Best Cameras to Record the Police With


The camera is the new gun.

  • Canon Vixia HD – $248 – 1920x1080p 30fps – more via
  • Drift HD Ghost – $400 – 1920x1080p 60fps – remote control, loop mode, waterproof – more via
  • GoPro Hero3 Silver – $300 – 1920x1080p 60fps – waterproof housing – more via
  • JCV Everio HD – $200 – 1920x1080p 30fps – 40x optical zoom – more via
  • Veho Muvi Gumball 3000 – $120 – 1920x1080p 30fps – has remote (good for dash-mounted) and lots of mounts more via

Dash Cams

Capture the truth when driving. Much thanks to our friends at for much of the content in this area.

Discrete Cameras

Because sometimes you want to record on the downlow. While filming video in public is legal everywhere, in some places, recording audio without the knowledge of the other party is called “wiretapping,” so be in the know about the situation in your area:

Recovery Programs

If someone steals your device and deletes your footage you can recover the content – just be sure you don’t record on the device before you do so as it can then become inaccessible.

Related Gear

Other gear you may want to consider getting to help leverage your actions.

  • Dolica monopod – $21 – extends to 67″ – more via
  • L Bracket – $8 -hold your camera and two other inputs (shotgun mic, smartphone, lights, etc) in one hand – more via Amazon
  • Pedco small tripod – $16 – collapses, sturdy, velco strap – more via
  • RAVPower external battery – $33 – 10,400mAh (the juice of about six smartphone batteries, helpful if you stream a lot or to power other devices)- more via Amazon
  • Rode Videomic – $149 -shotgun mic for better audio – more via
  • Rode Videomic Pro -$229 – compact shotgun mic for better audio – more via
  • Square Jellyfish smartphone holder – $15 – secure smartphone (for streaming) to mount – more via Amazon
  • Vista Tripod – $25 – basic, inexpensive – more via Amazon

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