Brad Jardis engages NH state trooper

The footage in this video was taken on April 20th (“420”). It shows people using cannabis outside the New Hampshire State House in Concord to protest the drug war.

At around the 3:40 mark, the video cuts to former police officer Brad Jardis who asks a state trooper about his job. Brad also explains that he quit his job as a police officer largely because he now believes that many of the laws (specifically drug laws) he used to enforce are immoral.

The best part of the video is when, after the state trooper says that he would enforce any law if ordered to do so, Brad asks “What if it was the 1960’s and Jim Crow laws were in effect and your Colonel told you, ‘I order you to arrest that black man cause he was drinking out of a white water fountain’?” The idea of arresting and punishing someone over a victimless “crime” like drug possession makes about as much sense as subjecting a group of people to a different set of laws because of the color of their skin.

Brad is a former member of the Cop Block team, but he unfortunately no longer has to time to blog with us. We all wish him well.


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