Friday Link Roundup

"My hometown cops parked in a Fire Zone." - Paula Parmeley Carter, Cop Block
  • Here’s a bizarre one. An officer in Milwaukee was arrested on domestic violence charges. The officer, Mark T. Lelinski, is accused of threatening to a murder a woman and, in a separate incident, urinating on their sleeping baby.
  • Meanwhile, former Minneapolis officer Timothy Carson plead guilty to five counts of armed robbery. According to Carson’s lawyers, he was attempting to get money to pay off his daughter’s medical bills.
  • In Denver, a man his suing the police, claiming that they “tortured” him while responding to a noise complaint. The officers are accused of forcing his face in the ground “in a wheelbarrow fashion,” kneeing him in the face, standing on his ankles, and bending his fingers backwards — all while he was handcuffed. The officers are also accused of stealing cell phones from people who were trying to photograph/film the incident and dropping them into a bowl of water to destroy evidence.
  • reports that the FBI raided the homes of a number of antiwar activists this morning to investigate the possibility that they were engaged in ‘material support of terrorism.’ No arrests have been made yet.
  • Two recent articles from William Grigg here and here. Unfortunately, neither of them is likely to make you particularly happy.


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