Former Cop calls cops, “biggest kid in the schoolyard..”

I have a confession to make. I am posting under a false moniker. Officer Joe Bolton is actually a fictional television character from yesteryear and it just seemed appropriate to honor him.

While I didn’t expect many of the visitors to this site to recognize the name, I knew that from my first repy it would be obvious that I have a background in law enforcement.

Yes, I am a happily retired cop and am very proud of the time I put in. Highly decorated and a promotion or two, as well. So when I bring up points, many of them have come from personal experience in similar situations. While it may seem that I am talking out of my ass, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

When you have a group that is as one-sided as this one (with the pet name,, that I have chosen), it’s good to get a voice from the opposite side speaking. If you have full confidence that what you are doing is right, then no one here should have a problem with that.

I totally understand why most folks hate cops. Shit, when I was a teenager I spent a lot of time running from them. So I didn’t expect a loving welcome from anyone here and would have actually been disappointed if that happened.

I like controversy, just like all of you do. It’s what makes us all tick. So I find the weakness and shoot for it, so to speak. And the best part about this site is there are so many weaknesses to choose from.

Giving credit where it is due, any post ripping apart a cop who committed a crime and was fired for it is tough to defend. I personally knew guys that did some bad shit out there and fuck them if they got what was coming to them.

But when a cop is just standing on his post and one of you guys comes up to him acting all innocent and condascending, I have to take issue with that. I admit that I have a short and bad temper. There were situations when I was a cop that became a bit ugly and you know what? None of it would have taken place if a bad guy wasn’t doing something illegal. I didn’t have to look for someone to throw into the back of the car becasue there was no shortage. I frequently worked in some shit areas with high crime.

So when someone commits a crime and is running and fighting with the cops, what do you expect is going to happen?

We dealt with some hardened bad guys that did long bids in jail, so when a cheesedick protester tried to act all tough on us, it was comical. But not so much that it made you laugh. It made you pissed off even more than when the felon didn’t want to go back to his 3 hots and a cot.

At least that was understandable to a certain extent. I wouldn’t want to go back to jail, either. So there was a bit of mutual respect between us and the legitimate bad guys. But the liberal cocksucker wouldn’t know the inside of a real prison if it hit him in the ass. A night in Central Booking and plastic flex cuffs is not prison, mind you n

So many of these anti-cop and Occupy shitdicks have no idea what really goes on. They are not really ‘bad guys,’ per say, but far from good guys in our eyes. They are kind of like misled dreamers that follow instead of lead.

Just keep in mind that the more you put yourselves out there as cop haters and cop fighters, the likelihood that you will get your balls broken grows higher. You are never going to win this ‘war.’ The cops will keep their eyes on you and why have the biggest kid in the schoolyard pissed at you?

Joe Bolton

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