate occasions. Both times this offer was made Austin discussed it with his sister Autumn and her husband. Both times, Autumn strongly disagreed with this trip, even forbidding Austin from agreeing to go. Autumn expressed her main concerns with the trip. One was the fact that Austin would be picking up someone he didn’t know in Oklahoma.Secondly, the condition of the vehicle Austin planned on using was not in any condition for such a long trip. The third time Darren asked Austin to do him a favor, the plan changed. The new plan was for Austin to pick up Darren’s son, Jesse  and an unknown individual named “Sunny” in Oklahoma. The only thing known about Sunny is that when Austin spoke of Jesse and Sunny he referred to them as a couple. Therefore we assume Sunny is female. When Austin was first told about the couple he needed to pick up in Oklahoma, his response was, “I didn’t even know Darren had another son.” Austin never said what part of Oklahoma Jesse and Sunny would be waiting for him in.

WHAT WE HAVE BEEN TOLD ABOUT JESSE R. WALTERS: 1. He is Darren Jungwirth’s son. [says Darren Jungwirth.] 2. He is 18 (as of 9/28/13). [says Darren Jungwirth & a News Watch 12 internet article.] 3. He was in Oklahoma September of 2013. [Austin said Darren Jungwirth told him this.] 4. He is in Oklahoma with a female named Sunny. [Austin said Darren Jungwirth told him this.] 5. He was going to Oregon with Austin to live with Darren, his father, due to family problems in Oklahoma. [Austin said Darren Jungwirth told him this.] OREGON STATE POLICE DROPPED THE BALL ONCE AGAIN! Nothing is really known about Jesse Walters. Austin’s family has made repeated attempts to contact Jesse and a few known relatives. The Oregon State Police have been a NIGHTMARE to work. Numerous emails, phone calls and face to face meetings have been completely ignored, rescheduled and are obviously not a priority to the officers in charge of this investigation. Specifically, officers Scott Sudaiser and Alex Monarch.. Officer Sudaisar has done little to NO work on Austin’s case and has only made contact with our family only three times. Officer Monarch hasn’t responded to an email since April of this year. In that email he actually says we (Austin’s family) have “probably done as much as possible.” He then goes on to say, “The only information that would be useful is new information concerning the events of the night Austin died from one of the two witness of his death.” So basically, anything that doesn’t come from one of the two witnesses, who he told me he has “lost track of” is irrelevant without even hearing it. Remember, that email is from April of this year. It is now December, almost 15 months after Austin’s death and not one person from the OSP has contacted us since June. In the email from April, officer Monarch apologizes to Austin’s mother for not giving her his new contact info that had changed when he was promoted to detective. Officer Monarch’s excuse for this case still being open for so long, dragging out the heart wrenching process is this in June: “Unfortunately, the case has not been submitted to the DA’s office yet, due to several critical incidents we’ve been called to handle, but I anticipate that it will be submitted soon”. No one has contacted us saying this case was submitted as of yet. Along with not knowing what comes next or when we will be able to collect Austin’s personal belongings from the vehicle they have sat in for over a year with a broken window and only a tarp covering it, growing God knows what on- all we have left of our loved ones clothes, personal photographs, letters, and 31 years of memorabilia Austin had collected in his life that meant something to him! There is NO valid excuse to keep putting this case on the back burner!

**We want Austin’s belongings out of the van and we want to talk to Jesse Walters as promised.

**Officer Sudaiser and Monarch, what do you have to say for yourselves? Have you treated Austin’s case and his family with respect and dignity, as is your job? No. Are you serving and protecting our family in this time of need? No. Instead, you lie about Austin Herd and to our entire family. Your day will most certainly come when you will have to answer for the injustice and total failure as police officers for further victimizing Austin.





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