Twin Rivers Police Officers Association – “U Raise ‘Em, We Cage ‘Em”

The Twin Rivers Police Officers Association, which is a California school police officers union, has sparked public outrage for creating and selling a t-shirt depicting a child behind bars with the slogan “U Raise ’em, We Cage ’em”.  The Sacramento Bee reports that:

On Monday, community leaders and child advocates said the T-shirts are highly offensive and could validate feelings of mistrust for the Twin Rivers’ school police force. The agency has been under intense scrutiny over complaints it has overstepped its authority.

“There is nowhere on the planet where it is OK to wear a shirt like this,” said Ed Howard, senior counsel for the University of San Diego’s Children’s Advocacy Institute, after seeing the image of the shirt.

I wish we could get community leaders to be just as outraged about the actual criminalization of child misbehavior and abuse of children at the hands of school police officers, as they are over a t-shirt depicting the criminalization and abuse of children.

Photo by Bryan Patrick

Paula Parmeley Carter

Paula is a Staff Writer at CopBlock. She advocates ending the monopoly on policing and protection services. When not writing at CopBlock she enjoys being a wife and mother, reading and drinking good beer.

  • Rita

    My thoughts exactly, Paula — talk about misplaced outrage. It’s all about the comfort zone, isn’t it?

  • Thanks for covering this Paula.

    Davi Barker also has a good write-up on this over at Silver Underground (the blog of Silver Circle Movie), which includes a couple other subpar shirts other law enforcement agencies have made in the past.

  • George Sand

    The outrage is also misplaced because this T-shirt is 100% true. If people support cops, they should have no problem with this shirt. The US has the highest incarceration rate per capita, and in raw numbers, in the whole world. This is a police state. Police cage lots of Americans, and it’s their job to do so. People who support the institution of police, but are angry at this shirt have a severe case of cognitive dissonance – they on the one hand support the police state, but don’t want police to be proud of it, or for the truth to be thrown in their faces.

  • Cage Police

    I love how they say at the end that the cops “care for the kids.” Yeah, sure they do. They themselves should be caged for even just coming up with the idea. Also, what the hell are school districts doing with police departments? I never knew that existed and schools are one place they do not belong unless they get a legit call. Bad enough that some have rent-a-cops who also do not belong there yet at least are basically powerless. The shirts are already history and I dare anyone in Sacramento to actually wear one now but this bigger issue is the real problem.

  • IDOC4U2

    I work for the IDOC, can you publish the address where I can buy one. So many of the young adults who are placed in corerctions are unable to read above the 5 or 6th grade level. Everyone wants to place the blame on public education, parents won’t take responsibilty to see that their children go to school. Yet complain that public schools let their children down by not providing a quality education. So parents fail to force their kids to receive an education under their care but force the state to educate them when they become incarcerated and under state care. The fact that this t-shirt shows what is really happening with inner-city youth who are unmanageable by the parents and leave them to the state. Nobody to blame but themselves. Sorry if the TRUTH hurts

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