Monday Link Roundup

  • In case you missed all the updates on Liberty On Tour and our Facebook page, Adam was arrested in Las Vegas yesterday. He was released earlier this evening.
  • Over at Reason Magazine, Radley Balko offers some good advice to people on filming the police.
  • You’ve probably heard criticisms of the US government trying to act as “world police.” In the future, this phrase could take on a much more literal meaning. According to Truthout, a new report by the RAND Corporation argues that the US should create a paramilitary “stability police force” that can be deployed to other countries. The force would do crowd/riot control, SWAT operations, organized crime investigations, and train local police. Making the world safe for democracy. Or something like that.
  • Deputy Chief Frank Munnell, who works under the infamous Sheriff Joe Arpaio, has put together a detailed memorandum that alleges that Arpaio’s second in command, Chief Deputy Dave Hendershott, used the Maricopa County’s anti-corruption (!) unit to illegally spy on political opponents.
  • According to a new study by the Justice Policy Institute, many of the people who lost their jobs and homes during the recent/current recession have ended up in jail. Furthermore, the number of people being jailed has risen despite a national drop in the crime rate and significant cuts to social services.


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